I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 709

Orange Star’s life is not easy.

The crisis of Demoness teaching has not been lifted, and the environment of the game world has begun to deteriorate again.

Someone began to analyze whether this game has entered the New Game+ section.

"Guess it, it's better to go to R'lyeh and take a look, and you will know it at a glance."

Someone mentioned this sentence in the game forum.

I have to say that this is a good idea, because the second week is a plot line related to Cthulhu.

Although everyone still doesn't know what Cthulhu is doing now, there should be no mistakes without a glance.

After that, everyone began to plan who would participate in this time exploration activity.

In a short while, everyone has organized a group of detective groups under the leadership of the institute in one day, and set off for the max level restricted area deep sea R'lyeh.

R'lyeh has terrifying creatures in the deep sea rampant, and their people seldom go to R'lyeh, because that place is related to Cthulhu, and they don't want to be entangled with gods all the time.

They sent people down into the deep ocean, and they couldn't see any rays of light.

Obviously, the sea is very cold, but the temperature of the seabed has not dropped to such a terrifying point, and it even makes them feel very warm.

When they got down to the deepest part of the seabed, they had already entered the restricted area.

In the restricted area of ​​R'lyeh, there was silence, even the sound of water flow became very comfortable .

Only occasional gu lu gu lu sounds, turning in the head.

"There is no sound of water, this is spirituality," they said.

"This is Cthulhu's call, but my body can resist this call."

They swam for about half a day, and they saw a seabed giant beast of max level. Passing by.

Giant beast wanted to swallow them, but the player also used powerful skills to bombard the past with various colors and kill the max level monster on the spot.

However, it took more than ten minutes to kill this time, and the health bar is too thick.

It can be seen that the monster in the restricted area is still not easy to kill.

After a while, they followed the route map on the map and came to R'lyeh.

But they found that no matter how they searched, they didn't reach that City of R'lyeh.

They realized that the place of Ancient God Seal is naturally not so easy to enter.

Actually, as long as you have Cthulhu's call in your heart and follow the guidance, you can find the direction of travel.

But this group of people one after another did not believe in the call from the bottom of their hearts. They rejected the brainwashing sound with the power of mind resistance, so they didn't get that kind of help.

The players circled around R'lyeh and couldn't get inside at all. They had no choice but to log off and ask the big guys at the institute.

The old man was a little surprised, but it makes sense to not find it.

"Continue to spy, and report if necessary." Li Shen did not give up, feeling there is hope.

They do have hope.

Because of the big changes in the game world, black spectre flew back to R'lyeh from the outside world and was quickly discovered by the players.

"It's black spectre!"

"It entered R'lyeh, I saw City of R'lyeh!"

"It's there !"

The players rushed to R'lyeh.

When they thought they could see R'lyeh, they did not know that their beliefs were not sincere enough, but they were still influenced by the fluctuation of the Ancient God Seal and circled the circle.

They can see the black spectre enter R'lyeh, but they start to circle R'lyeh again and can't get in at all.

"Why, it's there, but we can't get in!" The player feels annoyed, it shouldn't be like this.

In the crowd.

A max level inner ghost stares at City of R'lyeh, with a fanatical heart, and the longing City of R'lyeh is there, but he can't go.

Because everyone is circling R'lyeh, but no one noticed it!

As an inner ghost, he avoided the belief in baptism again and again.

The reason why the Cthulhu faith can be kept in every faith brainwashing is because he placed a clay statue that worships Cthulhu in his residence in the game world.

Every time he was brainwashed and returned to the game world residence to rest, he would see that clay statue, and then once again remembered the thought filled with worship and the greatness of Cthulhu.

Subsequently, he used this method to maintain his status as a ghost.

Now this wave of expeditions, he actively participates, just because he wants to get close to the great Cthulhu.

"Can't you see it? You are circling around, wake up!" The inner ghost shouted in the heart, but unfortunately no one heard it.

After turning for a long time, the inner ghost noticed it.

The sound of gu lu gu lu is always heard in his ears.

As the most fanatical inner ghost believer, he knew that it was Cthulhu's call.

He tried to hear the call.



No, this is an unclear pronunciation.

Although the meaning is unclear, he can naturally think of Ancient God Seal and knows how to reach R'lyeh in his mind.

Listen to the call of Cthulhu, sincere is spirit, and you will be able to reach R'lyeh.

Insincere people cannot arrive.

"Unfortunately, everyone is here, and I dare not leave the group alone." He disappointed.

At the same time, because of listening attentively, he listened a little attentively. He didn't even know that he unconsciously walked out of the crowd and walked towards R'lyeh.

It wasn't until he heard the calls of the crowd behind him that he realized and suddenly woke up.

"Come back, what are you doing!"

"Don't fall behind!"

"Hey, why can't I get close to you!"

< p>"Little Dong, how did you get in!"

"Fuck, it's true, why the people who left behind suddenly walked in, we can't get in."

"Little Dong wake up!"

Everyone talking at once sounded, blasting over with the special effects of voice-type skills, and awakened him.

Little Dong looked back and saw that he had left the place where the army was 500 meters away.

At this distance, City of R'lyeh is still several li away from him.

But everyone is not close, and he is closer to R'lyeh.

"I... left the group?" Little Dong never thought that he would listen to the group. His faith was too sincere, because he was fascinated by it, and he accidentally obeyed Cthulhu's summon. Go there.

At this time, the team chat channel and the guild chat channel are all bursting. Everyone is refreshing their screens and asking Little Dong how to do it.

Captain: "@Little Dong, wake up, how did you do it?"

Little Dong took a deep breath, he knew that he had to say, otherwise everyone would not know .

He thought for a moment, here is R'lyeh, the site of Cthulhu, it’s not too much to pull everyone in.

However, he still has a real identity.

Once the game is restricted, you can no longer play the game.

He had to answer carefully: "I don't know, I just heard the sound, and I didn't stop it for a moment, so I walked in and only then woke up."

Everyone Looking at Little Dong's reply, I got it.

"so that's how it is, R'lyeh has the ability to identify friend or foe, do we need to accept mind pollution before we can enter?" Captain realized.

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