I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 698

The main city of Greycastle.

The two who just arrived, Colin panted, his eyes cracked like fish, and his breathing was short of breath.

Full concentration is like A'Meng.

Just a glance, just a glance at A'Meng, I was afraid of this.

Colin feels that his way forward is very pessimistic, and he has no desire to fight.

It turned out that the superior sent a psychotherapy team to help him forget the memory of A'Meng, but Colin only asked the psychological team to help suppress the memory, and did not completely forget A'Meng.

He is arrogant and wants to see A'Meng again, and then challenge him bravely.

Everyone is a player, so why not challenge him!

But when I saw A'Meng today, the fear of forgetting flooded him like a tide, unable to breathe, and it was very painful.

The painful feeling is like a topping with cold water, from the beginning to the end, I am terribly afraid.

"Colin, are you okay, log off, forget it, your state is terrible."

"I log off." Colin sent a dangerous coordinate to the guild In the group, then log off.

The companion glanced at the speech of the guild channel Colin: "A* the latest coordinate update, don’t find him, he has become a taboo!"

People in the guild, there are already people To wash away A'Meng's memory, to avoid suspicion, Colin replaced the Mongolian character with an asterisk to warn other insiders that the location should not be approached.

After log off, Colin felt cold all over, and the artificial intelligence medical machine also made a dī dī sound. It detected that Colin's arrhythmia was abnormal, his body temperature was abnormally low, but his brain was rapidly warming up, requiring calm treatment.

"Don't calm down, I still have something to report!" Colin rejected the machine's calming needle, first the brain wave moved slightly, first took out the video he recorded in the game and sent it to the General Hospital , And then type a paragraph with brain waves.

"Well, give me a dose of calmness, I don't want to be sober or thinking now!" Colin shivered in fear.

The machine got consent, and immediately gave him a tranquilizer, and the whole person fainted.

At the Central Research Institute, I also received Colin’s game video and a section length warning.

"A'Meng has appeared, it is recommended to modify the danger warning: Don’t know, don’t look directly!"


Ke Meng has not become a god, There is no feeling of becoming a god, just that I am in a mysterious state of observing everything.

After looking at the player easily, Ke Meng also Sense Connection got the player's horrified expression and what they were afraid of.

"It turns out that I am already terrifying so much." Ke Meng muttered.

Ke Meng flashed to a tranquil lake, wanted to see his face, but saw a few field monsters lying lazily in the distance.

The appearance of Ke Meng makes the atmosphere of the air very depressing, as if death is coming towards them.

The field monsters lost one's head out of fear and ran away, feeling that Ke Meng is the rebirth of Death God, the dead spokesperson. He almost sucked his soul at a glance.

Ke Meng ignored the field monsters and stood on the lake to look at his face.

The face is no different from the player, but the leaked spirituality is very dark.

Ke Meng thoughts move to take away the leaked spirituality, but his perception ability has dropped by a notch.

Leaked spirituality is not a meaningless leak. The area covered by them will become Ke Meng's eyes, and feel strange feelings from zero distance.

Furthermore, it also helps Ke Meng to scare away those irresistible max level monsters.

When the max level monsters saw Ke Meng, ninety-nine percent of them were scared witless. No one dared to stand in place.

If there is, it must be the field monster of BOSClass S.

At this time, the lake is slightly swayed.

Ke Meng looked up into the distance, two short-legged loli stepped over the water, with a wonderful smile on her face.

"Why are you here?" Ke Meng subconsciously releases the leaked spirituality, and builds up momentum for himself.

Ke Meng doesn't think the two are really good friends of him.

It is better to use plastic friendship to describe the relationship between the two sides, and the two sides may break up someday.

"Let's take a look at you, you are amazing now, it has become like this after a few months of not seeing you." Nara said with an eyebrow.

"A'Meng, you are already on the road to becoming a god, can you let us see your divine object." Nina said bluntly.

Both fairies overflowed with powerful auras, spirituality overflowed, and the sky became dark unconsciously, and black raindrops fell, pāla, as substantial.

Ke Meng remained silent and increased the degree of spirituality leakage. The black light rain in the sky turned into moderate rain, mixed with Ke Meng spirituality raindrops.

When the raindrops fell on the two short-legged loli loli, Ke Meng instantly knew the physical data of each other and the hidden battle strength.

In the past, Ke Meng could not see the true strength of the two plastic allies, but now he can already estimate the strength of each other.


Ke Meng's expression was astonished, and he didn't expect to be able to finance-fifty with each other.

Nara and Nina stick out their tongues, receive a drop of spirituality rain, taste it, and then face change.

"You are already so fleshy, incredible, how fast." Nora's complexion was not very good.

Ke Meng is too fleshy, and he is wearing Ke department divine equipment on his body, and his multiplication rate has been stacked ten times.

Now Ke Meng's basic Resistance is one million, and one million times ten times is ten million Resistance!

Ten million Resistance, equivalent to New Game+ BOSS one-tenth of the Resistance power.

"I didn't expect too. I turned out to be almost the same as the resistance of the first play through ultimate BOSS." Ke Meng's solemn expression became relaxed.

"At this point in time, it should be more than enough to intercept you. It is because of the poor information that many. Which Blue Star power has also been inherited by you?" The two big bosses think of Blue Star With the power over there, his complexion suddenly became wonderful.

It is really fatal to miss this point, but who would have expected the power of other worlds to be brought into the game world.

According to their original calculations, Ke Meng is currently at a stage where the comparison is insufficient, and the comparison is more than enough. They can easily be pinched by them. By the way, they can ask for the divine object to see what the player’s path to Divine Road is. what.

However, they were still late in the end. Ke Meng has grown to the point where they can't clean up without injury.

Now fighting with Ke Meng desperately, I can definitely fight, but everyone has the same amount of defensive power. It is very hard to fight. It is possible to fight, and everyone’s Health Value will be full. Not cost-effective.

As for the time when Ke Meng got the Necronomicon Book, Ke Meng was disturbed by the Necromantic Book and was unable to let others use Sense Connection to locate Ke Meng's location.

Until the players met Ke Meng, they still announced loudly in the guild group, and then the whole Orange Star was full of rumors.

Through the chat group, they knew the latest location coordinates of Ke Meng, and then they hurried over.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it.

As the Orange Star crowd said, A'Meng has become a taboo. He is no longer a name that cannot be mentioned. He can't even look at it, otherwise he will distort his thoughts.

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