I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 685

The whereabouts of the humanoid dust pointed to the sky island above his head.

The player in charge of tracking affairs looked up to the sky. In that dense thundercloud, the thick thunder and lightning flashed away, making the main city of Greycastle brighter from time to time.

There is no cloud at the end of the dark clouds in the distance, and the sun rises as usual, and a large area of ​​sunlight is shining obliquely into the main city of Graycastle.

"It is the monster above the restricted area, no wonder it is so powerful, and the way of attack is also very strange." The player gu lu said, as if he saw something monstrous.

The timing of the appearance of humanoid dust is very strange. People who have analyzed the game video frame by frame have found that the humanoid dust appears instantaneously without any warning.

Even in the slow-magnification video that was split into a single frame, it suddenly appeared behind A'Meng, and there was no image of the void splitting.

"On the island above, our game data has been recorded. It is related to the first play through BOSS, and it is the Nyah Avatar. This Avatar is not as strong as the first play through BOSS, and may be in the game. An unknown error occurred after the mutation, and this unrecorded game monster was born.” People analyzed.

The island was planned by them as an enemy with a poor relationship with the first play through BOSS. It is precisely because the enemy knows his enemy well, that there is something related to the first play through BOSS left on the island. Direct clues.

If you find clues, you have the opportunity to directly follow the trace of first play through BOSS.

But the premise is to let the player max level first and then go to the strategy, otherwise, the strategy will only be very painful.

"We have human resources to avoid the pain of a single brush, Orange Mother, please calculate how many levels we wear and what equipment can we organize the team to clean monsters." Li Shen asked Orange Star's artificial intelligence Tao.

"Take the Lv. 999 humanoid monster as an example. It is expected that the player level 98Class 0, equipment is a full set of legends, can form a team of thousands of people on the island to leapfrog small monsters, but does not support BOSS battle."

The field monster from the restricted area is very difficult to deal with, but Orange Mother is good at big data calculations. In the attack calculation of various Resistance and combination skills, it calculates damage to hundreds of decimal places, even tens of thousands. More than a bit.

With this kind of computing power, the people of Orange Star naturally trust the computing power of Orange Mother.

Currently, players' leveling schemes are all routines that emphasize efficiency, and everything is based on fast speed, experience value and the highest cost-effectiveness.

If you just pile up Resistance blindly, in fact, more than 900 levels can be shaken up with good equipment, but if you want to kill monsters efficiently, you still have to stack the level first.


Ke Meng returned to reality to deal with affairs, and by the way, returned to the Investigation Bureau and took a round. He felt that there was nothing serious, everything was on the right track, through the world. The evil organizations were so crushed that they couldn't lift their heads, and they felt relieved.

Back to the game again, Ke Meng directly teleported to the sky island and returned to the dusty city without saying a word.

The city of dust in front of me was in dire dreary condition. The walls were badly damaged and many gaps were exposed.

Ke Meng is walking in the city, and the dust rising behind him forms the dust of one after another new face.

Ke Meng walked to the Central Zone of the Dust City, went up to the clock tower, walked to the top floor, and looked at the mechanical structure inside.

The mechanical rotating structure of the clock has long been broken, and the copper gears are full of cracks and have an old historical atmosphere.

Ke Meng has long seen it not pleasing to the eye. With a flash of flame, the fierce high temperature burns the air, forming a billowing transparent air wave, distorting the light in the air.

With a light flick of his finger, the flame shaped like Phoenix rushed forward, quickly heating up, and the temperature broke ten thousand, one hundred thousand, moved towards one million.

Ke Meng's Magic Power Value was also quickly drained. This blow was very terrifying, enough to burn everything.

The flame burned to the broken clock, and everything scattered ashes and smoke dispersed, leaving no trace.

Ke Meng quickly jumped away from the clock tower. The torrential fire was unstoppable. It burned more and more. In an instant, he burned the entire clock tower and spread all around.

Ke Meng can only use buoyancy in midair, using magic to add a buoyancy out of thin air to support Ke Meng's body and offset the gravity of the game world.


The sound of wind poured into Ke Meng's ears, and a number of humanoid dust formed below, also making a flying posture that simulates counteracting gravity.

In the city, there are still a lot of human-shaped dust with Ke Meng's face, all covered by the uncontrolled fire, and directly turned into ashes.

Ke Meng has been suspended in the air, never leaving, even if the heat waves are steaming upwards, he can't blow him away.

Time minutes and seconds passed, and soon the city center was buried in the fire sea.

This flame is not an ordinary flame. Ke Meng combines the core mechanism of Shadow Catching Hand, and then uses the flame magic power circuit template known by Evil God Cthulhu to modify it, adding borrowed from in the sky The mechanism of taking energy.

As for the return mechanism, the energy generated during combustion is used to make up for it.

Therefore, the heat wave that Ke Meng felt was not very hot, and most of the heat was returned to the void.

When there is no more complete soil in the city center, and energy is quickly lost, Ke Meng feels cold.

The flames in the outer ring were burning and extremely hot, but the land after the burn was cold, not at all like the land that had just been burned.

Ke Meng looked at his hands, and speechless happiness poured into his heart. This is probably the happiness of creating skills.

"You created an unnamed skill, please name it..." system pop-up window.

Ke Meng is a nameless person, and I don’t even bother to think about the name, so he has an endless flame.

It will continue to borrow energy from in the sky to burn the foreign object until the energy released by the item it burns cannot pay off the loan. At this time, the energy of the flame itself makes up for the vacancy, and then the flame is not The loan was cleared, and the burning reaction stopped abruptly.

This is a very strong skill. It does not require Ke Meng to spend magic power beyond the limit of Magic Power Value. It can continuously increase the temperature.

In theory, Ke Meng can rely on his own knowledge to develop a flame comparable to the Class 0 item heart candle in the future.

"When! When--"

The melodious bell rang in my ears on time.

Even if the flame is surging, it can’t stop the pace of the bell. Ke Meng looked down at the floor. The outside gas quickly poured into the surface of the cold scorched earth, and the heat was lost to the ground at absolute zero. Thin layer of ice.

Ke Meng controls his eyelids, no longer blinking, and at the same time releases the spirituality in his body. The surging spirituality sea covers the scorched earth under his feet.

Each inch of soil energy change, gas movement law, etc. are all controlled by Ke Meng.

Just listen to the second long-lasting bell ringing: "Dang! When--"

Ke Meng seems to see a non-existent clock hand pointing to the eternal midnight, and then it is full of blood. A piece of sky, replacing the cold and silent universe background.

The bright red blood light reflected on the floor, the stone surface appeared very abruptly, and the buildings were intact, as if they were going back in time.

On the street, a silhouette of human-shaped dust slowly emerged, without a specific walking pattern. The fire in the distance also stopped abruptly, as if it was forcibly suppressed by some kind of force, and was instantly extinguished.

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