I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 687

Ke Meng personally took the manuscript to the Investigation Bureau for the director to review.

Bureau Chief Wu shook his hands and took the spilled spirituality document. He just opened the first page and felt a gust of wind rushing out of the paper, which shocked his spirituality.

The first page, the second page, the third page.

This loose paper manuscript that has not been stapled into a book seems to have a strange charm that attracts the hand of Bureau Chief Wu, making him turn the book non-stop, and his eyes almost stick to the book Up.

Ke Meng discovered the abnormality of Bureau Chief Wu and quickly patted Bureau Chief Wu with his hands, breaking his immersive reading experience.

"Ah, I just seemed to be addicted to it."

"It's okay, talk about feelings." Ke Meng waved his hand.

Bureau Chief Wu is very old, but the years have not left marks on his face. He has eaten a lot of items that replenish vitality, his muscles are much stronger, and his strength is great.

Having a good body can keep the mind state in the peak period, otherwise the rationality will decline. Ke Meng understands the Secretary's approach.

Bureau Chief Wu’s eyes couldn’t help but want to look at the pile of sheets, but reason quickly used him to stop looking at the paper, and truthfully said his feelings: "How to say it, I feel knowledge Very profound, even my spirituality can't help but want to absorb the knowledge inside. It is evil."

"Evil?" Ke Meng pondered then said.

To put it simply, this is an evil book, tempt others to read it and learn the knowledge in it.

"And then?" Ke Meng asked further.

"I don’t know, I only read a few pages, and I can’t tell all of my feelings. If I were to read all of it, I should be able to talk about the general physical sensation." Bureau Chief Wu dare not assert. .

Even with the spiritual perception of Bureau Chief Wu, one cannot easily assert the achievements of this book. It can be seen that Ke Meng has written such an evil book.

"By the way, what is the name of this book?" Bureau Chief Wu asked sincerely.

Ke Meng had already thought about the title of the book before he came, but after listening to Bureau Chief Wu's half-toned comments, I felt that the title was not in harmony.

"What's wrong?"

"I originally planned to call it "Secular Practice Spirituality Studies", but you said this is an evil book..."

Bureau Chief Wu hurriedly waved his hand, "No, no, you are misunderstood. I don't mean that this book will make people bad, but it is very attractive and can make me sink deeply."

" The secular practice spirituality is a beautiful name. It will be your second masterpiece. I think people who read this book will remember your name for the rest of their lives." It's very attractive. If you change someone to come up, I'm afraid you will already run away with the loose manuscript.

"Set a threshold. People who have learned spirituality for more than a year can try to read some chapters." Ke Meng sat on the soft chair and tapped the tabletop with his hand, his voice was crisp.

The extremely subtle spirituality followed the collision of Ke Meng's fingers with the desktop, making ethereal sounds.

Bureau Chief Wu heard this ethereal tapping sound, his brain was instantly awake, and his distracting thoughts disappeared.

"I suggest reading together with Rationality Transcript, so as not to lose yourself." Ke Meng watched Bureau Chief Wu's frenetic expression quickly cool down, and realized part of the truth about this book.

This book is indeed an evil book.

It is not evil that makes people fall, but evil makes people want to read.

The spirituality of readers will worship the author of this book without the brain. As for other hidden dangers, it is temporarily unknown.

"The spirituality of this book is too deep. Let me arrange a test readership to see how everyone reads in the first round, and then plan how to promote it." Bureau Chief Wu calmed down and proposed A better way.

First test, then analyze, and then customize the threshold standard.

Ke Meng had no better way, nodded agreed to Bureau Chief Wu's suggestion.

In the next few days, the top management of the Whale City Investigation Bureau started to move. The Koi City General Bureau also heard about Ke Meng's new actions and immediately sent people to Whale City.

Ke Meng hasn’t moved for more than a month. The last big move was related to scientific research. The Investigation Bureau didn’t dare to intervene too much. He immersed himself in researching technology for a long time, and after digestion, nuclear fusion technology The final checkpoint of the company is currently using special item and Peak science and technology in various industries to build the first controllable nuclear fusion furnace.

Now that Ke Meng is out of the mountain, they naturally want to find out more and fully cooperate with Ke Meng's new action.

After some inquiries.

I learned that Ke Meng’s new book is an advanced knowledge of spirituality, not suitable for popular reading, but only suitable for spirituality cultivators that urgently need advanced reading.

Bureau Chief Wu also knows that he conducts tests here, impossible to make people from the general bureau stare and not participate, so in the first period of testers, five people from the general bureau were arranged, and then Five places were allocated to external cities, and another five places were allocated to Whale City inland.

Not long, the first round reading test will start.

Ke Meng stays in the game world at night to brush up his experience, occasionally sleeps, and stays in the Investigation Bureau the rest of the time to host the first reading conference.

"In the first phase of the reading test meeting, there are several requirements. The first is that Captain must be present to prevent someone from losing control and cultivation deviation. Only Captain can quickly bring you back." Bureau Chief Wu said.

Those who participated in the test had dozens of high-quality talisman seal jade stones.

They are not afraid of mind pollution. Although they don't believe that they will lose control, they unconditionally believe in Ke Meng's level.

Since Ke Meng dared to host the Manager of the test conference, he must be confident. Relax and believe that Ke Meng is over.

"Secondly, in this test, I will open the pages. I will only read the first page on the first day. On the 2nd day, I will read the contents of the second to third pages. The reading volume will increase depending on the situation. /p>

"Third, every time you finish reading, you need to record your own physical state and write down your feelings. Don’t feel like a few crosses. Write me seriously. I don’t care what senior official status you were before. As long as you enter this test group, you have to let go of everything in the past and focus on the test." Bureau Chief Wu solemnly emphasized that you cannot be careful here.

There are a few more requirements. After everyone listens, the first reading page will be sent to the desktop.

Bureau Chief Wu is also one of the testers. After reading a few pages, he fell asleep in his dream and woke up with his eyes open, thinking about the content of the book.

When the first page was issued, the fifteen testers were immediately enchanted and immersed themselves in reading the contents of the paper.

Ke Meng sits at the chief of the mayor’s desk, calm and composed and brushes his mobile phone.

Even if the voice of the mobile phone is put out, it will not interfere with their learning, because the text content in the special paper is more attractive than the interesting mobile phone.

It took ten minutes to read. No one looked up, and no one showed an impatient expression. Instead, he read it over and over again and felt the spirituality inside.

It wasn't until twenty minutes later that someone looked up towards Ke Meng, "I have finished reading, can I post the second page?"

"No." Ke Meng resolutely Shook his head.

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