I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 693

Reading the reminder of Ancient God's memory came a day late, but Ke Meng could feel that the other party was a sincere reminder.

"I will be, thanks." Ke Meng nodded, leaving the land of light.

In return, Ke Meng found another max level wild area to set fire, but did not set fire on their country.

Big Inferno Blazing Praire, but Ke Meng found one thing that made him depressed, that is, these max level field monsters are sensitive, knowing that the flame can’t resist, so they just take off and run away, not staying there at all. With.

Most field monsters cannot release that area due to regional restrictions, but it can be manipulated to take off to high altitude. Therefore, the fire only burns the plain vegetation on the surface, and the soil cannot be burned through. The flame burns a whole piece of wide grassland and then goes out naturally.

Ke Meng also personally started in the wild area, only to find that when the flame burned to the border of the wild area, it stopped burning and could not burn endlessly to other areas.

If you want to burn to other areas, Ke Meng has to fly to that area and throw flames.

Ke Meng didn't care about this anymore. His interest has now shifted from leveling to the memory of Ancient God in the storage bag.

Before reading the memory of Ancient God, you must first have divinity. Divine Spark is not equivalent, and you cannot read things beyond the specifications.

In fact, there is another solution, which is to use Super Resistance to carry the risk.

Refer to the ultimate panel of Evil God Cthulhu, piled up to 100 million Resistance, equivalent to having a god-like physique, should be able to ignore this kind of risk.

However, the goal of 100 million is too far away, and now it will take at least two hundred and thirty years to build a resistance of 30 thousand points a month.

Rather than stacking it for more than two hundred years, it is better to study other doorways, such as the way recommended by the Great Elder of the light element, and use part of the memory of the divine Sense Connection to slowly digest and understand.

Ke Meng tapped the storage bag, and the nameless book fell on the ground, overflowing with a mysterious atmosphere.

Ke Meng has not opened the book yet, and the amount of hidden spirituality is far above Ke Meng.

Ke Meng’s spirituality has one percent of Cthulhu’s. Normal people are impossible to Ke Meng’s level. The terrifying of this book is indescribable.

Ke Meng remembered the warning from the old man and had to prepare another personality as a buffer.

He naturally does not have a second personality, but the game world is so big that Ke Meng really knows that there are many ways to split personality.

He received several game items about split personality when he was Evil God.

In addition, there are related records in the game data.

In a restricted area, there is a rare item that can split the personality of intelligent creatures.

In the player’s skill field, there is also a spiritual magic faction that splits personality, transplants personality, and cultivates personality. It is relatively unpopular and requires higher innate talent to learn. The current mentor of spiritual magic is in Greycastle. As a skill NPC in the main city.

This NPC master of mind magic has high requirements for accepting apprentices. He will conduct an aptitude check on every player who wants to learn spiritual magic. I don't recognize how much money or where I get the relationship. I am quite stubborn and only recognize aptitude.

Ke Meng does not need to find NPC to learn magic, even if the other party may have spiritual magic that is more suitable for human learning.

Ke Meng has Cthulhu's knowledge base, pick out the ones that are not suitable for learning, and then study it again. It is not more reliable to cultivate his own spiritual magic than to learn from others.

"Shadow Catching Hand has been researched by me, and spiritual magic is no longer a problem." Ke Meng has personal experience and experience enough to study it on his own.

If you talk about research, just research. Ke Meng spent the rest of his time on creating spiritual magic that splits the personality.

Cthulhu's knowledge of spiritual magic is very confusing, but it is not without reason.

At least when Cthulhu sneaks into the crazy dreams of others, the methods used to absorb the negative information will smell like spiritual magic.

The personality of an intelligent body, the core is composed of memory, followed by the influence of body hormones, and the influence of hidden energy radiation.

The brain is a memory storage block. A stress response at a certain point in time may produce another self-enclosed personality to protect itself.

Ke Meng has determined that memory is the core research project. After a month, you will either go out to set the fire or take a break, and spend the rest of the time studying spiritual magic.

To split a safe personality, Ke Meng does not need to copy all his memories.

He only needs to create a relatively blank personality that is easily absorbed by himself.

In the later stage, when he read the Ancient God memory and digested it, he could devour the personality, or slash, cut off the foundation of the memory, and make the personality self-destruct or merge.

First, understand the relationship between the brain and memory, then use energy to control the body's brain, and then create another personality.

From this book, Ke Meng discovered that a pure Soul Body cannot split personality by itself, which is amazing.

A soul without a body cannot split personality by itself, but it can be split by other people's spiritual magic.

This involves another kind of spiritual magic-spirituality.

Ke Meng has the ability to compress spirituality into a line, which can destroy the opponent's mind state, form a one-size-fits-all, or cause chaos, or cause a strong mind suggestion.

In other words, mind magic can not only use the brain route to affect the soul, but also use spirituality to affect the personality.

spirituality is really a wonderful thing.

All things have spirits, this feature has established its transcendent status, as if anything can be connected with spirituality, and in turn Ke Meng can also use spirituality to influence everything.

The more profound the learning of spirituality, the more Ke Meng thinks deeply, and he feels that spirituality's skills can be dig deeper.

Another long period of retreat and cultivation time passed.


In reality.

Blue Star is entering the midsummer again. Extraordinary University is facing major high schools and social recruitment, of which only a small proportion of social candidates, the main body of the recruitment target is still high school graduates.

Chen Momo bent down, held the end of the Little Pi shoes with his hands, and slowly drew in his feet wearing white socks, until they fit, and then slowly pulled out his little hands.

"Mom, I'm going to take the exam."

"I will drive you." Mrs. Chen's worried voice came from the room.

For Mrs. Chen, although Extraordinary University is very glorious, it also means a crisis. They have already separated from the door organization and there is no need to enter that dangerous field again.

But Chen Momo still went to sign up for the Whale Extraordinary University. Today is the first day of the admissions exam. She gently opened the door and pushed it out.

Outside the house, there is a dim sky with a vague feeling of rain.

The special examination is set in the first week after the general college entrance examination, which not only gives candidates the opportunity to take the normal examination, but also gives a week of buffer preparation time.

Get in Mother’s car, the car drove along the road, passing by the convenience store, and there were already part-time workers in the shop who opened the door for an hour.

The second floor curtain of Ke Meng's house was not opened. Chen Momo raised his head and looked at it for a few times, and then retracted his gaze.

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