I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 691

A world has evil things, and naturally has good things.

In the land of light, there is hope of light everywhere, warm, which can purify people's hearts.

Ke Meng saw a vertical light tower. The tower was only fifty meters high. The beam on the top of the tower pierced the sky. When it reached the sky, it began to become crooked, pulling out a distorted light strip, covering the entire land.

The Great Elder of the light element wears a light robe, personally transforms into a human form to respond to Ke Meng.

"Adventurer from the foreign world, I already knew about you from the general." Great Elder had a level of 999 on his head. Ke Meng swept it with spirituality, and he could feel the vastness. The magic power fluctuates like a deep sea.

But Ke Meng's recent Resistance has risen again, surpassing the original 1400 Resistance.

In the face of this Great Elder, Ke Meng can feel that he is facing his damage. He will not be harmless, but he will not be caught in seconds. He has a chance to escape.

If there is a chance to escape, it will naturally come back to fight back in the future.

Great Elder is obviously not an ignorant person who doesn't know anything. He can say the word foreign world, and he points out that he has an understanding of the nature of an adventurer.

"Hello, Great Elder." Ke Meng is neither humble nor pit.

"I can feel your strength, you are different from those adventurers, you..." Great Elder's eyes have a stronger light, and there are countless flashes of our pictures.

The characters here are all light. Ke Meng can't see the opponent's face clearly, so he can only analyze the opponent's psychological fluctuations through emotions.

Great Elder was silent for ten seconds, ending the long Sense Connection, and was shocked in a cold sweat.

"Come with me, and I will give you a satisfactory answer." Great Elder took a deep look at Ke Meng, as if something incredible had happened to Sense Connection.

The general retreated, left here, and returned to border patrol.

Ke Meng and Great Elder walk in the aisle of the element great hall, and the light element everywhere floats in the air, like a dandelion.

"Probably a few years ago, visitors of the world appeared on the land, and the number of visitors was huge, which instantly changed the cosmic phases. I saw Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon from inside, and I saw the element of light. In the future of the country, wind and rain are precarious, fighting against the evil, the two are dying, the country is ruined, and the adventurers have become godslayers, bathed in divine blood, and become new gods."

Great Elder turned to look at Ke Meng's face, and looked at it a few more times, just as the old god stick looked at the face of a person, "Your face is very unusual, it doesn't match the stars. You come from the foreign world, but it's another scene. Unexpectedly, it has a great connection with the local area."

"What do you want to say?" Ke Meng remained silent, listening to Great Elder's story with his ears up.

"They will kill the gods, but you are different, you..." Great Elder hesitated, as if deliberately suspending Ke Meng's appetite.

"Great Elder, what did you see?"

"Can't say, I will be backlashed after I say it, I can only say that I hope this item can change your destiny "Great Elder took Ke Meng to a treasure room, and from the countless clusters of light, he found out a circle of very dim brightness and expansion and contraction like a heart.

"What is this?"

"A memory of Ancient God." Great Elder looked hesitant, as if he didn't want to hand over the light, but thought of the picture from his Sense Connection , And decided to hand it over to Ke Meng.

Ke Meng stayed in place and did not dare to take it because his spiritual perception issued a warning.

This light group is unpredictable and unable to Sense Connection. Intuition is invalid for this.

It represents the unknown.

The Great Elder noticed that Ke Meng was in Sense Connection, reminded: "There is divinity in it, and it is impossible to leapfrog Sense Connection with your current personality."

"You can Sense Connection?" Ke Meng shifted his gaze to the Great Elder of the light element.

The two just met soon and gave this gift. Although there are potential threats to the undead of the adventurer, Ke Meng still feels too direct and has to be cautious.

"I, like you, cannot use the Sense Connection divine object as a mortal body, but I can use the divine item to temporarily improve my personality and use the astrology Sense Connection to get a glimpse of the veil." Great Elder Pointed to his staff.

His staff is deep and unmeasurable, like a deep sea, but Ke Meng spirituality cannot penetrate.

"The staff core once melted a piece of God's blood essence into it." Great Elder explained that many, naturally in order to win the trust of Ke Meng.

"I accepted this gift." Ke Meng didn't dare to touch it. Instead, he used the storage bag function of the system to collect the light ball from the air and put it into his backpack.

By the way, a storage bag cannot forcibly grab something that does not belong to him, unless the item is a masterless object.

As for whether there is an owner, it is naturally identified by the system.

The Great Elder watched Ke Meng collect items with undetectable spatial power, his eyes flickered, and said: "Adventurer is not only from the foreign world, it seems that there is also a power beyond my cognition. Can you tell me in detail?"

Great Elder has a divine staff, but it cannot Sense Connection to this kind of space power collected in the air.

Great Elder himself also has the ability to collect things in space, but he really does not have a means like Ke Meng that cannot track Sense Connection.

Ke Meng glanced at the other party’s staff, "If you still have divine props, I can consider telling you."

The game system storage bag, even the big boss Nora Both Nina and Nina knew that speaking to an NPC did not seem to be a major event.

Great Elder has a hesitant look on his face. The divine items are all related to True God. Each item is quite precious. How can it be given to Ke Meng like a Chinese cabbage.

Just now, he has given Ke Meng a copy of the Ancient God memory light group, which is of great value and far exceeds his staff.

"Let me think about it." Great Elder wanted to know what power it was, but he was afraid of overheating his head and wanted to calm down before thinking about it.

"en." Ke Meng is not in a hurry, nor is he lion's big mouth.

Now that Ke Meng understands, there is a divine staff, this old bastard can really kill him with magic.

After being killed, Ke Meng can naturally be resurrected in a different place. In theory, Ke Meng can still come back to crush old fogey a few months later. This is the main reason why old fogey dare not be tough with Ke Meng.

Not all powerful people want to use killing and killing to speak, especially after the local BOSS investigated the potential of the adventurer, they even lost the idea of ​​fighting with the adventurer.

Ke Meng stayed in the city and tasted the food from the territory of the Light Element Kingdom.

The food in the territory of the Light Element Nation is light, but it is not light in the general sense, but luminous food. The taste is very unique and it allows people to enjoy the feeling of ascending. From the weird slime ingredients, the luminous cuisine here is easier for people to enjoy.

Ke Meng has several kinds of products, there are fluttering light balls, I can't see what food is, soft and cute, and if I taste it in my mouth, I will imagine a feeling of light melting in my mind.

Will light melt? Ke Meng doesn't know, but he knows this food can give him this illusion.

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