I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 692

Ke Meng did not stay here overnight. When it was time, I went to the sky island to set fire, log off and sleep.

In his dream, Ke Meng tried to take the initiative to send the group of Ancient God memories from Sense Connection Great Elder.

Needless to say the result of Sense Connection, I saw a blur of light.

When you encounter a divine object, even Cthulhu, you have to touch it before you can snoop on the content inside.

Ke Meng remembered the mountain of sacrifices. There are also divine items in it, involving the memory of the gods.

However, Ke Meng did not succeed in reading it. There were too many items in it, and it was too much to handle.

Ke Meng thought for a whole night. He tried to ask black spectre to bring the black stone with the memory of Ancient God. However, because of the inputted information, black spectre fell into eternal madness. .

Although Ke Meng absorbs part of the negative information when the other party is dreaming afterwards, he cannot return the other party to complete rationality.

This matter also stopped, and failed to read the item with the memory of Ancient God.

"Change your destiny? Seriously?" Ke Meng Sense Connection once again repeated the current situation of Great Elder.

In that land full of rays of light, Great Elder suddenly looked up, as if crossing time and space and looking at Ke Meng.

The Great Elder, who was covered with light and had no specific shape, showed a panic. It was a fear of being watched by an unknown being.

"Great existence, I have no intention of irritating you. If there is something wrong, please bring it up and we will fix it."

Ke Meng has no words, just for Sense Connection his staff.

That staff really has the breath of True God, Ke Meng can see a group of twisted flesh and blood.

There is a dim power in the flesh and blood. That is the order of silence, which is incompatible with the light-filled atmosphere of the country.

The owner of this power has already died, otherwise the impossible condescend to a staff as the core of the staff.

"Even the gods will pass away. This is his basic theory for predicting that the player will kill the god. With this evidence, he will believe that the future belongs to the player, but I am a variable, he saw Different things." Ke Meng in this brief moment thought of many things.

However, this matter is still separated by a layer of film, making the uninformed unknown.

You must open the memory light ball in the game and read the memory inside.

But here comes the question, can Ke Meng's mortal soul read that memory.

"My body cannot read directly, but I can read indirectly." Ke Meng knows his advantage-backing on Evil God.

Great Elder also knows that Ke Meng is a mortal body and cannot be read directly, but the other party seems to believe that Ke Meng has a way to be able to read.

In this wave, on which floor is Great Elder?

Ke Meng spied Great Elder secretly again, but unfortunately Great Elder's spirituality is really high, and once again discovered Cthulhu's prying eyes.

Great Elder shiver coldly, as he is at the max level, it is easier for him to understand how terrifying this untraceable unknown existence stare is than the people at the bottom.

Especially he also has a divine staff, who can feel that this line of sight comes from the world, and is an extreme terrifying existence, which can erase his existence in an instant.

Faced with this kind of existence, he made a low profile in his heart, without any falsehood.

Ke Meng quietly left, accepting the sacrifice of believer.

One night passed.

Ke Meng woke up from his sleep and slept enough mind.

As usual, I took a look at the reading situation on the Investigation Bureau and went back to the game if nothing happened.

Go back to the game, and pass the teleportation point fixed yesterday to return to the land of the light element.

There, there is already a max level elemental spirit waiting for Ke Meng to arrive.

"Elder wants to see you, sir." Elemental Elf Human Transformation, wearing an elven skirt, long hair shawl, a pair of big long legs round and full, and eyes seem to be light.

"Lead the way."

Ke Meng had a hunch and knew that the Elder Council had agreed to yesterday's request.

Passing by the great hall full of light pollution, under the leadership of the elf sister, Ke Meng once again came to the treasure room.

Great Elder turned into a human form, wearing a mopping robe, holding staff in his right hand, and facing Ke Meng with his back.

Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching, Great Elder slowly turned around, looked towards Ke Meng's face, looked at it in detail, and confirmed his face.

"Adventurer, although I can see your true face, I can feel that this is not your true face, your true face has another face."

old fogey shook the head, "It doesn't matter. Last night, I dreamed of a terrifying god who was staring at me in the dark. It should be that I gave you the memory of Ancient God and angered him." < /p>

Ke Meng's complexion was still, but he knew who he was talking about, yes, it was Cthulhu last night.

Last night, Ke Meng used Evil God to secretly stare at the staff. He wanted to know what was inside. The old bastard spirituality was too high and he found that Evil God was staring at him.

"What is there in the memory of Ancient God?" Ke Meng asked.

"This is a divine object, I suggest you use it carefully, use this divinity slowly, remember, don’t be assimilated by it, and don’t become it, this thing divine, only You can use it, you can't merge with it, otherwise you will no longer be you, but you will become it." Great Elder handed a ball of light to Ke Meng.

Great Elder tapped the light ball with the staff, and a circle of light ball with sealing ability was recovered, revealing the true content of the light ball.

That is an old leather book, without a title, no author, only a strange runes loop.

"This book records many terrifying incantations, life and death, ancient gods, the origin of magic, the future and history, all in it." Great Elder muttered, he did not dare to touch , Can only watch this book with fanatical eyes.

Ke Meng didn’t hold it with his hands. This book is a sacred book. There is no need for any doubt. At the moment when the sealed light group is unlocked, Ke Meng already feels an extremely powerful spirituality and crushes him unilaterally. It's so crushed that there is no scum left.

"I will read it carefully." Ke Meng accepted the book with a storage bag.

"It's the kind of wonderful and unmarked high-personal power again, adventurer, you are really amazing, maybe you are born to be favored by the world." Great Elder's eyes flickered, trying to capture space fluctuations. Power formed and disappeared, but he saw loneliness and saw nothing.

"This ability to collect may only be studied by the gods." He subconsciously replenished in his heart, feeling that the origin of the adventurer is getting more and more amazing, and there are many secrets that are not known.

"By the way, don’t read this book carefully. I suggest you just read it roughly. It’s best to prepare another personality and use another personality as a buffer to prevent your host personality from falling into insanity instantly. There is room for salvation."

"I know that you adventurer are immortal, but in the realm of God, immortality is very easy to do. You are not truly immortal, but you have not met that can make you truly die. "The God of God." Great Elder once again solemnly reminded, "When you can use your divinity, try the Ancient God memory of Sense Connection again. Don't try to read the ancient God memory directly."

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