I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 703

After reading the memories of Ancient God, Ke Meng was deeply moved.

Originally, he was a little confused about how to improve his strength in the divine rank field. After learning that Ancient God was fighting against the gods suspected of Cthulhu, he had a new clear comprehension.

The battle between the two sides is the collision of rules and forces.

Whoever has a clearer understanding of the world will be more concise, faster and stronger.

In other words, God’s battle is also a contest of knowledge.

If you want massive knowledge, Resistance is indispensable. Without high resistance, how can you squeeze the rationality in your heart?

Of course, knowledge alone is not enough. In the end, it depends on the person's understanding of knowledge. Without knowledge or understanding, it is equivalent to sitting on Jinshan and not being able to use it.

"The final competition is the cognition of the world. No wonder the book of the Necromancer is so terrifying to me. When I read the book of the necromancer, I have a clear understanding of the world’s cognition of death. So I learn everything quickly, from the performance of external forces to the root of strength, and summarize the rules of strength."

"Although it is not the change of fate in my imagination, this memory does change my mind. "Ke Meng found a way to get rid of Cthulhu.

As long as one's knowledge of the world is high to a certain level, one can definitely find a way to escape from Cthulhu, or conversely devour Cthulhu, since then there will be no Cthulhu in the world.

After doing these things, Ke Meng log off.

Back to reality, breathing the air of Blue Star, Ke Meng suppresses spirituality in his body.

After the qualitative change of spirituality, it has changed.

The spirituality of retractable is the best, but the spirituality of Ke Meng cannot be fully retracted.

For example, the spirituality of running away, even if it is pressed in an area, the invisible spiritual pressure will affect others.

If you change to a player, you might think that it is Evil God's Prestige.

Fortunately, as long as Ke Meng does not let spirituality go violently, he will not form uncontrollable leakage pressure.

Ke Meng went out for a walk when nothing happened. The key to the last step of the path to Godhood is clear comprehension, which is the cognition of the world. Ke Meng now has a more novel idea.

Observing the world laws of the game world is an observation from the perspective of the player.

So as a Blue Star person, what kind of experience it is to observe your own motherstar.

Is the world where Blue Star is located, and the world where game world is located is the same world?

There is also the entrance to the alien world left by the door organization, the entrance to the planet, what changes will be observed after observation.

If the world is different.

It is possible that even the underlying rules that make up the world are different.

Ke Meng observes carefully, controls spirituality cautiously, and observes Painting of All Living Things little by little.

Because the heart has the content of the book of the dead, Ke Meng observes everything subconsciously associates the relationship between death and life.

Every time I observe, there are new insights.

This is a long journey of observation.

Ke Meng feels very interesting. The people on Blue Star are generally ordinary persons. They have no Magic Power Value and no extraordinary power. They are just a mortal body.

But they still live happily, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are full and uplifting.

Occasionally I see people with different temperaments. They carry special items and are affected by the side effects of special items, accumulating a large number of different types of hidden old diseases.

These old diseases will not immediately destroy their bodies, but they accumulate to a certain extent and may conflict with the side effects of other items.

“It turns out that the form of side effects is like this.” Ke Meng observed more carefully this time, and he understood the side effects of Blue Star item more clearly.

In the past, Ke Meng has never deeply analyzed the influence of side effects and another side effect, but today he has been able to observe the subtleties of the world behind it.

Ke Meng was walking on the streets of Whale City, but for some reason he walked to the Whale Extraordinary University campus.

There are many students inside. He hasn't even entered the door yet, and countless students are learning from Sense Connection, and some of them are doing special item practical classes.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, walk directly towards entrance, towards the teaching building.

When I started, the camera on the university gate also captured Ke Meng, and Ke Meng did not intend to cover his face.

The Principal of the university naturally knew that Ke Meng had entered the school, so he rushed out of the office, rushed with the special item, and rushed to Ke Meng's side in a few seconds.

"Ke team, Morning, do you want to give lectures today, or see the children?" Principal wiped his sweat. This big man is a key figure in the game and the pioneer of spirituality Meditation Method. He is honored His body, hard power and reputation all slam him.

Furthermore, Ke Meng has taught in school for more than half a year, and both parties are familiar with each other.

"There is a class I want to listen to. I just walk around and divine light flashed will come. Leave me alone, Principal, you are also very busy." Ke Meng waved his hand casually, and Don't want to trouble others.

"No, I'm not busy, I will accompany you to the class." Principal is not willing to go, he still wants to stay longer, maybe he can be pointed by Ke Meng one or two.

Ke Meng also knew the other party's thoughts, and without a touch, he acquiesced to the other party's counterpart.

Along the way, the students looked back and saw Principal walking with Ke Meng. Everyone exclaimed and recognized Ke Meng, who often puts review videos on videos.

However, Ke Meng has not shown his face often in the past year, and most of the review videos are voice-overs.

Why don't you show your face, because the test videos are made in batches, and Ke Meng himself has not participated in many reviews.

He has become a toolman for making videos. He doesn't even need to appear on the scene. As long as he can send out the videos, he can earn Resistance points.

Ke Meng walked to the teaching building. Class B on the first floor of the teaching building opened a special space barrier. The internal barrier expanded the size of the classroom space. Students can boldly try the special item in it.

Principal clicked the door of the room with his hand, opened the barrier entrance with Principal authority, and asked Ke Meng to enter.

Entering the classroom, the students are already conducting the first round of special item testing.

"There are many types of special items in our bureau. Because of the many types of functions, it is too narrow to be simply divided into offensive items, so special items are divided into dozens of categories..."< /p>

There are too many special items. Ke Meng secretly smashed his tongue when he heard that there were dozens of categories.

However, today he is not looking at items, but looking at the side effects of special items in the human body will cause changes.

The change between life and death is the most obvious. In many cases, life and death are only separated by a line. If you cross that line, you will die and there will be no more life.

Through this period of research, Ke Meng has realized that the necromantic magic called "the front line of life and death" is a very powerful incantion.

As long as the incantion judgement is successful, the "lifeline" of the creature will be pulled to the death side, so that the other party will die instantly and become a dead thing.

If you want to resist Ke Meng's life and death judgment, you must first have a strong understanding of life and strong energy to pull the lifeline to avoid being pulled by Ke Meng to the side of death.

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