I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 689

The expedition team took another step forward, and humanoid dust simultaneously appeared behind them.

Every human-shaped dust face is the same as theirs.

"Why does this guy look exactly like me."

"Damn, I am here too."

"It's not good, it feels bad, here Why is it so weird?" Someone trembled abruptly.

Looking at the humanoid dust that is exactly the same as the face you pinched, everyone will tremble.

Captain, who led the expedition with a calm face, swung the dagger to his mouth, and licked the blade of the dagger with his tongue.

shuā la, the wrist moved slightly, a flash of cold light flashed, passing through the dust, the human-shaped dust face was cut through a hole.

The head is not split, and the body is fine. Only the face has a vertical wound.

That is the trace of the dagger passing through.

"Don't burn it, the dust is Undying and Inextinguishable, it's in vain." Assassin Captain said solemnly.

People don’t want to waste magic power here. Even though they bring a lot of medicine, magic power is not only needed to cast spells. Too many spells will fatigue the mind and affect their Peak battle strength.

Everyone ignored the dust and walked all the way for thousands of meters. The humanoid dust behind them has not been dealt with, forming a huge follow battallion. They can neither speak nor attack people, just follow behind, Make people feel cold behind their backs.

Assassin Captain looked back many times, a trace of panic appeared on his face, but his good qualities kept him from losing self-control.

"Riko, you are the only one responsible for burning them, and pay attention to saving magic power."


No matter whether this matter, everyone went all the way, There is an unexplainable uncomfortable feeling, as if a major event will happen if the dust is not killed.

Furthermore, there is no cloud in the sky, and the cosmic radiation hits their bodies unobstructed, making their mind state a little confused and polluted by the mind.

Everyone knew what was going on in their hearts, and they used them to remove the small objects contaminated by the mind, holding them in the palms of their hands, naturally without any strange illusions.

The wind blew hu hu, they seemed to hear someone's call, but they didn't hear it really, thinking it was a hallucination.

They are not afraid of death, at the worst they will be resurrection at the resurrection point.

The advantage of the player is that he is not afraid of death. Even if he feels horrified, he will brace oneself and sprint and dare to face death.

This is something that many field monsters and NPCs cannot face directly. In the hearts of some field monsters with great wisdom, when they die, they reset their bodies. Together with the reset of memories, the field will be resurrected. The monster is no longer the original them.

Except for those who have resurrection items, NPCs would be very spared one after another, and would not completely ignore their lives like players do.

In this way, they came all the way to the center of the city of dust and saw the broken clock tower.

A part of the clock face missing from the top of the clock tower seems to have been smashed by a stone, and the hands are covered with dust, which has an ancient flavor.

At this time, they heard the bell ringing in their ears.

Dang! when!

When the bell rang the second time, a strange feeling suddenly rose, and the blood-colored sky replaced Universe Starry Sky.

A group of humanoid dust gradually emerged on the street. They did not have a specific face. They looked numb and walked on the street one after another.

Every house has changed, and there are no more dust and cracks, but the terrifying red reveals the characteristics of this place as Great Ominous Land.

At this time, Ke Meng had just stepped on a spot to teleport to the city of dust, and spiritual perception subconsciously swept a group of players.

Then Ke Meng saw two hundred players stabbed through their stomachs by human-shaped dust, and they couldn't stop watching.

Ke Meng stared distractedly, "Has the player explored the restricted area?"

He seriously recalled the Sense Connection of spiritual perception. The opponent's level is not higher than him, or even much lower.

This is just a group of pioneer expeditions, dedicated to exploring information, paving the way for the first echelon behind.

After checking it out, Ke Meng pondered for a few seconds, still beckoning out, summoning endless flames and burning the city of dust.

Regardless of whether the player comes to this city or not, he will continue to burn it anyway.

If you don’t max level, it will burn all the time.

After Ke Meng set fire to the city, he teleported away and went to another max level restricted area to set fire to the original.


After the player team of Orange Star was stabbed to death by humanoid dust, an option pops up whether to resurrect nearby.

There is a resurrection point in the restricted area of ​​the sky island to prevent players from running around.

They resurrected subconsciously, and less than a second after they were resurrected, another arm pierced their abdomen.

"You were killed by an unnamed field monster."

system now says.

"What the hell!" The assassin player "licked blood with the tip of a knife" opened his mouth wide and felt as uncomfortable as eating shit. How could this happen.

He didn't believe in evil, and he was resurrected again. He immediately knocked big medicine and defensive medicine. He took all kinds of medicine, and then used auxiliary skills to inject his body.

Soon, he folded a BUFF.

In a few seconds, I was stabbed to death again, and the health bar was cleared.

The player’s "blade licking blood" heart is cold, the major event is not good, and the file is broken.

In the game world, there is a saying about archives. If there is a scene where you will die immediately after reading the archive, and you can't restore it, then it's a dead file.

"The tip of the knife licks blood" has an intuition, this time it is really bad, and it is impossible to live until tomorrow.

"Something went wrong, everyone don't resurrect on the spot!" He did not resurrect, and his soul was in a dark place. He opened the game's guild chat window and posted several times to remind everyone not to resurrect.

"Fuck, I have died three times in a row!"

"Listen to the boss, don’t resurrect in the same place. I also died twice. It’s not good."


The officer on the ground saw their accident and immediately asked in the guild chat channel: "What's the matter, tell me?"

"We were cursed, chased by humanoid dust, stabbed The belly, like A'Meng at the beginning, was stabbed by humanoid dust in the market, but at that time A'Meng's defense was very high, and the humanoid dust could not be pierced at all, but our attribute is not as high as A'Meng. Now we suffer a serious crime. Once resurrected, you will be stabbed in the stomach. There is no way to play the game. You will die once you are out, and you will lose the level once you die."

"The good news is that I gave the team equipment, "I won’t lose 2Class." With the team flag of 0', we can lose up to 2Class 0 in this wave, and it won't be too bad." The player "licked the blood with the tip of the knife" lamented.

This wave of curses cannot be cracked by them, and it is too difficult to play.

"Leave there immediately after the resurrection." He typed in the guild.

Not long after, the players resurrected and teleported away from there.

After the player dies, they can’t stay there without resurrecting, otherwise they will automatically resurrect nearby.

This is the game mechanism, players didn't think much about it.

After teleporting away from the sky island, they were not burned by the flames, otherwise they would find it better to stay on it, because the fire will burn them sooner or later, and by the way, they will also burn those who chase them curse.

After the player leaves the sky island, he loses the protection of the endless flame.

Fortunately, they are not brainless people. The guild’s think tank immediately gave a solution: "Find a powerful NPC, ask them to kill the curse, and the NPC's rewards will be credited!"


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