I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 700

Weird creatures walk among the clouds. Its huge body cannot be accurately described in any language. It has many eyes and at least a pair of plump wings.

There is no so-called righteous and evil thoughts. Its thoughts are very ethereal, as if they are looking for something.

Time seems to press the accelerator key, fast forward thousands of years, only to see a group of rays of light.

What is that, that is a dream.

When Ke Meng realized this, he suddenly remembered what he was doing.

"Who am I, where am I?"

It took a few seconds to recall his identity, and Ke Meng was very confused.

The ancient creatures opened their mouths, swallowed the visible ball of dreams into their mouths, and chewed them carefully.

Other people's dreams came to mind.

In other people's dreams.

A green seed begins to grow, and its roots get deeper and deeper, which in turn absorbs the nutrition of the planet, and finally the seed grows into a towering weird tree, until the planet is sucked dry, and it is directly Tearing Space and escapes into the void. Become a void traveler.

This is a traveler!

Ke Meng's head is a bit painful, Sense Connection is in someone's dream, but also subconsciously looking back in the dream, seeing the death of the planet, seeing the death of life.

At this time, Ke Meng suddenly thought of an unnamed book. It had no name and only hidden symbols on the surface.

It is related to death, allowing him to see the death forms of countless creatures.

The light element Great Elder once said that the nameless book contains the names of various evil existences, and can also predict the future, including the mysteries of life and death, and thousands of secrets are in the book.

But Ke Meng only needs to see the mystery of life and death in the book of the dead, and most of the content is on the side of the dead, which is the secret of death.

The study of life is only incidental.

"No, the book of necromancers is not so simple." Ke Meng's memories flooded out, instantly occupying the dreamland of the strange tree devouring the planet.

At this time, Ke Meng finally remembered his identity. He was Ke Meng, Cthulhu, and A'Meng at the same time.

There are that many names, and there are various reasons, not accidental factors.

But without exception, these names can be him.

He is now the second personality A'Meng, the buffer personality of the host personality.

By the way, the name Cthulhu is not stable. Ke Meng is Cthulhu only when dreaming, and the rest of the time belongs to Evil God Cthulhu.

The Ancient God Seal is too thorough, even if someone invades his body, he cannot wake up.

If it weren’t for the side effects of the Blue Star system that required him to provide negative effect, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to send out spiritual effects.

Ke Meng blinked, seeing the time in the dream fast forward again.

This paragraph is the dream of Ancient God devouring the rest of the creatures. For a long time, only occasionally met a creature, which shows how lonely he is.

The memory of Ancient God is too large. Thousands of years are just the beginning stage, and there will be even longer memories.

Ke Meng couldn't refuse. He wanted to quit, but he couldn't find a way to quit. He wanted to quit, but Dreamland did not quit.

Ancient God’s memory is squeezed in. If you can’t accept it, you’ll burst into death, or you’ll fall into permanent madness and you can’t return to yourself.

Ke Meng still has a chance to recover himself. He arranged a hypnotic magic in the cave. As long as the time exceeds ten minutes, the magic will automatically start and use the strongest magic power to hypnotize.

As long as you dream of R'lyeh, no matter how crazy you are, Ke Meng can treat craziness as normal and clean up those abnormal and useless memories in an orderly manner.

Why set a time as short as ten minutes? The main reason is that Ke Meng considers that the memory of Ancient God is too large, and accepting ten minutes should be within an acceptable range.


Time fast-forwarding to tens of thousands of years, Ancient God once again met a creature, which was swallowed without a word.

After swallowing, there is another long dream, as if this guy's ability is related to the dream.

Maybe it is the enemy of Cthulhu. Cthulhu's Peak ability is also related to dreams. It even creates a joint dream, which connects the patients' dreams together and becomes a dream like Small World.

Ke Meng doesn't want to continue to look at the memories of Ancient God, but his power is too weak and he can only passively accept these dreams.

I've watched too much, my mind is really up.

Ke Meng remembered his own Meditation Method, trying to control his consciousness and reduce spiritual sensitivity, commonly known as closing five senses and closing his mind.

After everything is closed, Ke Meng has no perception of the outside world, and his consciousness no longer expands.

His own Meditation Method can take effect in the memory of Ancient God, which makes him quite happy.

Because Ke Meng's Meditation Method is very effective for self-enclosure, it loses the concept of time until the consciousness returns to reality, Ke Meng does not know.

Ancient God memory light group has disappeared, from the beginning to the end, only a second has passed.

True one second billion years!

Ke Meng cares about the spirit and has no concept of external time. He keeps sitting cross-eyed with closed eyes until the set magic happens regularly, and the hypnotic magic built into the body happens from the soul side.

After Ke Meng enters the dream state, the host personality wakes up, disposes of the second personality of the five senses retreat, and uses the power of Evil God to discard useless memories and leave useful memories.

After sorting it out, considering that there is still an Avatar waiting for him outside, Ke Meng no longer stays, and actively Sense Connection forces himself to wake up.

After waking up, Ke Meng returned to the game.

I moved my stiff hand until the blood flow was smooth and silky. Then I picked up the Necronomicon Book and slowly looked at its contents.

The text is still the content of the necromancy system, and there is no change.

If I hadn't seen the death of the planet in my dream just now, I would think of death, and I wouldn't have thought of the book of the dead.

In other words, it was the book of the dead that saved him.

Only divine objects can awaken mortal souls in the memory of gods.

The book can also be shown to them. By the way, do a small test to see what the Sense Connection counterparty sees.

Ke Meng saw death, so what will Nara and Nina see?

Maybe through their perspective, you can discover what you can't see.

Openness can bring about communication. As long as the information improves, there is no loss.

Ke Meng strokes the air with his hand, spirituality converges on his fingers, forming a wonderful light band.

One after another light belt fell on the Necronomicon Book and disappeared. Ke Meng's strength cannot influence the Necronomicon Book, and naturally cannot recognize the owner contract on it.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, with his fingertips shaking lightly, he drew a circle around him.

The ground under the buttocks becomes a flat water table. Ke Meng sits cross-legged, just floating on the surface of the water, with zero-distance contact, and he can shuttle away from the water at any time.

This time the other party also wants to track him by shuttling through the void, it is not that easy.

He who has the Necronomicon Book, the other party cannot locate it with Sense Connection.

Not long.

He removed the magic and opened the hole in the cave.

"Come in." Ke Meng's voice came from the cave, and the two loli outside the cave looked at each other and walked in holding hands.

Ke Meng sat on the water without blocking the book of necromancy, and placed it generously on his hand for the other person to see.

After the two entered the hole, the seal of the hole was naturally sealed to prevent the leakage of information.

Nara and Nina thought they needed to grind their mouths, they didn’t expect to see the divine object as soon as they entered the hole, their eyes fixed on the book, and they couldn’t move away. It seems that the eyes are sucked.

Ke Meng originally wanted to call this book the book of the dead, but when he saw their eyes, he suddenly changed his tone, introduced:

"This is a book without a name, which records a lot of The original spells, the mystery of life and death, the names of ancient gods, the origin of magic, the future and history, and all kinds of knowledge are in it."

The words spoken by Ke Meng and the light element Great Elder are extremely Similar, not too different.

After the two watched, there was no doubt process, and they immediately trusted Ke Meng's words.

It seems that this book is such a book, not a necromantic magic book.

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