I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 704

The appearance of Ke Meng has aroused frequent attention from everyone in the classroom.

The teacher in the classroom also subconsciously looked at Ke Meng from the sidelines.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it.

Isn't that Principal?

A closer look, and Ke Meng, the founder of Ke department spirituality Meditation Method!

"Principal! Gram teacher!" Yin teacher who taught the students cried out and was shocked. Didn't expect this ordinary freshman class to attract the attention of the two big guys.

Furthermore, even if the Principal comes, even the internationally renowned Mr. Ke Meng also came to the scene.

"Yin teacher, we are just listening, you continue to teach."

"Okay." Yin teacher once again explained the classification of special items and assigned props to each student .

Chen Momo was among them, Ke Meng noticed.

The girl has noticed Ke Meng and greeted him, Ke Meng nodded responded.

After Yin teacher assigned the props, he walked to the side of Principal and talked with Ke Meng: "Ke teacher, why are you here? I have a little question about spirituality cultivation recently. Can I ask you? "

"Yes." Ke Meng didn't care, staring at the students.

From the perspective of Principal and the others, Ke Meng seems to be observing the status of others using items, but only Ke Meng knows that he is observing the changes in the lives of everyone present.

The one after another invisible "lifeline" is solidifying in everyone's body, unchanged forever.

But as long as you use item, no matter how minor the side effects are, the line of life and death will swing from side to side.

The swing amplitude is extremely subtle, but Ke Meng did observe it.

After using the special item, the lifeline is motionless again, which is extremely stable.

Stability means that this person's life activity is high, life force is rich and strong, and will not be touched by death for the time being.

At this time, Yin teacher sorted out the very tired spirituality questions that had disturbed her for half a year, and asked: "Ke teacher, you have indicated on the first page of spirituality cultivation, you don’t necessarily have to travel the world, there is something else. The best way out for me is the one that suits me, but I don’t know what way is right for me. I want to teach and educate people now. Obviously, I can’t run around the world."

"all things have spirits, If you teach students everyday all and change one group every year, you can feel the spirituality of their hometown through the students, and learn more spirituality by understanding their life experience, which is also helpful to your spirituality."

"So the way of teaching, you can also increase spirituality, but you have to feel it with your heart, and you can't do it for growth."

Ke Meng has a dual purpose, while observing and answering questions from the Academy teacher .

Ke Meng's remarks were to look at Yin teacher's spirituality from a higher perspective than Yin teacher, and he saw a lot of things that Yin teacher could not see.

The one after another student is full of spirituality from various places.

"However, a large part of the learning source here comes from the local area, which is not comprehensive enough." Ke Meng said again.

Principal immediately nodded, "The next period of enrollment will expand the scope of ultimate skill students."

Yin teacher was attracted by Ke Meng’s spirituality from the first sentence. The whole mind has entered the state of enlightenment, the mind is opened, and the inspiration is getting stronger and stronger.

Even spirituality, which has been stagnant for half a year, has begun to grow, and the growth is extremely gratifying.

"pā!" Ke Meng snapped his fingers.

Yin teacher woke up from the state of inspiration, and immediately took out the talisman seal Ban Shek to see if it turned black.

talisman seal jade stone only has one or two small spots, which is not serious.

"Thank you Ke teacher, your words make me suddenly enlightened, thank you very much."

Yin teacher doesn’t know how to thank, and would like to invite Ke Meng to her house for a meal , But Ke Meng waved his hand and refused.

Ke Meng is now focusing on studying the laws of the world, and is not concerned about other things anymore.

Ke Meng closed his eyes again, Sense Connection his body, checking his lifeline.

My lifeline is different from everyone else. It is not stiff. There is a lifeline twisted to the right in the tail section.

Ke Meng knows that it is an old wound of using a virtual time pocket watch.

During this period of time, the injuries remained in the body, even if Ke Meng was resurrected, it seemed to be useless.

"The scars of time are worse than resurrection." Ke Meng in the heart muttered, giving a very high evaluation of the law of time.

From a small perspective, if the two parties in a duel, one uses the power of resurrection and the other uses the power of time to collide with each other, the power of Time Rule will win in the collision.

This is the benefit of observing the laws of the world. There are specific laws behind everything. As long as you explore it clearly and use that power in a unique way, you can use it for yourself.

When the class was over, Ke Meng quietly left without staying to give lectures.

Although Ke Meng already has a lot of new knowledge in his stomach, the new knowledge is too high-end, and ordinary students can't digest it at all. There is really no need to talk about it.

Ke Meng spent several days observing in Whale City in one breath, and wrote a paper about special item side effects to hide old problems, and sent it to the local Investment Bureau's office.

After the Bureau Chief Wu finished watching, he immediately contacted Ke Meng for a deeper exchange.

People from the General Administration saw it and hurriedly sent people to the south to exchange knowledge about side effects with Ke Meng in Whale City.

"Don’t panic, everyone, side effects may only break out a long time in the future. At this stage, students will not have problems using items.

Of course, if the side effects of two items are severe It is indeed possible to directly recoil and cause an accident.

This kind of thing is difficult to observe."

Ke Meng spent a lot of time explaining the doorway inside, and even the danger come out.

At this stage, human beings will not be in chaos due to the abuse of special items. After all, the side effects are big, and life will be lost. After a few years, they can no longer be used. Naturally, old diseases will not accumulate to conflict Situation.

"Stable and controllable side effects are what we are alert to. I suggest that the types of special items used by individuals should not be too diverse. This way, the battle strength can be improved, but it will also increase in the future after several decades. It’s dangerous."

"Or formulate an Investigator retirement age group, and you must retire after 30 years of use to avoid accidents."

"I conservatively estimate that it will be used within 50 years The probability of conflict has increased to a very obvious attitude, so it is safer to set it to 30 years. If you want to be more secure, you can retire within 20 years." Ke Meng slowly said.

This remark was like an earthquake that shook the entire High Level of the Investigation Bureau.

Some people can't help but wonder if Ke Meng has been hysterical after hearing too much in the sky whispers.

Ke Meng doesn't need them to fully understand. Belief and belief are naturally up to them. He just speaks out his observations.

Five days later.

Ke Meng set off again, traveling all over the world.

Observe the law of the world in the Blue Star during the day, and observe the law of the world in the virtual reality game at night, trying to prove the difference in the law of the world.

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