I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 690

Ke Meng set a fire to put all the sky islands in a burning state.

The fire is so great that the light of the fire cannot penetrate the thunderclouds. The players below don't know what's above, and the flames can't burn the ground and stop abruptly.

The players have fallen to the 800th level and have lost a full 2 ​​Lv. 10 price. If it weren't for the team flag to protect their level, they would have been killed to the lower level.

Humanoid monsters are killed all the way, and players are resurrected all the way.

Humanoid dust only penetrates the abdomen with hands, and does not destroy the corpse and evidence, so players can resurrect in situ, also commonly known as reincarnated in someone else's body.

The NPCs in the city saw each other, showing different colors and disappearing behind closed doors.

The players looked for several NPCs, but no one wanted to meet them.

Some max level skill instructors looked at it, frowned, although they didn't keep the door closed, but their attitude was not very good.

"Young man, you are in big trouble. This is an irreconcilable curse until it kills you and becomes you." A big magician NPC wears a black robe, and his old beard seems to fall To the ground.

This mage is a hundred year old person in the main city of Graycastle, a magic power heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, enough to instantly kill players, but facing the curse on the sky, they dare not assert I can crack it intact.

"Senior, how should we crack this curse." The player "licked the blood with the tip of the knife" anxiously said.

There is not much dust chasing them. Some humanoid dust has been burned to death, but they didn't know that only the humanoid dust chased out survived.

The surviving humanoid dust saw that there was no brother sister to make up the knife, so he went up to make up the knife again, stabbing the "knife-tip licking blood" to death.

The health bar was instantly cleared, and both eyes fell to the ground with the "knife tip licking blood".

The NPC wearing the Great Demon mage robe was taken aback. At this time, another player reminded: "Don't panic the mentor, he will be resurrected soon."

A humanoid dust killed him.

After a while, the "knife-tip licking blood" was resurrected, and I asked again how to solve this situation.

The mentor NPC looked uncertain, "You are very strange, there is an immortal Soul Body, why bother to find a way."

"Wait one day when you are strong enough to kill the curse, The curse is naturally destroyed by you. You are immortal and stronger than me. As your teacher, I have nothing to teach you." The old teacher touched his beard and shook his head and left.

"This..." The player hurriedly pulled the sleeve of the NPC, just about to speak, but he stabbed his waist again and died instantly.

The players jumped around and went around a lot before they found a solution.

The solution is to return to the isolated island, find the historical documents of the city of dust, find the source of the curse, start from the source, and solve the curse.

However, the master of curse studies asserted that even if he knew the truth, it would be difficult to crack the curse without the corresponding strength, and it would be useless to go.

In short, this thing tells the players one thing, jumping into the restricted area is not a good thing, the terrifying curse is enough to kill them to zero.


The second restricted area.

This restricted area is a ground plain, but this plain is not ordinary.

Looking up at the sky, you can see an illusory band of light, dancing around like a wrought band.

As soon as I stepped into this land, I could feel a blushing face.

If the characteristics of sky islands are loneliness and emptiness in parallel with weird curses, then this is another style.

It's warm, you can feel your heart being baptism just by standing here.

After walking a few steps in, a layer of black light faded gently behind him, as if a layer of stains had faded away.

A large number of light element spirits rise in the restricted area. They are a group of white light, intertwined with terrifying rays of light between the fingers, which can cause special damage to negative monsters.

"The ignorant adventurer, leave this land, or he will be put to death immediately." A light element general with Lv. 999 above his head turned into a human appearance, and a horse appeared under his crotch. Zi appeared next to Ke Meng, blocking him outside.

Ke Meng is here for leveling, "Will I not leave?"

"Then die!" The light element general swung his sword, and the aurora in the sky was swept down and cut to the ground. On Ke Meng.

I saw the special effects madly and dazzlingly, but after a few clicks, a few numbers 0 popped up.

Ke Meng reached out and pushed, holding the handle of the knife, the magic power circulated in a strange circuit, increasing the finger strength of one arm, and forcibly squeezed the light element broadsword.

Kācha several times, the clear voice broke the audience.

"Why are you okay?" General Light Element's expression was moved.

Unfortunately, there was a light on his face. Ke Meng couldn't see his expression clearly. He was only surprised by Sense Connection.

With such a humanity-like emotion, Ke Meng subconsciously asked: "Are all monsters here so smart?"

This kind of wisdom is already comparable to NPC.

Ke Meng thought of some Cthulhu believer field monsters. In this restricted area, there is a light tribe that was subdued by black spectre.

They are in the camp of light, but their hearts are evil and they worship the Evil God Cthulhu in R'lyeh.

"Adventurer, our Light Element Nation does not have any Mao Dun with you. We must go to war?"

"Didn't I just want me to die?" Ke Meng is still thinking about the field monster experience , I want to kill the opponent to collect experience.

Now that the other person is so smart, I might be able to talk about it and get some benefits.

As everyone knows, the game has changed. Some special things have appeared in the game. They are not in the game data and are not easy to find.

If there are special resource channels in the local area, it will save some things.

Ke Meng has a Cthulhu believer team. In recent months, he has not tried to use the body of Evil God to suggest believers to make profit for himself.

Now in an orange outfit, Ke Meng does not lack equipment, and the level of the player’s believers is not as high as Ke Meng. If the field monster believer is too scattered, all good things are sacrificed, and the rest The stuff is not very useful.

"I will apologize for my recklessness. I don't know how to dispel your anger." The Elemental General lowered his head and met a terrifying monster. He had to lower his head.

Ke Meng is too fleshy now, more fleshy than many max level monsters.

If there is anything comparable to him, I am afraid it will be the batch of black spectres under the banner of Evil God.

Black spectre has long been influenced by Cthulhu’s baptism. The physique is different from the ordinary max level. It is very special and very meaty. At the same time, the attack power is extremely abnormal.

"It's no ordinary thing that can satisfy me." Ke Meng stopped temporarily.

Ke Meng must not find the max level in the restricted area to do the surgery. If there is something good, of course take the good thing first.

After that, Ke Meng followed the general into the land of the element of light.

The land of the light element has a giant city full of light energy, and the light element warrior will receive continuous magic power recovery in it, and the combat endurance will be more than a hundred times a thousand times.

But as long as the field monster can't break Ke Meng's defense, no matter how strong the endurance is, the moon reflected in the water is useless.

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