I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 686

The bloody time has come, and a lot of humanoid dust has appeared on the street.

Ke Meng heard the cry of pain, like hundreds of people, thousands of people mixed in the same body.

Ke Meng glanced attentively and saw the painful humanoid monster that had been created with the shadow of the hand over the past few months.

Their facial expressions were extremely distorted, unable to move, and they stood on the ground making a sound of pain.

Ke Meng saw some humanoid dust only inserted into his abdomen, but he could not break the defense and his hands were hanging in the air.

Ignoring the humanoid dust, I walked to the top floor of the clock tower and watched the fingers of the big clock ticking.

A punch hit the clock face, the glass shattered, the clock shaft was hammered, and forcibly broke into two halves from the middle.

Ke Meng's fist is attached with a layer of high-temperature flame, and the flame is controlled by Ke Meng's spirituality, curling all around and burning.

The bell tower was quickly swallowed by flames, destroyed, and perished.

Ke Meng feels a deeper sense of curse, as if there is something entangled in him, irreconcilable kind.

Ke Meng is fearless, as long as there is no warning from spirituality before he takes the shot, there will be no problem.

There is no isolation for revenge. Ke Meng is going to completely fall out of this restricted area this time.

The flames in the sky rushed away, countless Lv. 999 dust was burned by the flames, the temperature continued to rise, falling out of terrifying numerical damage, jumping several millions of words every second.

It didn't take long for the field monster of max level to die, and there was no chance of survival at all.

Ke Meng's experience bar has risen, harvesting the life of the field monster in this city.

In his dream, Ke Meng has used Evil God's body Sense Connection here.

The boss here was defeated by Nora and Nina. The boss has left here, so Ke Meng can make a fuss.

Not long after, the flames in the sky burned the entire city, but those painful humanoid dusts were especially difficult to burn to death. They had already been mutations and were no longer the original humanoid monsters.

The flame fell on them and stopped. They couldn't burn.

Fortunately, the flames laid by Ke Meng are large-scale magic, and will not interrupt the fire in other areas just because the flames in one small area are extinguished.

Ke Meng flew over to make up an endless flame demon method and continued to burn the remaining area.

The flame quickly spread outside the urban agglomeration. It was a wasteland with sparse vegetation and a lot of dust.

Half day passed.

The bloody time arrived, and the flames failed to burn out the entire island.

The world returns to its original appearance, and the old ancient city remains the same. No matter how Ke Meng was burned before, it will return to its original appearance in the unchanging world order.

But Ke Meng's experience has really risen. This is a very important point of knowledge and should be noted down.

Ke Meng doesn't bother to go outside, the max level restricted area small monster is the best place to brush experience, where to brush is not to brush, just brush to max level here.

At other times, Ke Meng log off returns to reality to shoot video material, or to rest in a dream.

In R'lyeh, you can feel the absolute peace that is difficult to enjoy at ordinary times. No creatures are making noise here, and some are only max level believers who visit occasionally.

Ke Meng enjoys this unspeakable peace.

But as far as the sleeping god Cthulhu is concerned, it probably also enjoyed the peace of sleep for so long.

At this time, a black spectre visited.

Black spectre is promoting adventurer leveling, driving the believer field monsters to destroy the territory of the neutral field monster, and then the human players in the Cthulhu believer rush to chase the level crazy.

However, this action is impossible to do more. Now that Ke Meng already knows the existence of Nara and Nina, it should not be too obvious to promote player leveling.

At present, Ke Meng is in a cautiously advancing posture in his dream. He has to worry about the player's body, but also cannot stifle the thought of unblocking, and carefully find a way to unblock the seal of history.

Not long after, Ke Meng woke up and returned to the real city.

In reality, it is the end of winter, and spring is approaching.

The air is still relatively cold. Ke Meng tells Resistance not to fight against the cold air, so that the body can feel the winter temperature freely.

The convenience store downstairs started a New Year's Day event, and the New Year's goods were all out of the store, and many customers entered the store to buy.

Chen Momo entered the exam preparation stage. Mrs. Chen didn't want to bother his daughter, so he specially spent money to hire someone for help to handle the work during the Chinese New Year and share the pressure.

Ke Meng glanced at the shop where people coming, people going downstairs, life was more of a year.

I have been leveling in the game for a long time, thinking about the power system behind the skills, the whole person has been gameized, and I have stayed away from social interaction, until now I have become aware of it, and I seem to be less distracting.

Ke Meng looking thoughtful, leaning against the window, reached out and touched the head of the Sweet Dumpling dog next to him. Sweet Dumpling lowered his head to play with the phone with his dog hair, rubbing his palm with his head only.

It is better to write this book and talk about spirituality.

Now the spirituality textbooks in Extraordinary University are in the enlightenment stage, which is very helpful for novices and beginners, but how to make spirituality evolve and qualitatively change is still a vast area.

Ke Meng doesn't expect them to go as far as he can, and he also knows how to increase his humanity. Now he wants to do something for his home country.

He closed his eyes, summarized the text with his brain, and then held the sub-disk in his hand to transfer the data to the data master.

The substitute leveler puppet sits in front of the computer to help with the operation, converts the text content and pictures that Ke Meng has planned into text, and then prints it out with a printer.

In less than a few minutes, a manuscript of hundreds of thousands of words was published.

It's all dry analysis drafts, as well as the main points, difficulties, and obstacles of cultivation that may be encountered.

Ke Meng puts spirituality's cultivation in the observation of entering the WTO, observing all things, and internally comparing the original mind.

Ke Meng traveled all over the world in the mountains for the sake of cultivation spirituality. After traveling for a long time, spirituality accumulated more and more, and finally broke the limit at home.

He used to communicate with Blue Star. It was Ke Meng who ate the benefits of the right place, right place and right people. If the latecomers want to retake his growth path, they will certainly not be so high-achievement, so he His path is only for people's reference. If you want to get to where he is today, you must find a path that belongs to you alone.

Ke Meng walked to the printer. The printer was crazy, printing paper manuscripts like shuā la shuā la, using special paper that has been mass-produced by the Investigation Bureau over the years.

These special papers are concealed and can conceal the spirituality of the text content.

However, the content of Ke Meng's record is too important. Even if it is concealed paper, there is a feeling that it cannot be covered. The overflowing spiritual year is very strong.

If a normal person sees this book, even if they do not see the text, they will subconsciously yearn for it and want to open the book to see what is recorded in it.

"This book can't be contacted by beginners. It must be read by Old Fox who has been in spirituality for more than a year." Ke Meng touched the paper and quickly analyzed it.

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