I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 705

The difference between the two worlds can be large or small, and Ke Meng has been trying to find the obvious change.

Ke Meng has a lot of special items on his body. Using his body as an example, he did many tests.

The scars caused by the fake time pocket watch still exist in the soul, even if you go to the game, it will be brought into the game.

Ke Meng no longer struggles with the scar, but observes the side effects caused by Blue Star's special item.

At the same time, because Ke Meng and Blue Star are familiar with each other, Ke Meng himself is a creature born from Blue Star, so communication is more convenient.

"Blue Star, when I blow this whistle, the abnormal fluctuations caused my lifeline to fluctuate. Did it touch other things?" Ke Meng casually picked up a newly born item, if you hand it over In the game, it can be rated as Lv. 1.

Blue Star's will is chaotic, but it can communicate.

Ke Meng listened for a while and heard the voice of Blue Star.

Getting an affirmative answer, Ke Meng used that keen observation to observe other things.

This whistle can pull the vitality of other lives. If the listening time is too long, Life Essence will be gradually removed.

The performance in the first period was a loss of energy, no interest in that kind of thing, and no appetite at the same time.

In the second stage, the animal's body is susceptible to disease, and the plant is yellow and dry.

In the third period, the performance is toward death.

Once things are moving towards death, Ke Meng's observation power will usher in Peak, and he can observe many things that are usually invisible.

This invisible thing is exactly Ke Meng's strength.

With observations and comparisons over and over again, Ke Meng can finally draw a conclusion.

The universe where Blue Star is located, as expected, the basic laws of the game world are different.

After discovering the difference, Ke Meng further researched and kept reflecting.

The years are like light, and one year has passed.

Unconsciously, Ke Meng has fully brushed the level of the game character and entered the ranks of max level.

Players also relied on the way of mobs farming by team flow and group meme influence to make up for their experience.

Because Ke Meng did not focus on leveling in the second half of the game, he focused on polishing the world, so leveling was much slower than the player.

This caused the players to reach the max level when Ke Meng was just a few days away from the max level.

After the player reaches max level, the first thing is to look for clues to the first play through BOSS and kill her.

Among the several restricted areas, human players are extremely active, running around without fear of death at all.

They don’t need to be afraid of death either. They are born to have such waves with the resurrection mechanism. Without waves, they cannot create opportunities.

Ke Meng noticed the players' actions, thoughts move, and did not stop, but followed them to find the first play through BOSS.

Nara and Nina can't find Ke Meng. Ke Meng has the Book of Necromancy. It is not so easy to find him.

There are billions of players, enough for them to find the path to Godhood.

Based on the information Ke Meng collected in the United Dreamland, it was discovered that someone at Orange Star found three ways to become gods and gave them to the research institute.

Then the method of becoming a god was announced to all players, and everyone took turns to read.

As long as you master the method, you can work towards becoming a god.

Everyone is working hard to hone himself, and Ke Meng is also hone his own ultimate skills.

The life-and-death skills created by himself are getting more and more terrifying. Ke Meng often gives it a glance, and he can pull the lifeline of the max level field small BOSS to the death side, and then the field monster will die instantly.

After the max level, Ke Meng no longer pursues leveling efficiency, but specifically looks for the kind of powerful and hidden monster.

Those monsters won't be found on the field, you have to go deep into various places to find them.

When all the players were looking for Nora and Nina, Nora and Nina also felt a crisis.

The player group is too terrifying and has unlimited growth potential. They decided to take action to suppress the players, otherwise they will not be able to suppress them when players become gods in the future.

When the two were about to shoot, they contacted Ke Meng and asked whether Ke Meng would shoot.

"A'Meng, do you want to suppress the players? Let's be together." The two asked in a pop-up window.

In Ke Meng's friend list, there are only two friends so far, that is, Nora and Nina.

However, these two people were obviously uneasy and kind, so they brought him when they wanted to cheat the player.

"No, I'm going to the theater." Ke Meng replied.

Nara: "???"

Nina: "If you don't suppress it, you will die in the future, and the player will kill you. If you think we are dead, you will Will it be safe?"

"It doesn't matter." Ke Meng is quite calm, convinced that he can defeat Cthulhu.

Nara and Nina both felt Ke Meng's firm conviction through words, and it seems that he is really not afraid of players' revenge.

"Has your player body become a god?" Ke Meng asked.

"I became a god early."

"Double gods?" Ke Meng asked.

The other party did not explain anything.

Ke Meng shook his head, not believing what the other party said.

If their players have become gods, they are still afraid of the players.

Now Nora and Nina must still have the original body. As long as they exit the game cabin and use the original body's divine force to punish the world, they can definitely suppress the player.

Ke Meng stared at their portraits, as long as their portraits log off, then they can be sure that their will will return to their original body.

For this game, you can also set your own game online status.

For example, you are clearly online, but you set yourself in the invisible state when you are offline.

But they can't log off and stay online.

If you can modify the game system, then their abilities are too strong, you don't have to be afraid of players at all.

Now Ke Meng is staring at the friend list, the green dot indicating online status turns gray, the portrait goes darker, and they log off.

"A catastrophe is coming." Ke Meng retracted his gaze to look at the system and looked towards the sky outside.

The sky hasn't changed color yet, but Ke Meng can smell the smell of rainstorm before it arrives.

Naya's Avatar is going to do something, and it is not so easy for him to get over it personally.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, if you want to kill the player, mind pollution is very suitable.

As the player's level rises, their spirituality also rises, and at the same time their mind resistance rises with the equipment.

Due to the poison of A'Meng, players have developed cultivation skills to improve mind resistance and other Resistance.

After the popularization of popular science, some people developed better skills on this basis, and everyone's Resistance was also stacked.

However, their growth rate is relatively slow, not as fast as Ke Meng.

Ke Meng uses Necromancer to absorb Resistance, and the base Resistance is stacked higher and higher. In this way, the base Resistance has been stacked to 20 million.

The equipment is also updated again. Under the premise of shattering a bunch of equipment, each equipment is strengthened to the point of +20, and the comprehensive magnification is as high as 20 times.

To put it simply, Ke Meng's comprehensive resistance has reached a terrifying 200 million value.

Better Resistance than Cthulhu.

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