I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 681

The Magic Power Value of the body was taken out in an instant. Facing a monster that was too strong, it was skipping grades to challenge. Ke Meng's Shadow Catching Hand was at a disadvantage and could only take out the Magic Power Value to increase the pulling force.

Under grabbing, Ke Meng pulled out a sticky shadow, which was like a sesame paste, and the black sticky shadow contained densely packed impurities.

I scanned it again with spirituality, and found that those things were all dust, and the shadow and dust were stuck together, and they couldn't be distinguished clearly from each other.

Every time Ke Meng pulls a little bit, the dust in his hand increases.

At this time, Ke Meng later realized that the shadow and dust had fuse together and became a very strange new monster.

This kind of monster is a bit like a shadow creature, but not a shadow creature. They are a new item based on the evolution of the shadow creature.

"Eternal Undying, can't be eliminated?" Ke Meng instantly interpreted this new monster with his knowledge of shadow creatures.

No, even shadow creatures can be destroyed, as long as they are purified with the power of the light system.

But can this kind of monster really be purified and die?

Ke Meng was dreaming and pulling.

Soon, huh, the third humanoid dust took his arm, not martial arts, and instantly passed through Ke Meng's abdomen.

At this time, the first two humanoid shadow dust was finally pulled into the palm of Ke Meng.

Shadow and dust mixed, there is a kind of sticky and dirty touch, which is subconsciously disgusting.

Ke Meng looked at the person behind him and forced the two shadows into the shadow of the third person.

Dust is a physical substance. Ke Meng's Shadow Catching Hand does not target dust. They are all implicated by dust and fall on the ground.

After that, something unexpected happened.

This man is covered with LVLv. 999 humanoid dust on his head. The corners of his mouth no longer rise up into a war God, and his facial expression quickly turns into a bitter melon face.

Ke Meng was taking medicine while watching the show.

Soon, the fourth humanoid dust passed through Ke Meng's abdomen. Ke Meng was not polite at all, and then used the Shadow Catching Hand to pull the other person's shadow.

If one comes, just pull one, and today he will be on the bar with these curses.

The other humanoid dust can no longer take care of Ke Meng, and he can’t follow behind him like a shadow. Ke Meng concentrates his attention, fills up all the magic power, and removes all the magic power to remove the humanoid dust on the abdomen The shadow of him pulled over.

Then he flicked with one hand again, throwing the shadow on the face of the third person.


The human shadow screamed.

That is the voice of four people, a bit like Ke Meng's voice, but not like Ke Meng's voice.

By the way, the face of the human shadow is Ke Meng's face after using the faceless mask, not the face of the real world.

Ke Meng looked at his twisted face with pain, as if looking at his own mirror.

"Painful?" Ke Meng asked.

There is another fifth arm in the abdomen.

Looking down at the dusty arms in the abdomen, there is nothing to say.

Let’s do the same, tons, tons, tons and tons of drugs will take effect, health pool and Magic Power Value will climb wildly, Shadow Catching Hand forcefully grabs, and then throws the shadow to the opponent.

The humanoid dust screamed again. This time Ke Meng heard the painful cry of five people.

His facial expression suddenly turned down, brow beaded with sweat, every drop of sweat is a drop of dust and sweat cast by thick ink waves.

If I said that it was just a painful expression, now I just put on a pain mask, which is extremely painful.

Just put this expression on the internet with a background music sublimated in despair, and the feeling of the mask of pain comes up.

"You can be more painful, trust me." Ke Meng muttered.

Perhaps Ke Meng is a prophet, and the sixth relayer soon came from his abdomen.

"Your pain will become greater and greater, how many souls can a body contain?" Ke Meng whispered, but his palm became more and more skilled, dragging the shadow and dust to the palm of his hand. , And then throw it to the other party.

"Ten? Hundred? One thousand?"

Ke Meng looked closer and didn't panic at all. While speaking, he gave the other person another shadow.

Each shadow represents a two-dimensional soul of wisdom.

They all exist at the max level of Lv. 999. There are many soul impurities, and each stuffed one adds a complicated personality. When they are full, they fall into insanity.

This madness is not the madness of a single soul, but a collective madness, a song of despair and madness for hundreds of souls.

In a few hours.

"How much is one thousand minus seven, do you know?"

Ke Meng while speaking, another new shadow merges into the other's body.

Ah, with a scream, Ke Meng heard nine hundred and ninety-three voices.

"It's a pity, the answer is wrong, and count it again."

Ke Meng made a mistake on purpose, shaking his head, full of regret, and patiently waiting for the next shadow.

In the eyes of outsiders, there is nothing wrong with Ke Meng's approach, and he will even admire him for daring to resist the curse.

This kind of curse is either crushed and wiped out with hard power, or resists and waits for the bloody time to pass, or is cursed to death.

But even if you are cursed to die, you will follow you after the resurrection, and you will not lose the curse because of your death.

This is a super curse chasing Undying and Inextinguishable, ignoring any distance restrictions.

Ke Meng secretly speculated that the humanoid dust chasing him should be related to the distance he moved in the sky island.

Only by eliminating all the dust that cursed him, can the future trouble be eliminated.

After waiting for a few seconds, Ke Meng didn't wait until the next figure of dust pierced his stomach, which made Ke Meng startled.

"Has the bloody time passed?" Ke Meng looked back and waited ten seconds.

"It seems that the bloody time has passed." Ke Meng looked back at the painful dust, the person had disappeared.

It seems that the other party cannot act without cursing time, and has been automatically moved back to the sky island.

Facing the curse and winning the battle, Ke Meng felt refreshed all over, and there was a kind of unspeakable energy in it.

Practicing too much leveling will only make him numb, and the trouble caused by the humanoid dust has really troubled him for a long time.

Fortunately, this trouble has also been resolved smoothly.

Immediately, his gaze condensed, Ke Meng's eyes were staring at the dust particles on the ground, pure black, with many loose holes on the surface.

That was what was left behind when the humanoid dust shadow transferred to another shadow, but it did not bring back the sky island.

Subconsciously, Ke Meng's spiritual perception thinks it is good material.

Hold it up and put it in a storage bag.

I don’t know if I don’t pick it up. After picking it up, he was shocked. He didn’t expect a shiny golden affix, Legendary Grade quality dust!

Name: "Dust with unknown function"

Function: "Unknown function, from residents of the city of dust."

Ke Meng took these materials, No need for him to count, system has already counted him, and the total number of dust and carbon particles is 110,000.

"Maybe it can be put into the mysterious cooking pot as an ingredient." Ke Meng did not forget the mysterious cooking pot.

Mystery cooking pot can increase Resistance. The higher the level of the material, the higher the total resistance of the body will be.

It is like the Dark Cuisine Pot. There are no restrictions on ingredients and no picky eaters, so transport-grade dust is a good material.

"The dust brother is a treasure!" Ke Meng thought about it, and his thoughts were clear.

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