I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 683

Little knowledge, the Resistance points of New Game+ BOSSCthulhu used to be 100 million.

My own body of 1400 Resistance is facing a value of over 100 million, which is really not too much.

But as everyone knows, the value of the BOSS is always more abnormal than the player. If one day the value of the player is more abnormal than the BOSS, it will be a matter of game clearance.

Ke Meng thought of another system for players, the equipment strengthening system.

If the equipment is strengthened more than ten times, there will be an increase in the multiplication rate, and this rate will be increased with each subsequent strengthening.

The more you strengthen, the higher the magnification. The game data indicates that the strengthening method is not capped, and theoretically it can be strengthened to a very high value.

Currently, every piece of Ke Meng equipment has been strengthened to ten, but it has not been strengthened to eleven for the time being.

Because it is strengthened to more than ten, after strengthening it again, there is a certain probability that the equipment will be damaged and the attribute will decrease.

It doesn't matter if the attribute drops by a few thousand points. What matters is that the equipment cannot increase the multiplication rate.

The official text description is that the spirituality of the equipment is lacking, and it is no longer perfect, and it can no longer exert the power of multiplication.

In short, the more the game reaches the later stage, the heavier the player becomes.

The current Ke Meng wearing this equipment is very satisfied. New Game + BOSS is too far away. That is not the goal at this stage. The small monster in the first play through world can't hurt Ke Meng anymore, even if The same goes for monsters in the restricted area.



Looking at the humanoid dust inserting into his abdomen, the stabbing action is very handsome and fierce, but it just pierces his defense.

Ke Meng left the jungle, changed his face and figure, and returned to the city to buy a batch of materials.

Humanoid dust accompanied by a shadow, as if he didn't know what fear was, and he didn't know how to cover up. Ke Meng entered the city and followed him into the city.

The players looked sideways, but there was no way, but the humanoid dust that appeared behind Ke Meng jumped at them.

Without any warning, humanoid dust appeared.

The corners of their mouths are raised, their eyes are red light, and they have strange faces.

At this moment, Ke Meng has already changed his face, but his human-shaped dusty face will not be changed, and he still retains his face a few months ago.

Everyone didn't recognize the face of humanoid dust. They only thought that this player caused a major event, which actually attracted such terrifying things.

"The monster of Lv. 999 has entered the city, excellent, how strong is this strange."

"Did you see his actions? Anyway, I have nothing at all Omen, I can't read his movements at all."

It was another seven seconds later.

Another humanoid dust stabbed Ke Meng, but could not pierce Ke Meng’s stomach, and a terrifying value that surprised countless people and lost cold sweat.

"Zero!" I don't know who is shouting in the crowd. People with inattention this time have noticed the terrifying damage.

Unsmart players can’t understand why everyone is so surprised. They stabbed their friends with their elbows and asked, "What's wrong with zero?"

"Look at the level, idiot, look at the level of the weird humanoid!" My friend cursed, don't you have any eyesight? You are all focused on wherever you go.

At this time, everyone is silent, silent, and afraid.

Lv. 999 monster hits the player, causing 0damage?

Is the player too strong, or is there a problem with the field monster?

Someone couldn't hold back their curiosity and went up and stabbed the humanoid dust.

This blade is glowing with a terrifying special effect blade light, and the energy factor of the entire sky is shaking.

But the damage is very touching and only caused 5681 damage.

The thick and long health bar motionless with human-shaped dust, recover health in an instant.

At the same time, the blade light has no eyes, and the overflowing sword strength is passed to Ke Meng who is very close.

This can be said to be unintentional, or it can be said to be deliberate.

Everyone dared not blink for fear of missing a second.



The damage of Dao Jin is divided into several segments, and hundreds of numbers 0 jump out without any damage.

"What the hell, the number 0?"

"No, just now he hit Lv. 999 on the humanoid monster and there was a damage of 5,000, right? How could it hit the player? Nothing?"

"Magic reality!"

"Is it a special item immune to damage? Is it a special effect item?" Someone couldn't believe it and asked twice.

But no one said it was fake, and no one suspected that Ke Meng was a field monster.

Because Ke Meng is collecting materials in the market and purchasing on a large scale, every player who was purchased has received a transaction request.

Pay with one hand and deliver with the same.

High level players don’t need Gold Coin, Ke Meng stares at the stall owner’s needs, gives the rare materials that the opponent wants, and then buys the opponent’s merchandise.

However, there are not too many materials in the market. Orange Star conducts large-scale resource management. The materials that players play during working hours are managed by Orange Mother.

Only the materials played during off-hours are owned by the players. Therefore, the materials in the market are all materials played in their free time, and the trading hours are also free time.

"Brother, how do you read your ID? Why does it look so awkward?"

Some stall owners looked at the name and didn't know how to read it.

Ke Meng originally wanted to go, stopped, took a deep look at him, patted his shoulder, whispered: "Remember to prepare potion later, always be prepared."

"Why are you preparing for potion? Do you need any special medicine? I know alchemy. The potion mixed with copper is very powerful." The player said with a smile.

Ke Meng waved his hand and left without trading afterwards.

He visited the market this time, mainly because he wanted to buy some high-level and rare ingredients.

When the mysterious cooking pot cooks the ingredients, it doesn't care about the quality of your ingredients, so all kinds of flavors are mixed together, which is particularly tormenting.

Ke Meng wants to add some fragrant and good-smelling food in, otherwise every time he smells that smell, it won’t be washed off all day long.

One pot a day, with different flavors every day, Ke Meng's nose was tortured.

The copper-doped mage watched Ke Meng go, and kept staring at Ke Meng's ID. I really didn't know what the name was.

At this time, someone called out, "It's him, it's him!"

"What?" The copper-doped mage looked towards the stall owner who led the table, but I didn't know why.

"It's him, he's back...I can't say that name, you can't know." The stall owner's eyes were round and his mouth was wide open, and his throat rolled several times. .

His sanity is still alive, as if thinking of something terrifying, he shook his head and dared not mention that person's name.

"What is it, make it clear!"

"I can't say, I can't say anything, just treat me as a mental disorder, ignore me, don't Ask me!" The stall owner said with a firm expression, and kept silent after a few seconds.

In Orange Star, there is a taboo. His name cannot be mentioned or discussed. Any discussant will be held accountable afterwards.

As long as the people of Orange Star live in Orange Star one day, or live in the management scope of Orange Star, they cannot violate this rule and discuss the name of the taboo meaning.

The name is called A'Meng.

I don’t know about A’Meng’s terrifying. Orange Star dare not leak any information in order to protect the public. It only publicizes the game world and has a taboo. His name is not allowed to be discussed.

"Can you tell me more, I don't understand what you do like this." The copper-mixed mage seemed to have been scratched by a cat, and was full of curiosity.

Not everyone will remember the warning notice issued by Orange Star News a few months ago.

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