I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 682

While it is not bloody time yet, Ke Meng moved out of the mysterious cooking pot on the spot, shook the dust of Legendary Grade quality into it, and added the flesh and blood of various 900-plus-level field monsters.

The cooking pot has the function of shrinking the ingredients, and every ingredient will be absorbed into the pot when it enters the mouth of the pot.

Ke Meng flicks his fingers into the water magic and injects a part of the water.

When everything was ready, Ke Meng returned to the villa in the main city of Graycastle, touched the pot in the room, and strong suction came from his palm, trying to make him smaller and suck it in.

Ke Meng repeatedly confirmed the role of the mysterious cooking pot, only then released the resistance of Resistance and entered the pot alone.

After entering the pot, Ke Meng saw that he was surrounded by countless soups. There were a lot of dust particles visible to naked eye in the soup. They did not melt into the water and were very hard.

Ke Meng's mind moves slightly, using gravity magic to control the lid of the soup pot and back.

The world turned black, and Ke Meng couldn't see anything.

It also does not need firewood, it automatically roars and heats, the internal ingredients Heaven and Earth turning upside down, countless nutrients are incorporated into the body's pores, improving and strengthening the body's physique.

Ke Meng feels that the soul is also nourished.

But the wonderful feeling is only short-lived. Ke Meng soon felt the pain. The running water was hot like a razor, rolled over the body and took away the waste.

The birth of a new Resistance, enriching Ke Meng's body.

Ke Meng didn't know how long it took. After a certain moment of pain, the world suddenly calmed down.

The running water in the pot dries up, and the hot temperature disappears.

Ke Meng stretched, opened the lid, and crawled out of it.

In the blink of an eye, the body returned to its original height.

Looking back at the mysterious cooking pot, the ingredients in the pot are all digested.

Ke Meng clicked on his attribute table to take a look, and the basic total Resistance increased by one thousand points.

After the equipment increase, Resistance has risen a lot.

A glance at the system time of game again, only 12 hours have passed.

An increase of one thousand points in 12 hours is worth it!

It is also this time.

Suddenly an arm was inserted into Ke Meng's abdomen, blood splashed all over the ground, and the mysterious cooking pot was stained.

Ke Meng doesn't need to look back to know that it's bloody time, and the humanoid dust once again pierces Ke Meng's body.

Ke Meng right hand pulled and forcibly pulled the dusty shadow out, and when the second humanoid dust was in place, he immediately threw the shadow into the other person's shadow.

Soon, the second painful dust was born.

Ke Meng started a long journey of drawing.

If you want to log off, you can't do it. As long as the dust attacks him, the safe log off action will be interrupted.

Forced log off will only leave your body in the game world, and you will lose your ranks if you die continuously. Ke Meng doesn’t want to bear the price, so he can only fight against the monster in the city of dust. Grab one by one.

The cry of pain soon broke through the number of more than 900, reaching more than 1,000.

This number is increasing step by step.

Ke Meng doesn’t know how many "selves" are alive in the city of dust. It stands to reason that a lot of dust has been burned before. Doesn’t it mean that the dust burned during the day is not counted, they just lurked and waited until blood Time to resurrect?

The more he thinks about it, the more he feels that this is right. There are hundreds of thousands of dust on the sky island, maybe millions.

This night, Ke Meng stuffed six thousand one hundred and seventy-one humanoid dust into it.

The painful dust disappeared and returned to the kingdom of the dust city.

Looking at the dust left in place, Ke Meng picked it up again and put it in the storage bag.

Each material of carbon dust is a Legendary Grade item, which cannot be eaten directly by humans, but the special item can be processed into nutrition and in turn temper Ke Meng's body.

After Ke Meng log off, the resistance point of the video quest was harvested, and it came back soon.

Wear the Resistance up early, and go through that dusty city early.

Ke Meng feels that there are secrets in that city, digging deeper may bring some benefits.

On this day, the mysterious cooking pot rumbling again, tempering Ke Meng's physical resistance.

After half a day's bloody time arrived, the humanoid dust must appear and stab him in the abdomen, Ke Meng pulls the person in the opposite direction, creating a painful person again.

Time flies, and a month has passed in a blink of an eye.

Ke Meng's basic resistance has climbed to more than 130,000, and he went out to sacrifice his life, brushed a batch of field monsters, and updated his equipment.

His physical resistance and magic resistance were stacked to 300,000 in a blink of an eye, and it was a piece of flesh.

The frame skipping of humanoid dust no longer causes one third damage. Ke Meng looked down at his health bar, only one-seventh of it was like this.

Ke Meng is not in a hurry. He doesn’t have a lot of Legendary Grade equipment. In addition, he doesn’t have special meat equipment, so he has to use equipment.

The daily life of players is to immerse themselves in leveling and brush equipment.

Legendary Grade equipment has an impressive burst rate. Ke Meng doesn't want offensive equipment. He just wants to fill up the meat.

In addition, Ke Meng also focused on the magic power value increase orb, ready to be embedded in the equipment body.

Each piece of legend equipment can be inlaid with ten attribute orbs. Orbs also need liver, and the burst rate of Legendary Grade orbs is even more touching.

This game was originally planned to be played for several decades. Because the burst rate of this treasure bead is designed to be very low, sometimes Ke Meng poison to death cannot be found in a wild monster. Legendary Grade Orb, Legendary Grade equipment can see one or two pieces.

Ke Meng continued to cultivate deeply and did not forget to hone his physical resistance. When the bloody time came, he practiced Shadow Catching Hand, practiced other skills, went out to clean monsters, touch corpses, pick up equipment, or practice alchemy techniques. Inlaid craftsmanship.

Days are boring. Sometimes Ke Meng doesn't know how time passes, and another four months pass in a flash.

In the past four months, every day all humanoid dust is inserted into Ke Meng's body. Ke Meng can't drive away, and can only turn others into painful people again and again.

As for going to the sky island again to investigate the source of the curse, I can't even think about it.

When there is no Resistance to ignoring the enemy, Ke Meng does not want to touch this weird thing for the time being.

Bang a light sound, the fingers of the dusty arm pierced into Ke Meng's flesh, but failed to pierce into the flesh.

A string of numbers popped out.


Seven seconds passed.

Another dust man came over and stabs forward with his five fingers together into a knife-like hand.

Fingers penetrated into Ke Meng's armor, but failed to break through the flesh and blood.


Ke Meng looked at them, grabbed the air casually, and threw it at the air again.

Relaxed and casual, calm and composed.

The level of Ke Meng is different from the past. A dazzling 95Class 0 stands in the system information bar. Unfortunately, no one sees it.

During the five-month exercise, Ke Meng has a deep understanding of the last word. Hard fist is the last word.

He glanced at his equipment, his whole body was golden, none of which was purple equipment.

Each piece of Legendary Grade equipment is a meat shield flow equipment, and the mosaic column of each piece of equipment is always filled, but the multiplication increase has been as high as 5 times.

Currently, Ke Meng's basic Resistance is 280,000. After the increase, the physical resistance against magic is stacked to 1,400.

This is only 900 Lv. 50 equipment. If it is max level divine equipment, the multiplication rate can be increased to seven or eight times, or even ten times the top level.

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