I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 684

The brother who set up the stall dare not say, after ten seconds, the log is off. He is going to report the appearance of A'Meng. By the way, he will pass A'Meng's appearance to the research institute, so that all insiders will pay attention to this. one thing.

But this person's careful thinking is destined to be useless. After Ke Meng left the small set, he immediately changed his face and figure.

Remembering his face is useless. Ke Meng can change thousands of faces and his body can be adjusted at will. I want to use these to remember his appearance. There is no such thing.

However, the tag-a-long that flashes behind him from time to time makes him very eye-catching, even if he changes his face.

Someone has been following behind, with eyes spinning, the game recording function is turned on, and this scene is recorded.

After the humanoid dust is pierced, it will stay in place until seven seconds later, the next humanoid dust will appear against the Lv. 999 terror symbol, and hit a number that is thought-provoking and scary-zero !

Soon, the second bold player appeared, and a laser seed was condensed from a distance.

At the moment when the seed was formed, it hit Ke Meng's body at the speed of light, hitting a number zero.

The second laser hit the humanoid dust immediately, ejecting 300,000 damage.

Comparing the two shows the terrifying point of Ke Meng.

Ke Meng no longer stays, walks to the Transmission Formation in the city, and teleports away.

The humanoid dust did not follow, staying in place, becoming a living target, being attacked by countless players, testing the damage.

In the past, players have tried to use skills to fight NPCs, but they were directly taught how to behave by max level NPCs. Even if they were resurrected at the resurrection point, they had to be randomly teleported.

After that, fewer people dared to challenge the max level NPC, and everyone changed their responsibilities. They did not dare to challenge the max level monster more than 100 levels.

Now that there are so many max level humanoid monsters in the city that will only be beaten and will not fight back, the players are all excited, rushing up to release their skills one after another to see how much damage their skills can cause.

Some people are excited, while others are sad.

Orange Star over there.

The first reporter has reported A'Meng's image and transaction process, which has attracted strong attention from the top.

"Pay attention to the materials he buys, he must buy back the things he exchanges, make a list, focus on analysis, focus on research!"

"Pay attention to confidentiality, we cannot mention that taboo The name of, can not let unknowing people bear the risk of A'Meng poison."

The old man of the research institute are all in a hurry.

A'Meng has a great influence on the world, but it does not damage all players, and there are many people who don't know the name of A'Meng.

In order to protect them from suffering, Orange Star did not announce A'Meng's name, and even his information was hidden in the room, only to remind the game world that there is a taboo name.

Professor Li Shen with red eyes knocked on the table, "After a few months, we must increase the publicity to make people who don’t know are wary of taboo names."

" However, the content we can warn is too limited. If we speak too much, we may know."

"By the way, let those stall owners receive treatment by special medical units quickly and let the psychological hypnotist downplay it. Remember their names." Li Shen reminded.

In the past few months, Orange Star executives are not doing nothing.

Faced with the rogue-like meme influence virus like A'Meng Poison, they discovered an important thing, as long as they use special props to wash away the memory of the game character's name "A'Meng", it becomes A person who doesn't know what his name is, the next time A'Meng Poison is turned on, they will be fine.

Therefore, the Orange Star people counted the inventory in the item library, took out some special items with forgetting function, and distributed them to the special medical unit in the game world, who was responsible for treating patients and forgetting A'Meng name.

In the past four months, players in the first echelon have basically completed the treatment work and have forgotten the name of A'Meng.

When A'Meng is poisoned, they will not be affected and they do not know the name of that person.

In this way, it is ensured that they are not disturbed and continue to advance the leveling speed.

Recently, Liver Emperor player Colin has pushed his level to 800 Lv. 40, and led his team to focus on the field monster of 800 Lv. 60.

"What's new! Someone has recorded A'Meng's film!"

Orange Mother popped up a red warning box, leading the new film up.

In the video, players stare at a stranger.

Every seven seconds, a humanoid dust stands behind him and stabs him, but the damage value is zero.

Other players hit field monsters separately, causing thousands and hundreds of thousands of damage respectively.

But when the scene of the edited video was changed, a player's laser caused midnight damage to A'Meng.

Professor Li Shen pressed his hand against the bridge of his nose, feeling incredible.

"This is A'Meng?"

"This is A'Meng."

One person asked back, the other gave a positive reply.

"He is really a player, and he can trade with our player vendors. The player's ID transaction record is here, genuine." An old professor rubbed his headache temple.

There has never been a player who made them so worried and annoyed. A'Meng was the first, and may not be the last.

"This guy’s poison is meme influence. He spreads poison everywhere in areas with more than 900 levels. It should be filled up every day."

"Our corpse touching team I have touched hundreds of Legendary Grade equipment, and I have to say that he missed too many wild areas, which means that his equipment is also full of gold."

People quickly calculated Ke Meng's The resistance point is calculated as the highest and best max level divine equipment according to the basic value of the normal max level player.

A set of reasonable estimates has been released.

Ten times increase, about 600,000 to 700,000 Resistance. If the equipment is strengthened many times, the value can be even higher.

"First max level player A'Meng, it's not an exaggeration to say that."

"It's a pity, it's actually the Cthulhu believer player." Li Shen expressed regret. .

After sighing, everyone's attention was quickly diverted by the humanoid dust.

This kind of humanoid monster is rare, at least not mentioned in the original materials of the designer.

Orange Mother has established a database for this. After the second-tier Suicide Squad spies discover this field monster, they will know where A'Meng has been wandering in the past month.

On the comprehensive forum of Orange Star, someone soon learned that max level humanoid dust was being beaten online.

Players who want to practice their hands jumped into the game cabin, entered the game and teleported back to the main city of Graycastle, fought against the human dust.

But a few hours later, the humanoid dust disappeared for no reason, as if it was recalled by something.

People at Orange Star Research Institute immediately discovered that the humanoid dust disappeared.

Out of caution and testing, they sent someone to install a locator a few hours ago, and they also released a lock-on tracking skill against humanoid dust.

I looked down, and the results shocked everyone.

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