I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 694

This year’s Extraordinary University’s admissions test is slightly different. The General Bureau of Investigation has released a new document. Each branch can make detailed changes to the assessment based on local conditions to suit localization.

This is because the inventory of the special item in each region is different, and the strength of Investigators is also not the same, so the assessment difficulty is different.

The spirituality of candidates is not the threshold. The supply of spiritual fruit has exceeded demand. No one dares to knock the fruit infinitely like Ke Meng. The way of eating like Ke Meng will only become a madman. Ten cows are all Can't pull it back.

Like that kind of lunatic, even if there is a talisman seal jade stone, even if you recover your mind, you will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and you will no longer be an Investigator.

Mrs. Chen drove the car, thinking about it, persuading his daughter to give up the special exam. Whether he is an ordinary person in his life, there is an Investigation Bureau on his head anyway.

"Mom, needless to say." Chen Momo couldn't help but vomit, "In case the way of life changes, I want to pursue progress and be different from you."

Now The world is peaceful, but looking at the era of the most crisis, the red mist of despair envelopes the world. As long as Blue Star is still producing special items, it is difficult for ordinary persons to truly obtain safety.

Mrs. Chen said that her daughter, but her daughter, can only sullenly nod the car radio.

Koi City Car Radio: "Koi Continent’s first controllable nuclear fusion furnace will be officially ignited today. I have invited nuclear fusion expert Professor Wang to explain the meaning of nuclear fusion... Hello Professor Wang With the maturity of controllable nuclear fusion technology, does it mean that we will enter a new era of technology and extraordinary coexistence?"

Professor Wang: "The future must be inseparable from extraordinary power. This controllable nuclear fusion technology also uses extraordinary power as an aid, otherwise we will be impossible to light the fusion furnace this summer."

"So, extraordinary power is very important, right?"

"Yes, as our research on extraordinary powers continues to deepen, we find that extraordinary powers are also controllable and have traces to follow. This is also the new research direction of Extraordinary University, which is committed to civilianizing extraordinary powers. Everyone can enjoy the convenience of extraordinary power and high-tech. The controllable nuclear fusion furnace is a bold attempt."

"But extraordinary power is also very dangerous, right? Will our experiment be deadly?"

"This is not true. Our experiments are quite strict, and there are extraterrestrial resources to make the foundation. Even if there are heavy pollution experiments, we will not do it on Blue Star. You can rest assured about this... …"

The radio talked about a lot of extraordinary power topics, and both Mrs. Chen and Chen Momo listened intently.

For the common people, this kind of intangible thing that can only be seen on TV and video is so mysterious and closely attracts their curiosity.

Finally, Professor Wang from the radio station wishes candidates across the country to pass the special exam and become a glorious Investigator.

A beam of light broke through the clouds, and the light curtain swept across from a distance, illuminating the crowded traffic ahead, and the metal roof was shining.

Chen Momo looked at the traffic jam and the entrance of the university where only a daoist sect could be seen in the distance, the sun shone on his face and his eyebrows were shining.


As soon as Ke Meng's consciousness returned to this world, he received a lot of invitations.

Ke Meng took off the game helmet and opened the curtains, and he saw the sun shine through the clouds and illuminate the traffic.

This morning was very refreshing, and there seemed to be something new.

Sweet Dumpling handed the phone with a black screen, and when I turned it on, Luo Yuan from the Investment Bureau, the director general, and various acquaintances called and sent messages, inviting him to participate in the first controllable nuclear fusion furnace. The ignition ceremony.

This sacred moment is extremely important to the Chinese people, which means that energy is no longer restricted, and many props that rely on electricity can be used without brains.

Ke Meng also understands the importance of this technological content. Looking at the ignition time, it is 10:00 in the morning, and there are still two and a half hours now. Don’t worry.

He didn't talk to anyone. After all, there were too many people who sent him private messages. Impossible one after another responded. He could only send a message in the internal group of the Investment Bureau: "Add me at the ignition site."

One sentence is enough to show his attitude.

He is still staring at the development of Blue Star. If something wicked invades, he will still stand up to save the world.

When the world is at peace, Ke Meng naturally lurks and no longer shows up.

Now, Ke Meng has completed the study of spiritual magic and successfully split a controllable and safe personality.

He is going to rest for a while, raise the mind, and then start to read the Ancient God memory light ball given by the light element Elder.

This is not for Cthulhu, but for Great Elder's words, which can change destiny.

Ke Meng wants to know what his fate is.

"The boss is back!"

"Welcome to the boss!"

"The boss knows me well, my voice is super sweet!"

"Don't believe the words upstairs, be careful he knows how to fencing!"

Ke Meng looked at the internal group of the Investigation Bureau of the group of demons, the Investigator netizens were still so funny, and the familiar taste of life came back. .

Two hours later.

Whale City outer suburbs ignition center.

A tall building stands on the ground, and countless wires connecting this area can be seen from the periphery.

But the internal place of charm and beauty uses the strange Space Dao Equipment, the internal space looks larger than the external one, and the nuclear fusion furnace is in this space.

After Ke Meng arrived at the scene, he saw the old acquaintance chief, Director Lei, Bureau Chief Wu, Shi Lao, Di Ping of the red turban, Luo Yuan, the bandage man and the others.

"Almost thought you didn't have time to visit. During this time, you turned off your phone and traveled around the world?" Di Ping rarely put down the ocean and appeared at the nuclear fusion ignition site.

"No, I found something. Recently I concentrated on researching an extraordinary power." Ke Meng shook his head.

Everyone is nodded, and their spiritual perception thinks it is the truth.

Ke Meng disappears from time to time, and everyone is not surprised.

Since the "Secular Practice Spirituality Law" was listed as a high-confidential and high-threshold learning content internally, everyone knows that Ke Meng has accumulated spirituality in semantic practice.

At the same time, because of reading this book, everyone is more and more in awe of Ke Meng's spirituality.

With such a high spirituality, the mind has long become a madman. After all, every day all hears incredible things, sees indescribable pictures, and may also accept knowledge of other worlds beyond common sense.

But now Ke Meng still has a bright mind and no trace of losing control. This makes everyone more awe of Ke Meng's true strength.

A guy who can have random items every day, accumulated over the years, has long been so strong that they can't see his back, everyone has given up chasing Ke Meng's footsteps.

Now everyone just wants to study an extraordinary power system that is more suitable for normal people's growth based on the cultivation method left by Ke Meng.

Also at this time, the hall broadcast sounded the countdown to the ignition of the controllable nuclear fusion furnace.

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