I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 696

Ke Meng noticed that these words were not the words he knew, but he could understand every word.

This is a very strong language power. The specific method of expression is to write words with emotions. The various emotions of intelligent life will be incorporated into the book and be understood by illiterate people.

The hiss of tearing the brain echoed in his ears, and Ke Meng was clutching his headache. Even if his Resistance was extremely high, he couldn't bear the pain.

Soon, he closed the book again, feeling that he hadn't learned anything.

In order to ask for help, the second personality decides to sleep. As long as he sleeps, he can return to the body of Evil God Cthulhu, allowing Evil God's strength to clear the abnormal soul state.

Ke Meng put the book in the storage bag, lay on the bed and touched the ring, sending out a certain hypnotic magic, hypnotizing himself to sleep.

Not long after, Ke Meng opened his eyes and returned to R'lyeh.

In R'lyeh, Ke Meng’s host personality has replaced the second personality, using the body of Evil God as a convenience to swallow the memory acquired by the second personality, and through the power of Evil God, eliminating the incidental inside negative effect.

"Although it feels like nothing has been learned, there is indeed some kind of knowledge pouring in." Ke Meng analyzed.

Contacting books can infect the divine nature, and it is also the process of the divine nature devouring Ke Meng, but after dreaming, these divine natures are dead things, facing a True God is not enough to fight, less than a second It is crushed into slag, which becomes Ke Meng's nourishment and helps Ke Meng grow.

Ke Meng looked at R'lyeh, with layers of pictures flashing in his eyes, all of which were tacit knowledge learned from the nameless book.

That is the state of death of the deceased. The first scene of the deceased is sleeping in a coffin in the cemetery. There is no flesh and blood, only bones and souls, but he enjoys his old age.

The second one is a corpse with a strange insect born from flesh and blood. There is no human form lying on the ground. The scene is very disgusting.

The third scene is also the scene of the deceased. The difference is that the face of the deceased's body is intact.

Black hair Black eyebrows, eyebrows, nose bridge and chin are all very familiar.

Followed by the fourth, fifth, and sixth.

The appearance of the dead in each picture is changing. Ke Meng stared at him, and he recognized the dead.

These deceased, if not surprisingly, are all the faces of the faceless people during their use of the faceless.

Except for the scenes of the dead with invisible faces, those with faces are all Ke Meng's easily tolerable faces.

But Ke Meng can feel that these dead are not him.

"What does this book imply, so terrifying." Ke Meng felt a little horrified, but in the body of Evil God, Ke Meng felt nothing to be afraid of.

Furthermore, once the player dies, they can be resurrected, and no matter how bad the ending is, the player can retreat without playing.

Thinking of this, Ke Meng's mentality is not nervous, and he calmly analyzes these Sense Connection images.

He analyzed the night and occasionally received some believer sacrifices and accepted their sacrifices.

"Behind every picture in this book, there are a lot of spiritual awareness of death. If the necromantic magician comes into contact with this book, he can be a god."

Ke Meng After analyzing the whole night, combining the experience of the players and the inspiration of Evil God, we got amazing guesses.

Waiting for Ke Meng to wake up from the game, for the first second, Ke Meng smelled the smell that hadn't been diffused in the house for a long time.

This kind of smell can't be smelled by ordinary persons, nor can people with low spirituality.

Ke Meng opened the window and gently waved his finger, Wind Element magic swept away the smell in the house, and the fresh air flew back to the nose.

Ke Meng took a day off, and once again used spiritual magic to split a safe personality.

An unknown book is dangerous, but at any rate it is controllable. Unlike the light ball of Ancient God memory, once contacted, you have to accept the memory in its entirety, and you cannot control the amount of reading.

In Ke Meng's mind, as long as you control the amount of reading each time, you can read the contents of the nameless book without any harm, and digest the knowledge after reading.

Only with a clear understanding of the book can the divinity in the book be used.

Ke Meng’s host personality is asleep, but it does not mean that the will is not insensitive to the outside world. At least Ke Meng maintains a sense of crisis. If the crisis is too great, the host personality will definitely wake up.

After a while, Ke Meng wakes up in R'lyeh in the sea again, knowing that the second personality has completed the reading operation again.

Control the power of Evil God, devour the subhumans, and digest new knowledge.

This time, there are still a lot of memories of the faces of the dead, and there are no repetitions. Each face is different from yesterday.

There are also faceless deceased in these memories, and their deaths are different, as if they are telling Ke Meng how to make people die quickly.

3rd day, the fourth day, the fifth day.

Ke Meng thought that he would soon be able to use the convenience of Cthulhu to master the unknown book to read the memory of Ancient God, didn't expect five days later, Ke Meng still failed to control the book, but he was right The knowledge on the side of the undead is becoming more and more sensitive.

He has the feeling that if five days ago with the help of spirituality to learn spiritual awareness, the speed was 1,000, then he would be riding a rocket to more than 50,000 now.

The path to Godhood is right in front of you.

This book is really difficult to deal with, not only contains divinity, but also gives players a chance to deal with gods.

"This book is placed in the later stage, and it is a must-have for necromancer players." Ke Meng exclaimed.

First play through BOSS once asserted that players have the potential to slaughter gods, and the future will be an era when everyone is god, and gods are no longer rare creatures.

Jealous, they knew that they couldn't beat them, so they decided to join them and become godslayers.

Now, Ke Meng has realized that the unnamed book in his hand is one of the ways to conjure gods. As long as you read the entire book and study necromancy, you will surely become a god in this field.

Lv. 999 is all floating.

In front of God, level is not important either.

In other words, this book allows players to achieve class leaps.

"It's really a terrifying book." Ke Meng has already named it in his heart, and it's called the Book of the Dead.

Behind every new method of death of the deceased is the exploration of death. Once you dig deeper, it is not difficult to become a god.

But Ke Meng is also thinking of the words Great Elder of the light element, don’t be assimilated by the divine.

"No, I can't be it, because I have used the power of Evil God Cthulhu to eliminate the negative soul influence." Ke Meng thought of the most critical point.

Does anyone else have Evil God as a backer?

This is really not there.

believers may have Evil God as the backer, but there is really no "backer" like Ke Meng.

The biggest difficulty has been cleared away, and the rest is to use my knowledge to step on the path to becoming a god.

But the prerequisite for becoming a god, Ke Meng is still obsessed with high resistance.

While stacking the thickest armor and hitting the most venomously, Ke Meng began to think about how to stack the thickest armor in the realm of the undead.

Replace the body with a skeleton. This is definitely not good. It is just to strengthen the body that's all. Ke Meng wants to strengthen the Soul Resistance. It is best to take the route of total resistance.

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