I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 710

"Send someone in and record a game video."

"It's normal to accept mind pollution. Let Chen Dong go."

"If you want me to say, it's better than everyone Go all, what kind of ability to watch outside, just let your own people take risks?"

"Before participating in this trip, everyone has signed a contract, knowing that they will be contaminated, our trip After the end, I will cleanse my beliefs in the game, there is nothing to be afraid of."

Everyone said in a few words, without Chen Dong's persuasion, they were determined to listen to the mind pollution.

Until reality, no player has studied how to control the power of Resistance, so once you hear the pollution, you really listen.

Everyone let go of their hearts and listened continuously to that belief.

Although I don't know how to control Resistance, listening to it many times has given the Resistance power many hints, allowing the Resistance power to obey this mind pollution, and regard Cthulhu's call as a legitimate voice.

Not long.

A group of players looked numb and walked on the solid seabed mud towards the green seabed giant city.

The seabed giant city stands in the restricted area, and dozens of weird stone pillars are suspended above the city.

Everyone was unconscious, attracted by Cthulhu's call, and at some point walked into the land of R'lyeh and came to the core city.

Black spectre noticed the player's approach, drifted over slowly, and stopped in front of an inner ghost.

The inner ghost player Chen Dong has also practiced the dark perspective ability and can see the black spectre approaching.

"Waiting for my lord to wake up."

Black spectre didn't say much. After speaking, he stayed in place, with no faces and no entities.

"Yes!" Chen Dong was very excited. R'lyeh is real, and the great Cthulhu is about to recover.

Actually, it is not that simple.

If Ke Meng doesn't sleep, the giant hawk statue in the most central urban area will not wake up.

Chen Dong waited for a long time. He didn't wait for the god to wake up. Instead, he turned his attention to the weird octopus head sculpture in the city.

that is a huge sculpture with a terrifying face, with unformed wings, and countless beards that make people feel uncomfortable.

After reading the sculpture, his eyes were attracted by the series of treasure items beside the sculpture.

They emit dim golden light, some of them are not luminous, and their brilliance is inherent.

But for some reason, he hasn't touched it yet, he knew it must be a good thing.

What Chen Dong saw was actually a sacrifice offered to Evil God by believers.

Black spectre, if he knows that he is worried about those things, he might be slaughtered on the spot.

„Ah!” The players around him also gradually recovered some of their sanity, and cried out painful voices.

But they quickly get lost in the manic emotions.

Some people can remain rational for a while, sometimes sober, and sometimes show worship expressions, and speak worshipful words to that statue, which is very contradictory.

The black spectre was indifferent, floating on the ground, the tattered cloak seemed to be surging in the wind.

"I have to log off, it's so uncomfortable here."

Someone regained their rationality, felt physical discomfort, and decided to log off.

There have been several super negative states that have not been seen in the status bar.

What's terrible is that those super negative states don't have any text signs.

Click on these status icons with your consciousness, and the text that pops up is full of question marks.

Negative status: "???", "???", "???"......

So he doesn't know what the hell is that affects.

According to his understanding, it is an impact that cannot be described or understood.

Evil God is also this thing, and it cannot be written accurately in their image.

Ten seconds later.

The man has disappeared, he has not entered a fighting state, and he can log off safely.

The rest of the people are also in pain. Sometimes some people wake up with a strong will, but hesitate to log off.

After all, black spectre did not attack them. This is a great thing. It is enough to observe whether Cthulhu is resurrected. Now log off must be a big loss.

Captain woke up and glanced at the recording system of the game. It was still recording. He sighed in relief, but there is no guarantee that it will be recorded.

He had filmed the scene of Cthulhu sacrifice before, and he couldn't see Evil God at all.

At this time, someone boldly asked black spectre when he was sober: "Is this the era of New Game+?"

Black spectre glanced at the player, "I don’t Know what you are talking about, shut up!"

After finishing speaking, the player's mouth was sealed and he couldn't say anything. Eyes opened wide and he was very aggrieved.

Chen Dong looked towards the player who was hit by the Sealing Curse with a pitying gaze. He didn't call out grievances for him, but he felt amused in his heart.

After some time.

The mind state of the player whose mouth is sealed is not good, and once again fell into a manic state, sometimes laughed heartily, sometimes crying, "You are all dead, the stars are about to return!"

But after the manic state ended, he didn't remember the incident, but was reminded that he had just gone mad.

"Too terrifying, the environment is too depressing, I log off first."

He can't stand the atmosphere of R'lyeh and actively logs off safely.

Chen Dong stayed silently without saying a word.

Other restricted areas also have such a scary environment, but R'lyeh feels different.

This place seems to be extraordinarily real, making people cold to the bones and soul.

Others feel uncomfortable, but Chen Dong feels very comfortable.

This is the reward of the gods, and being able to live in this environment is a blessing for the cultivation of a lifetime.

But he thought that after this expedition, he would have to wash away his faith, and he couldn't help but worry about whether he would have another chance to play the game.

"Maybe, I don’t have the next chance?"

When Chen Dong muttered to himself, suddenly, the feeling of the whole R'lyeh changed. Kind of indescribable feeling.

The black spectre also moved, and flew over there, feeling very excited, as if welcoming the return of its god.

Heart-palpiting fluctuations emanated from the sculpture in the center of the city, and there was an indescribable fog of covering the body.

Any octopus head image has become a cloud of the past, as if it is just an illusion in the heart of human beings, an image of their perception of horror in their hearts.

When two red eyes came out through the gray fog, the players' souls trembled and their legs trembled.

Evil God Cthulhu, wake up!

Chen Dong's legs trembled, feeling horrified and excited at the same time.

As a fanatic believer, he has been undercover for many years. He has had enough of this kind of life.

Seeing True God, I have no regrets in this life!

The other players were sane at first, but as the statue of That woke up, their mouths chanted terrifying sounds, lost their sanity, looked mad, and distorted.


Ke Meng opened his eyes and looked at the seabed that hadn’t come in these three days. Without much words, how many creatures Sense Connection arrived in the city? Ten.

"A player has come in." Ke Meng realized.

The piles of hills in front of me are a bit obtrusive, but Ke Meng still senses the number of players and the ancient and decadent black spectre.

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