I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 707

There is no sunshine, it's okay at first.

After a few days, everything began to wither, and the atmosphere of Life Aura continued to decline.

Usually, the sun is shining, and everyone does not realize the benefits of the sun when it shines in the sky.

After two weeks passed, everyone found that the environment was different from before.

The land has lost its luster, the grass is no longer jade green, the river no longer shines with white light, and even the field monsters have undergone weird changes.

They became stronger and more ferocious, as if a god of wild beast blessed them with a positive buff.

The strengthened wild beast, some viruses with low damage meme influence, can't kill them.

This has caused players who have not yet reached the max level to be full of grief, and the leveling speed plummets.

However, the players’ development wisdom is infinite, and this does not make them succumb. The Institute immediately sent a research department to research new meme influence skills.

Ke Meng is still waiting, Nora and Nina’s ultimate skills have not yet appeared, they must be planning something secretly.


Two weeks have passed.

Ke Meng has slept three times. Every time he slept, Ke Meng was doing his best to lift the seal.

For example, implying the believer: the ultimate BOSS has already started.

Believers was a little scared after knowing these things, but still kept the habit of playing games online every day.

Only in the game world can you do things for Cthulhu.

If they are afraid of first play through BOSS and do not go online, they will feel uneasy and can't do anything.

Ke Meng knows that believers are working hard, but he is also making his own choice.

It is good to lift the seal, he can freely control the body of Cthulhu in his dream.

But he thought about it. Now he has installed player equipment and has more than 200 million Resistance points. He is the BOSS, and there is no need to remove the Ancient God Seal.

As for the power of divine rank, Ke Meng has not mastered it, but he has confidence in himself and believes that he can hone his skills to the divine rank.

For these two reasons, Ke Meng is now a faction opposed to lifting the seal.

Ke Meng didn't help Naia Avatar, because Naia Avatar is not a good thing either. He might help and pull himself into Fire Pit.

Ke Meng never felt that 200 million points of Resistance would be invincible. It is better than Cthulhu being sealed in the sea by Ancient God to sleep, and there is a stronger existence in this world.

Naya’s Avatar may go to Summon and he will actually come, or he may pull Ancient God over to fight. Don’t jump out at this time, because something really happened and he has no way to run.

At this time, the value of the Necronomicon Book is reflected, and even Nya's Avatar can't find him, and the security is greatly increased.

Ke Meng silently absorbs the mysterious power of the corpse and digests it into his own basic Resistance.

Players are destroying a large number of field monsters every day. Many field monster epics are uninterested. These corpses become the nourishment for the growth of Ke Meng.

Ke Meng is growing rapidly at a terrifying speed.


The first month of sun sinking.

The air temperature has dropped to more than one hundred degrees, and the temperature will continue to drop.

The cold temperature has caused many lives to pass away.

Only high-resistance field monsters can still live normally, and players can no longer assign newcomers to admission.

In Novice Village, the newcomers of AILegion of Cthulhu sect were killed instantly by the cold temperature and were unable to move.

Even if he was killed many times and reborn randomly, the place where he appeared was extremely cold, and he was still frozen to death.

Only the resurrection altar in the underground area can avoid this difficulty, but the field monster in that area is too high level, and it is difficult to clean it.

The only feasible way is to team up high-level players and lead low-level players to spawn monsters, but you have to wait for the players to run over and start a team.

"The chance of refreshing to the underground resurrection point is too small. This game no longer allows newcomers to play."

Liu Siting frowned, standing outside the open space, feeling the coldness The storm, hu hu danced her robe.

Is it too small that I am cautious and dare not open up AILegion into the game?

Currently, there are 200 million people in AILegion in the Cthulhu camp, more than daoist.

However, the level of these AILegion is still being gradually improved, they are inherently flawed, it is difficult to comprehend the excellent skills created by human beings.

The level of the players is farther than that of AILegion. With the meme influence skills, the Cthulhu followers have basically brushed up to 900 Lv. 50 or more. Most of them are in the max level state, like Orange. The progress of the first and second tiers of Star people is about the same.

At this time, Liu Siting found a depressed breath coming from a distance.

I can't see the person's face clearly. The sky was originally dark, but it is now darker, and the environment is covered with a dark tone.

The person is wrapped in a layer of black fog, and the image is fuzzy.

I saw him coming from a distance at extreme speed, single step several li, touching the corpse when passing by, and a layer of black gas followed him.

"Who is that?"

At that moment, it seemed as if the gaze from the black mist came over, saw her, and looked at her.

Liu Siting's brain exploded, and countless whispers roared in his ears, as if calling someone's name.

She forced herself not to listen, but she didn't know whether the subconscious mind remembered the call.

As the soul shuddered and fear descended, memories of the past poured out, transitioning quickly like a revolving lantern.

"Am... Am I going to die?"

She seems to have met a god, and her life is only in the middle, relying on the other party's decision.

That feeling is like facing Evil God Cthulhu.

No, this kind of breath is much weaker than Cthulhu Evil God, but it is also enough to make her instantly lose the will to fight.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, hundreds of seconds passed.

The dark tones in the environment fade away quietly.

When she turned her head, she could no longer see the scary silhouette, and people had already left.


Ke Meng came and went, looking at the passing scenery, his heart flashed.

In fact, he has a good way to destroy Cthulhu believer directly.

In this way, no one will always worry about lifting the seal.

Just now Ke Meng passed by the Resistance force harvesting the corpse of the field monster, and found Liu Siting, the representative of the Cthulhu Order, standing there.

For a second, Ke Meng wanted to activate the life-and-death skills to pull her lifeline and clear her life.

But Ke Meng suddenly thought that the other party is a player, even if she pulls her lifeline and makes her health bar emptied, she will be resurrected at the resurrection point.

After many deaths, she can randomly respawn elsewhere. It is certainly not that easy to chase her down, but it will be very troublesome.

Ke Meng is not an all-knowing and omnipotent god. It is really unreliable to chase and kill all over the world, and he will reveal his ID name to the other party.

For example, A'Meng killed Liu Siting.

As long as she dies once, she knows who killed her.

Ke Meng put aside the killing intent, suppressing Cthulhu sect is unrealistic, besides, every time he dreams, he will return to the body of Evil God, and now completely cast aside all considerations for face, I always feel that it is not a safe approach.

Be steady!

It is best to stack a billion-dollar Resistance in the game.

By the way, stack the resistance of the soul in reality to hundreds of millions, or even hundreds of millions of values!

He preliminarily estimated that the basic resistance piled up to more than 100 million, in reality, he can get rid of the side effects of Evil God's will.

At that time, it was a time of qualitative change.

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