I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 688

After the test on the first day, everyone was still very satisfied and wanted to see the next page.

Ke Meng did not let go of authority, strictly controlled the reading volume of testers, and used spiritual perception to observe their changes by the way.

In the morning of the next day, a test reading meeting was held and two pages were issued.

The testers are still obsessed with reading, but today the Rationality Transcript was placed on the desktop. When Ke Meng saw that they were addicted, he flicked with his finger to wake them up and let them read the Rationality Transcript again.

Ke Meng asked them to continue reading when their brains were filled with reason.

After a lot of effort, I finished reading both pages.

The next few days will be spent in the same way.

Ke Meng appropriately increased the number of pages, and the testers gradually read the entire book.

At this time, a month passed.

After reading the entire book, they have learned a lot and wrote a lot about spirituality.

The most important thing is that they realize the importance of integrating into the earthly culture. If they have been busy in one place, it is difficult to experience the various forms of sentient beings.

Most of the testers have submitted their intention to suspend their jobs, want to suspend their jobs and go for a walk, take a good look at this World, and feel the true meaning of the world.

Ke Meng threw all the suspension applications to the director, and let him make his own decision.

After testing, secular practice spirituality can be read, but you must control this degree.

Ke Meng gave the manuscript to the Investigation Bureau. This knowledge comes from his brain. The book doesn't need to be in his home, it just needs to be in the Investigation Bureau.

Investigation Bureau integrated a month’s test performance and customized a series of emergency response strategies, which not only established high thresholds, but also marked high-risk attributes.

It does not teach people to be evil, but this book has strong spiritual hints. If you read too much, you may lose yourself. If you read without protective measures, you will have trouble.

Ke Meng doesn't care about what happened afterwards. He occasionally flies to major cities to travel and relax.

After a few days of absence, Ke Meng began a continuous journey of polishing Resistance.

When you don’t polish Resistance, you will gain experience by burning the city of dust and leveling slowly.

Leveling is long and boring.

The curse of humanoid dust is like a shadow, but there is no way to break Ke Meng's defense, and Ke Meng can be bullied.

I burned wildly for a month, and I looked fierce as a tiger, but in fact my level only went up to Level 3.

The speed is very slow, Ke Meng also wants to be faster, and can only open up the second restricted area.

Ke Meng, the restricted area of ​​R'lyeh, doesn't want to go for the time being. Even if he knows that Cthulhu is sleeping and won't wake up in his dream, he doesn't want to be close to the restricted area. In case of an accident, it would not be funny.


Orange Star.

The players are preparing for a long time, and they are going to send people to fly to the thunderclouds in the sky and arrive at the sky island.

This is a group of expedition personnel to inquire about the above information and want to know what A'Meng is doing.

In fact, Ke Meng really didn't do anything. He was just leveling on it. When the bloody time comes every day, he puts on the fire, burns it clean, and learns his experience.

At the level of Ke Meng, it is a sure thing to reach the max level. The next step is to continuously learn new knowledge and polish the basic resistance.

But the player hasn't realized how to improve their strength after max level. At present, all intelligence is the king, so we will talk about intelligence first.

The ground, the highest point of the main city of Greycastle.

On the top of the castle, a group of 802 Lv. 10 players gathered with two hundred people.

They have a group of wind magic wings, and when a big magician chants a huge tornado, two hundred explorers are blown into the sky by the tornado.

The tornado is controlled by magic and extends from the roof to the thundercloud above the head.

The players have already planned how to break through the dense thunderclouds, that is, use the magic of the ground players to break through the thunderclouds, and retain the Magic Power Value and physical strength of the explorer.

Currently, players’ magic is very high level, and they often have heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and tear through thunder then it isn’t impossible.

In a hut below the castle, Nara and Nina are wearing Lolita skirts, sitting on the edge of the window, looking up at the sky.

Nina stretched out her young hand and pointed at the magic tornado, without using magic to prevent them from exploring.

"It's a good idea to blow away the clouds with a tornado." Nora muttered.

The two were looking at the scenery, and they didn't try to win over others' Yaxing.

Because in their opinion, the player rushes to the sky island and sees only a deserted island. When the bloody time comes, they will be cursed by the dust to Class 0.

In addition, staying on it for a long time is also dangerous. Ke Meng washes the floor with endless flame demon once a day, and players who run up will only be burned to death.

Nara and Nina both expected these things to happen. Although they did, they would not be very accurate once they were related to Ke Meng, and there would even be an extra layer of variables, so They sit here watching the developments.

The roaring tornado is getting bigger and bigger, blowing the squally wind in the air, thunderclouds from the ground continuously high in the sky.

Thunderclouds were torn apart by a tornado, and countless thunder and lightning wanted to smash into the people inside the tornado, but this tornado was not an ordinary tornado.

The dozens big magician players appeared on the ground, and they made the magic of triggering thunder, which led the thunder and lightning down from the tornado and went straight to the ground.

The building of the main city of Greycastle is very sturdy, and there is no problem in absorbing the thunder. In less than a second, the lightning that was split is absorbed, and there is nothing left.

The explorers in the sky were blown to the edge of the island by a tornado and landed smoothly.

When the great magicians saw this, they began to use combined spells, preparing to fix the tornado magic of this great magician into a formation. In the future, as long as a large amount of magic power is injected, it can be voluntary revolving, forming a connection to Heavenspan. "elevator".

Nara and Nina still did not move, looking at the sky, looking through the thundercloud Sense Connection scene.

"It's not Scarlet Time, it's a pity."

" Scarlet Time is coming soon, elder sister, they will die without accident, they will be killed until Class 0 "Nina's dimples are sunken.

Both of them please the players. The players don't know that they have become the joke of the big BOSS. They are curiously using the game video function to record the appearance of the sky island.

Soon, the explorers noticed humanoid dust following them behind them.

"What is this thing."

"There is no record of these things in the game data. Be careful."

Players are careful and don’t know them Has been stained with the curse of terrifying.

The entire two hundred people are cursed with dust.

This curse is a terrifying virus that will kill them for a lifetime.

Ke Meng has killed all the dusters who simulated him. After that, every time he teleports to Sky Island and sets a fire, he will not be cursed by killing a few dust when he comes out, but the players are different. They still don't understand the terrifying of curses.

The longer the distance you walk, the more dusty human figures will be behind you.

The players saw that there was more dust behind their backs, and snapped their fingers. The huge Fireball instantly covered hundreds of thousands of humanoid dust, destroying them as easy as blowing off dust.

"By the way, how come these humanoid dusts don't have a level mark..."

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