I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 680

Ke Meng found hundreds of Insects and placed them in the room. Sweet Dumpling was responsible for maintaining stability. Once there were insects that wanted to hide in a dark corner or drill a hole, they would immediately catch them back.

Grab the living shadow, move it into the dead thing, move it into the living body, move it into the shadowless Insect, or move it into the plant.

Ke Meng records it every time he tests it.

Guardian Spirit opened the barrier and had a brief exchange with Sweet Dumpling, indicating that Sweet Dumpling's actions were unnecessary, and something was impossible to slip out.

Sweet Dumpling barked, noisy like a real dog, making the cold home more noise.

Ke Meng's eyes have been staring at the shadow in the room, his hands have not stopped, and they have been exchanging.

Every time the shadow exchanges, his spiritual perception can feel some details.

Because of lack of knowledge, Ke Meng has to spend some time thinking about it.

However, the sample size has to be increased, so his hands have not stopped.

After catching a day, I ordered a takeaway and continued to work.

The idea of ​​becoming stronger drove Ke Meng. The affairs of the Investigation Bureau helped Ke Meng develop a test mindset. The more tests and the larger the data, the better he can analyze things that others don’t know.

Over time, Ke Meng discovered that the secret of Shadow Catching Hand is exchange.

Ke Meng took out his diary, which exudes a horrible atmosphere of world-destroying forbidden books.

Even if you have played games and released terrifying magic, Ke Meng has to admit that the breath of this diary is really difficult to deal with, and every time you experience it, you have a new feeling.

If I remember correctly, this diary was soaked by Syrup, and it turned out to be like this.

Ke Meng recorded in the diary:

"Shadow Catching Hand drops things from the three-dimensional state to the two-dimensional state, and the released energy is consumed. The consumption method is exchange, energy It may be temporarily borrowed..."

"Even in a two-dimensional state, the soul still exists reasonably."

"The core mechanism of Shadow Catching Hand......"

Ke Meng's notebook, stopped halfway through.

The data is still not enough clear, and some things have been overlooked.

Ke Meng continues to study the mystery of Shadow Catching Hand and the essence of shadow creature.

Human beings have brains, and brain thinking makes people move. In the age when brain science was underdeveloped, people used "soul" to explain the wonders of the human body.

Ke Meng researched over and over again, and slowly touched the doorway of Shadow Catching Hand under the huge spiritual perception Sense Connection.

It's just a skill that consumes very little, and its consumption is close to nothing.

Before Ke Meng didn't quite understand the energy exchange method of Shadow Catching Hand. Even if things are dropped from three-dimensional to two-dimensional, there will be energy fluctuations regardless of the amount of energy.

As the observation deepened, Ke Meng discovered that Shadow Catching Hand did not use his own energy to operate, but used external energy to accomplish this feat.

The exchange position of energy is in the void.

Ke Meng didn't know how he noticed it. In short, after the tenth day, during a random grab, suddenly divine light flashed, blessed to the soul, and felt energy fluctuations in the sky.

Shadow Catching Hand borrows energy from hitting promissory note in the sky, and then drives the regular power of Shadow Catching Hand in Ke Meng's body to drop the soul of the three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional soul.

During this period, the energy released by the dimensional fall is used to return the promissory note.

By this step, Shadow Catching Hand has completed a full set of swap operations.

Energy, a system of rules, both are indispensable.

Shadow Catching Hand's rule system is very complete. It cleverly bypasses the user and completes the final goal from another route.

After understanding the surface principle, Ke Meng began to use spirituality to feel the fleeting energy flow.

This borrowed energy will turn around the soul and become an extraordinary power that can grab shadows.

If you want to learn this energy circuit, you have to visualize yourself, visualize the void energy, and observe the changes in your own soul during Shadow Catching Hand.

The soul of an ordinary person is very light, with almost no mass at all. The amount of energy borrowed can be large or small, depending on the nature of the Soul Body.

Every time the exchange speed is very fast, it can be called the speed of light. Before the human consciousness has not noticed, the account has been completed.

After that, if the shadow that Ke Meng caught is difficult to pull, then Shadow Catching Hand may fail.

However, after understanding the principle of this layer, Ke Meng can actively inject energy to strengthen the grasping ability of Shadow Catching Hand.

The energy injected is magic power, which is the Magic Power Value that everyone has in the game world. Nora and the others have already designed it.

In reality, Ke Meng does not have Magic Power Value, so naturally there is no way to exert the more powerful power of Shadow Catching Hand.

The fourteenth day.

Ke Meng returned to the game again, with the knowledge of Shadow Catching Hand and shadow creature.

In addition to Shadow Catching Hand, Ke Meng is still in his spare time, analyzing the operation mode of ice-blood explosion and other skills.

The results speak for themselves.

One day after returning to the game, Ke Meng closed his eyes and did not open his eyes. The spirituality moved slightly, consuming a little Magic Power Value, and the viewing angle in his eyes was red and blue.

That is the color contrast of the temperature of the heat source.

Another day later.

A small insect walking past Ke Meng's side, shook the tentacle, and became cold all over, and then kācha burst into a ball of crushed ice.

Ke Meng opened his eyes, the ice and blood explosion has been used in the game by regional cooling methods.

Besides, Ke Meng reached out to fish out a shadow of icy ballast, and there was already a shadow in his hand.

The eyes looked towards the withered grass a hundred meters away, the shadow of the withered grass swaying with the wind.

Ke Meng reached out for his shadow in the air, and the Magic Power Value instantly evaporated nine out of ten!

The farther the distance, the greater the magic power consumed.

Ke Meng squeezed his fist and opened it again. There was a shadow of withered grass in his hand.

At this time, system has started to refresh the screen.

"You created an unnamed skill."

"You created an unnamed skill."

"You created an unnamed skill. Name your skills."

"You learned the skill "Shadow Catching Hand"."

"Please name your skills..."

Ke Meng also He didn't change his name much, but directly put the words ice-blood burst, temperature perception, and regional cooling.

Shadow Catching Hand does not need to be named after Ke Meng. This was originally the ability created by Nora and Nina. Ke Meng was only a later learner.

It was just the two weeks of study that made Ke Meng feel that Nora and Nina’s skill mechanisms were designed quite intricately. This is by no means a big brainless boss, but a very smart boss.

There is such a smart BOSS blocking the road to be the first play through gatekeeper, just think about it and mourn for the players.

At this time.

Suddenly a hand passed through Ke Meng's abdomen, and blood splashed all over the floor.

Ke Meng lowered his head to see that it was a dusty arm with blood.

Curse, it hasn't stopped yet!

"It's bloody time on the floating island now." Ke Meng's mind flashed a scene of bloody sky.

Under the blood-colored sky, the intact clock tower stood in the dusty city, the pointer tickled and tickled, the dust with the face of A'Meng disappeared in place, chasing him to the back and stabbing him with a hand.

Swish, another arm passed through Ke Meng's abdomen.

However, this time, Ke Meng will no longer be a gas bag.

I picked up two bottles of red and blue medicines, and took them tons to tons. The health pool and blue volume quickly recovered.

Ke Meng's two palms moved slightly and used the Shadow Catching Hand to the dust arm.

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