I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 701

The two loli's eyes rolled, and her young hands moved slightly, trying to steal the book secretly.

But Ke Meng's eyes changed, and the air instantly solidified.

The two of them didn’t move their hands anymore, and they pulled a plastic friendly smile: "Just kidding, don’t be nervous."

"I turn a page and you will see One page, with your current abilities, there should be no need to rest." Ke Meng spread out the book and opened the first page.

Of course the two did not need to rest. Seeing the first page opened, they stared at the book with their eyes.

Even if they are inconvenient to read from their height angle, they can still be read through powerful spirituality scanning.

Ke Meng waited for a while, about ten minutes later, the two of them moved their eyes and signaled Ke Meng to turn the page.

Ke Meng saw that the two of them were worthy of their duties, so he turned to the next page and continued to wait for them to read.

While the other party is reading, Ke Meng also stretches out spirituality to scan the other's spirituality.

If you collide with spirituality, you will naturally feel it.

Nina looked up at Ke Meng, as if she wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth and said nothing. She continued to stare at the contents of the book, not wanting to waste a little time on Ke Meng.

Nara has something to say, her personality is much more straightforward than younger sister, "What are you doing?"

"Feel that you have any thoughts about grabbing books, Don't worry about me." Ke Meng said nonsense.

In fact, Ke Meng wants to know what they read.

Through the intersection of spirituality, Ke Meng feels a lot of things.

The illusion of floor after floor flashed in front of them, and Ke Meng Sense Connection arrived at what they had read.


No, not death, but some super long text.

This string of text does not seem to have any meaning to Ke Meng, but twin loli actually read the taste of Evil God Nyaratotip.

In other words, they read about Niya.

This is completely different from what Ke Meng read. Ke Meng did not read the name of Evil God Naia in the Necronomicon Book, nor did he see other Evil God names.

"Everyone sees different things." Ke Meng further believed his speculation.

Ke Meng turned to the next page, and the content read by the two Lori had one more line, which was still related to Niya.

The more you read, the more solemn the expressions of the two loli are, as if they foresee the history of Niya.

They are Nia’s Evil God Avatars. Ke Meng can treat them as Nia, but they can never be regarded as Nia.

The real Niya is not weak.

One day has passed.

After reading the Necronomicon Book, Ke Meng fulfilled his lie.

Two Loli's expressions are also in a gloomy and uncertain state, and they want to grab the book.

But looking at Ke Meng's face with no fear, they all know that there must be something wrong with the water surface under Ke Meng's ass.

Cthulhu is related to water. As a spokesperson of Cthulhu, Ke Meng naturally has unique magic to deal with them.

This is the main venue after Ke Meng's layout. It is not so easy to target Ke Meng.

As long as they use the home court advantage to hold them for a few seconds, Ke Meng has already flown.

"How about, have you found your path to Godhood?" Ke Meng asked knowingly.

The answer is already in their hearts and they don’t need Ke Meng to ask.

"A'Meng, this book should be shown to more people. You are alone now, but I am sorry for the players who have not yet become gods." Nora's head tilted back slightly, said with a smile.

"If you have this book, you will not be able to Sense Connection to me. Even if I have read the contents, I will not let it go." Ke Meng shook his head.

"Furthermore, there is not only one path to Godhood. With the player's strength, reading this unknown book will only make them swallowed by the gods and become another thing."

"Yes, when the players have not grown to be able to read, you have gone too far." Twin stared at the book, still obsessed with it.

Ke Meng saw that the two sides could not communicate anything, he was also ready to withdraw, and the magic power surged immediately, triggering the magic in the cave.

Twin instantly moved simultaneously, but the countless magic arrays in the cave scatter light and confine the space. Everyone is impossible to move even a little bit.

Look at Ke Meng again. With home court advantage, he has already sunk to the bottom.

The depth of the pool is only one centimeter, and Ke Meng impossible is underwater.

The two touched the pool and touched the hard ground.

"He has already run away."

"Forget it, we have read the method of becoming a god, leave the book alone."

With the hand of the younger sister, break the magic array, hong long long, and raze the cave to the ground in a few seconds.


Ke Meng emerged from the water, then stood up from the water and walked out of the pool.

Looking down at the book of the dead, the text in it is still related to death, and there is no information about Nia.

"Even they can't read all the information, this book has too many secrets." Ke Meng muttered.

In his dream, Ke Meng also tried to use Cthulhu to read Sense Connection, and the result was the same, the content of the necromancy system.

Ke Meng suddenly wanted to return to the land of the elements of light and find the Great Elder. How did he know that this book has the name of Evil God and has knowledge of death and life.

Just do it when you think about it. Ke Meng set off for the restricted area of ​​the Light Element Kingdom. After some teleportation, Ke Meng landed and returned to the country full of the light element smell.

As soon as I landed, a patrol officer slipped over and turned into a human form, "Dear sir, what is your intention?"

"I want to see Great Elder." Ke Meng said.

"The Great Elder is gone, you are late." The patrol officer shook his head.

"Gone?" Ke Meng was taken aback, feeling incredible.

But the other party has no reason to deceive Ke Meng, how profound Ke Meng's spirituality is, he can judge whether the other party lies or not.

"You did not lie, Great Elder really passed away." Ke Meng muttered.

"Can you take me to see his corpse?" Ke Meng was not reconciled, feeling that there was a fluke.

The patrol officer showed a look of hesitation. It is reasonable to say that he cannot take an outsider to see the body of the Great Elder, but Ke Meng overflows a part of spirituality, and the dense consistency has gathered into black raindrops, which scared him: "Good. , I will take you there, please come with me."

Ke Meng followed him all the way to the Hall of Light Elements. There were several great character light groups standing there, shining like the sun. .

However, when I met Ke Meng's dense spirituality like black, subconsciously reduced the brightness of the rays of light, as if a mouse met a cat.

Ke Meng came to the cemetery behind the hall, where many dead heroes are buried.

"Don't you have a resurrection altar?" Ke Meng asked.

"Yes, but Great Elder is old and dead and will no longer be resurrected. This is how he explained before he died." Patrol Captain shook his head.

"What about the new Great Elder?"

"Without a new Great Elder, no one can inherit the Elder's scepter. The scepter does not recognize people." He shook his head.

Ke Meng stands in front of the light tombstone cast by light, the gentle rays of light flows through Ke Meng's heart like flowing water.

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