I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 706

This still accounts for the convenience of spirituality. When Ke Meng feels that the equipment is about to explode, he stops strengthening and stops the loss in time.

Even so, the equipment of the stop loss has been damaged, and repair liquid must be used to repair the damage of the equipment.

This involves repair liquid. Fortunately, Ke Meng has found the origin of repair liquid according to the memory of believer sacrifice. Forcibly brushed out several large cans based on his own observation.

But the repair flow is not the point, but the whole world will face catastrophe.

Ke Meng waited all night, but before the other party made an attack, log off observed the world as usual.

Ke Meng didn't intend to dream, he had to make his own decision, not wanting to be affected by dreams.

Even if the current Ke Meng has a base Resistance of 20 million, once it returns to reality without the increase in equipment, it will be a purely basic Resistance of more than 20 million points.

So now I can’t dream, Ke Meng has to use his own eyes and spirituality to witness the trouble of Naya Avatar.

With his own Resistance, the opponent definitely can't help him. After all, his Resistance in the game world has surpassed the New Game+ BOSS.

Entering the game the next day, the game world has changed drastically.

The sky is cracking, revealing the Universe Starry Sky, and a large amount of cosmic radiation hits the ground without reservation.

Ke Meng saw that the sun in the distance was sinking, and the naked eye emitted red rays of light.

Ke Meng is breathing the heavy air, the world is changing drastically, as if the historical veil covering the surface of the world has been lifted.

This is the power of True God, covering the entire world, very terrifying.

Ke Meng has not yet researched the power to cover the whole world. Cthulhu has a lot of knowledge, but what is helpless is that Ke Meng can no longer absorb new knowledge from Cthulhu.

Cthulhu is asleep, and the revealed consciousness seems to sense something. When Ke Meng dived into his body, the knowledge was all that knowledge, and it was impossible to dig deeper into the incomprehensible divine rank knowledge.

He knows that all that knowledge falls asleep with his consciousness and will not be read by him.

If you want to bring down Cthulhu, you can't bring down Cthulhu simply by learning his knowledge. Must have his own knowledge of the world in order to surpass him.

Ke Meng thoughts move, magic power surging, activated the transmission power, the body entered the void and marched towards the main city of Greycastle.

In the void, Ke Meng's consciousness moved, and he actually saw a round of bright and bright sun emitting cold light in the void.

On the other side of the sun, the scarlet moon hangs on the opposite side like a reflection.

Ke Meng was a little surprised to see the scarlet moon again.

I still remember that the first time I saw Scarlet Moon was when Evil God accepted the sacrifice of the field monster wolf crowd.

Blue Star’s werewolf race believes in Baiyue, there may be any connection there.

"Could it be that the two worlds are opposite worlds?"

Ke Meng looked at this scarlet moon and saw clearly, he could outline the belief in Blue Star werewolf race White moon.

However, the blood race of Blue Star believes in the blood moon, which is very similar to the scarlet moon, and has the same belief as the werewolves of the game world.

Ke Meng stared closely at the scarlet moon, confirming each other with the red moon seen by the Blue Star blood race.

Soon, the answer came out.

This scarlet moon is actually not an illusory projection, but a real moon.

The moon he saw in the Blue Star blood race camp was similar, but the Blue Star side was projection, and the current round was the real moon.

Ke Meng feels a magnificent sense of power from this moon.

That is a kind of faith-based power, countless beliefs, from different time and space, different worlds, come together to form a powerful Him.

Ke Meng looked directly at the Scarlet Moon, and he should have gone crazy and died.

He didn't. His Resistance obstructed all his crazy ideas.

On the left, the Shining Sun was completely dragged into the sky.

The invisible void turbulence swarmed up, eroding it without any morality.

Ke Meng blankly stared, he doesn't want to go to the main city of Graycastle. When the teleport is about to reach the point, he takes the initiative to walk out of the bubble and resist the turbulence of the void alone.


Ke Meng's attention is focused on the sun. This sun is the sun in the virtual reality game world. It is this sun that makes the entire game world have day and night.

At this moment, Ke Meng felt the power of Nora and Nina attached to it, continuously affecting the sun.

The sun was eroded by a lot of turbulence in the void, its arrogance faded, and even the rays of light began to dim.

Subsequently, red light grew more and more, as if it would become a ball coldly, and then into a second crimson moon.

Is that true?

Ke Meng urged magic power to see a lifeline in the sky from the perspective of life and death, and then inserted in the sky with his hand, forcibly tore a corner of the void with his fingers.

He walked back to the game world from the torn corner, and the crack behind him was quickly repaired.

Ke Meng looked towards the sky, Sun Fruit disappeared, and the entire world sank into darkness.

The atmosphere of the sky does not know where it went, maybe it was also dragged into the sky by Nyah Avatar, so that cosmic radiation shines on here all the time.

Everyone is affected. Ke Meng's resistance is too high, so naturally nothing will happen. He wants to know if others are injured.

Shuttling through the void trip again, Ke Meng came to the main city of Greycastle.

There are a large number of players gathered here, all max level.

Not to mention that everyone is fully equipped with divine equipment. At least there are thousands of people wearing fully equipped Legendary Grade divine equipment. As for the equipment on their bodies to strengthen to a few numbers, he can be sure that it has not exceeded 12. .

Every time it is strengthened, there is a risk of explosion. How can it be so easy to strengthen.

The repair liquid was also taken away by Ke Meng in advance. They wanted to strengthen the ability to really look at the face, or to develop the ability to repair equipment in the later stage.

It is theoretically possible, knowledge has no end, and repairing techniques can also be controlled by humans, as long as the understanding of the world is clear and powerful.

At this time, Ke Meng heard the whispers of the players.

"Why the sun suddenly sinks."

"The atmosphere has disappeared, what's the matter?"

"I have a hunch that something bad It's going to happen."

They're right, bad things are going to happen.

Without the sun, what would this World become?

At first, everyone didn't understand and was worried about being afraid all day.

It turns out that there is no fart. Those who should be leveling go to leveling, and spread the meme influence virus everywhere, harvesting the experience of the whole world.

Players who have reached the max level will begin to polish their path to Godhood, and interact with max level NPCs by the way, looking for clues to the first play through BOSS.

Ke Meng also spent a whole day in game world.

The players can't observe the subtle changes in the world. They only know that the sun is gone. After the second episode, they haven't waited for the sun to rise again, and the atmosphere of the sky is missing.

Ke Meng saw what the player could not see.

"There is more Death Aura, what do Nora and Nina want to do, turn this bright world into an amusement park of death?" Ke Meng is carrying the book of necromancy. Regarding the concept of necromancy system, Has an extremely keen perception.

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