I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 708

Along the way, he silhouetted like the wind, passing by dead bodies one after another, harvesting several hundred points of Resistance each time.

Previously, the daily increase of Resistance was tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of Resistance points.

The resistance that each corpse can harvest is not the same, and varies by quality.

The more Ke Meng absorbs, the deeper his understanding of the power of Resistance.

"The so-called Resistance is also a kind of power, and it is also one of the basic laws of the game world."

Ke Meng is very accurate, but wants to shake the basic laws as Your own strength needs more knowledge to support.

Heaven and Earth live on.

The life of the players is even harder. They never thought that there will be days when the air temperature is as low as absolute zero.

Besides, there is no air in the earth, so I don't know where it will go.

The ground is slowly freezing, the temperature continues to drop, and the damage is getting bigger and bigger.

Orange Star world.

The game forum in the internet.

"Why has the weather changed drastically in this game?"

"I suspect that the ultimate boss has been cut off. It is now the New Game+."



The comment section directly crooked the floor. Everyone was shocked when they saw this remark.

Has the first play through BOSS been killed?

"Where is the evidence, do you have any evidence?"

"The temperature on the earth's surface in the whole world has dropped to absolute zero, the sun sinks, and the cosmic radiation directly shines on our character, this is the evidence! "


"The sun is not sinking anymore. I used to travel in the sky and saw the sun being assimilated into a red moon."

< p>"I also saw that, but I didn't see the sun, only two moons. You have real evidence."

Not long ago, the game video footage of the sun being eroded by the turbulence of the void flowed into the internet forum. in.

"His, it's really the sun!"

"In other words, there were two rounds of sunshine in the sky of the game world?"

"Double stars system?"

"Astrophysics? The celestial system of two stars?"

"I am a scumbag, not a researcher, and have never studied the binary star system."

< p>"Me too."

Students who have no knowledge are said to be scumbags. In fact, their education level is quite high.

Just like a certain student who says that his grades are not good, this kind of words cannot be easily believed.

Not long after, a bunch of scholars analyzing astronomical phenomena spewed out on the game forum. They wanted to calculate the original binary star positions based on the position of the Scarlet Moon.

"No way, our calculations like this are useless. Do you know how to locate in the sky? We don't have a specific direction in in the sky."

Research on the dual-star system , Can only be terminated because of this.

The studious person applied to the superior to study the moon in the sky.

We had a meeting and discussed for a while, and immediately passed the Scarlet Moon Research Society to speculate about new changes in the world by studying two rounds of red moons.


Ke Meng did not know this. He harvested Resistance in the game and occasionally looked at the friend list. This has become a habit of him.

Nara and Nina have not been bright since they were log off last month. Even if they went online and engaged in invisibility, Ke Meng can roughly sense one or two. Now there is no feeling, it must be Not online.

"Hey, the portrait lights up?"

In the friend list, the character portraits of Nora and Nina light up, and they are online.

Ke Meng immediately sent a message.

"Are there?"

"What's wrong?"

"You guys are making a big move. Are you supposed to cool down and cause a biological depression?" Ke Meng asked Tao.

"Yes, let this World become more chaotic."

As expected of two black-belly loli, Ke Meng can already make up their smiling faces. , Smiled happily on the surface, but actually took pleasure in chaos.

"But the players are still alive, don't they threaten your lives?"

"Dying in chaotic despair, I feel beautiful, don't you think? "Nara asked back.

"Don't bother us, if you want to do something, just do it."

Ke Meng's heart jumped, this is not simple.

Ke Meng Sense Connection has reached the terrifying thing, but I don’t know what it has predicted.

These two loli disappeared for a month, and they must have done nothing good. They definitely did some major event and returned.

You have to be careful.

Ke Meng became more stable and no longer appeared in the player's field of vision.

He knows that Nora and Nina have arranged eyeliner in Orange Star. Once he appears in front of the player, the coordinates will be known by the opponent.


Ke Meng is careful, but Nora and Nina are bold and have arranged for Ke Meng.

The two looked at the chat box on the friend list and polished the small tiger tooth.

"Must pull you into the water!"

"Don't want to observe the world behind the scenes!"

They know that Ke Meng is getting closer and closer to becoming a god. It's about to become a True God.

At this time, they still enjoy playing with human players, and they don't want to be hacked to death by billions of massive players.

That's cool and exciting, but it's not what they want.

They even want to see human players scream crazy and return to death in the chaos.

That kind of crazy painful sound must be the most beautiful note in the world.

Keeping Ke Meng off the court can make the world situation more chaotic and more unpredictable.

This is their ideal of life-to disrupt the entire world.

They looked up towards space. Behind the dark cosmic background, there is a void that others can't see.

"The coordinate has been activated, waiting for it to return." The two shook hands, full of smiles.


In the distant void.

A powerful creature that is indescribable and indescribable, exiled for countless years, is traveling in the void.

Suddenly, his spirituality heard the voice of a madman.

After a period of complex decryption analysis, he obtained a piece of knowledge of void coordinates, which pointed to the great place where the gods were born.

No need for any language description, this powerful god has changed the direction of aimless's travel and headed somewhere.

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