I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 695

Ke Meng can't see the inside, but can only perceive it with spirituality, vaguely seeing hundreds of special items play a role in it.

"Ten, nine, eight...three, two, one!"

The countdown sound is over, everyone is looking at the screen, but Ke Meng can see the laser ignition scene.

The temperature generated by the high-energy laser is over 100 million. After igniting the nuclear combustion, nuclear fusion begins. Various special props continue to move to control the fusion reaction in the reactor.

"Successfully ignited, it's okay for the time being." The director of the Fusion Institute relieved, and the next step is to wait and connect directly to the power grid for the test.

"The test grid is successfully powered on!" Artificial intelligence's voice sounded on the radio.

Cheers rang out in the room, and everyone was in high spirits, with smiles on their faces.

Relevant reporters also took the microphone excitedly to interview the director.

The photographer takes the camera to shoot the scene, and the internal hardware of the camera has a built-in intelligent algorithm, which shields all faces with high confidentiality level.

The photographer noticed one thing. Ke Meng appeared in the scene and was directly turned into air by the machine P, even without human beings.

This confidentiality level was even higher, he was surprised.

The camera inadvertently captured the chief director, and the chief director was also turned into air, as if it did not exist.

Here, one after another are big bosses, and there are almost no people who can be photographed in the news.

Unless the other party agrees, you can only shoot as usual.

Ke Meng and the general director and the others chat for a bit and left. Everyone is not a merchant. I have used spiritual perception before the ignition. There will be no problems this time and it will go smoothly. .

Just now, the director general also personally asked Ke Meng how he felt.

As long as Ke Meng feels bad, it is possible to explode or something, then the Director-General will believe Ke Meng's words and all staff will retreat.

Ke Meng said at the time that it was going well, and then everyone felt that there was no problem. People who were not related would not stay there anymore. After all, everyone is busy, ridden with mundane things, and cannot be too much in one place. Staying is a waste of time.

When Ke Meng went out, he briefly talked about the future development with the chief director.

"The future will be the coexistence of transcendence and technology. This world is not only a spirituality road, but also other powers for human cultivation." Ke Meng said.

In Ke Meng's understanding, the magic system can also operate in this World, and everyone generally lacks Magic Power Value, which is the lack of magic power cultivation system.

There is no magic power cultivation system in Ke Meng's hand. Magic power is something everyone has in the game. It becomes an instinct like walking and breathing, which is difficult to explain.

chat for a bit, Ke Meng also learned that today is the recruiting birthday of Extraordinary University, and examinations are being carried out in Extraordinary University.

Ke Meng just wanted to take a rest today, so he went to the Whale City campus to see the assessment site. The director-general went back to the General Administration with two polite visits. He was also very busy, and the whole continent was inseparable from the General Administration. Control.

If Ke Meng had promised him to be the chief, he would be as busy as he was. That was not what Ke Meng wanted.

The assessment site of Extraordinary University is not in reality, but inside a movable door, on the other side of the door is another planet.

Ke Meng opened a lot of doors, but these doors were not recycled and they were all used.

Of course, the doors of the wasteland cultivation area and the places where a large number of abnormal people and aliens live are all closed by Ke Meng with the door key, and space slash is done to exile to the void to avoid embarrassment. Encounter situation.

Ke Meng entered the university, walked inside the entrance, and saw a group of people stacking wooden blocks, modeling them with blocks.

The examiner has the mother of building blocks in his hand. According to the building blocks, he can know the students’ mood, good or bad, imagination, creativity, learning ability and other complex things.

Ke Meng stood aside and watched for a while. At this time, the examiner also received a message from the Investigation Bureau. He looked back towards Ke Meng and asked him hello, then handed out the building blocks and asked: "Ke Captain, do you want to Be the examiner again?"

Ke Meng waved his hand to refuse, he didn't need this thing.

He himself can Sense Connection to infinite screens flooding his head just by standing in place.

The good and the bad, the mental activity, the physical state, etc., are all mastered by him one after another.

In the final analysis, both Ke Meng and the examiner are considering the abilities of students. The difference is that the examiner needs to use props, and Ke Meng can already use his own ability to capture and analyze information.

This process makes Ke Meng feel wonderful. Human spirituality has grown to the point where it can replace part of the special item's functions without having to consider side effects.

At this time, Ke Meng caught Chen Momo's information and found that she was also in the examination room and built a ring-shaped building block.

Ke Meng looked far away and did not come close. After looking at it for a while, the examiner also noticed Ke Meng's line of sight and looked over there.

"Ke Captain, the ring-shaped Interesting, there is a kind of circular mood." The examiner exclaimed, and after a few words, he looked towards Ke Meng, but he was already not in there.

I looked around, but I didn’t see Ke Meng. I don’t know where the people have gone.

Where did Ke Meng go? Of course, he returned to reality and visited the city.

At the end of the afternoon, the assessment of Extraordinary University was over. Ke Meng looked at the crowd at the school gate again. There was no need to walk in. There were countless pictures flashing in his eyes, and he already knew the result of the assessment.

"It's time to get on the road, I will read that book tonight." Ke Meng is concerned about the memory of Ancient God and that book.

In theory, that book is also a dangerous item, but unlike memory, the divine breath in the book can be used. Ke Meng has studied for many months and has already found a safe way to use it.

After having dinner, I posted a video by the way, harvested Resistance points, and then returned to the game world.

In the game, Ke Meng sits in the room of the villa, and the magic array is turned on to block the breath.

Take out the untitled book, Ke Meng read an incantion and transformed into a second personality.

At this time, Ke Meng's eyes are blinked, and his facial expression is slightly tight.

At this time, he is already another personality. The difference is that this personality has inherited part of the memory, but many places are blank.

This is a blank memory created only for the memory of Ancient God and the nameless book. It retains the necessary analytical knowledge and nothing else.

He stretched out his hand and gently touched the nameless book, and he felt an inexplicable emotion rise in his heart.

It is a variety of auditory voices, with various divine names passing by, as if as long as you know them, you can summon them and gain powerful power.

But the second personality doesn’t have information about these things. Instead, I lightly opened the front page of the Unknown Book and saw the scribbled black text, line after line, the ink spots are all over the page, so you can see it. People are very upset, as if they can experience the irritability and frenzy in the writer's heart.

Touching this book, the huge spirituality far higher than Ke Meng is stimulated, spreading from the book, shocking my mind.

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