I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 711

"Are you spying on my treasure?" Ke Meng immediately thought about the ownership of this pile of treasures.

Obviously, this group of things is in a state of no ownership.

Even if it is something that players dedicate to Ke Meng, but Ke Meng did not put them in the backpack space of the game, it is naturally not a thing to recognize the owner.

Should the BOSS have a storage bag?

This question is a good question, but it does.

However, because of the Ancient God Seal, the space system's capabilities are too limited. At present, Ke Meng can only travel through time and space with his mind and accept the sacrifice of believer.

"Wake up later, I have to come to R'lyeh to collect everything." Ke Meng said in his mind.

R'lyeh didn't dare to come, because of Cthulhu's affairs, he always felt that Resistance was not stable enough without stacking up to several billions.

After all, there is no upper limit to the damage of this World's skills. The more you have a better understanding of the world, the damage is even more abnormal.

At this time, black spectre floated in front of Ke Meng and began to report the changes in the world.

The external world has changed a lot, and it has become something black spectre doesn't recognize.

Black spectre once flew to R'lyeh to report when the mutation happened, but it took a long time to wait for Ke Meng to go online. After a brief report, it was Ke Meng's known news. This is useless. Naturally, the information of the past was skipped.

Now what black spectre wants to report is not simple. It has found traces of the activities of another god in some restricted areas. This god is related to Naia.

black spectre reported the matter and attracted Ke Meng's attention, silently remembering the coordinates black said.

By the way, invade a wave of black spectre's mind and see what useful information it sees.

After that, Ke Meng saw the black spectre's historical record. It turned out that it saw two strange loli stalking magic and contacting the starry sky.

The encrypted information was captured by black spectre, but it was also discovered by two loli, and they were hunted down all the way.

Fortunately, black spectre passed this information to another black spectre nearby at the cost of his life, completing the relay of life.

When Ke Meng saw this, he realized that the black spectre who saw that scene was killed. What he sees now is the scene of completing the relay with his life.

"Let me see, what message she sent."

Ke Meng read it for a while, and the whole content is incomprehensible, misty and chaotic.

Normal people must be blinded to the interpretation, and they cannot see the information hidden in the chaotic information.

He used the power of evil here to see the hidden information inside.

If nothing else, this should be a piece of knowledge about in the sky positioning. It is very complicated and involves the study of the void.

After black spectre reported, he turned and left.

The players are still staying where they are, they have max level, and they have all kinds of good equipment. The Resistance is high, and there are millions of resistance points, which is pretty good.

But in front of Ke Meng, it is impossible to stay rational for a moment, and they still cannot fully agree with crazy thoughts.

There is a relatively pure believer, in a state of half madness and half reason, but he will soon lose himself.

Ke Meng can't move, so naturally he can't solve it.

However, Ke Meng began to try to control spirituality and gather spirituality on his body.

In the past, Ke Meng was unable to grasp the spirituality of such a large volume. Like a giant mountain, it was very heavy and could not be waved.

Now, Ke Meng can already wield the spirituality of true divine rank.

In an instant, R'lyeh seemed to be silent, and a lot of voices disappeared.

Ke Meng controls spirituality's gaze, closes his eyes, and keeps only a little spirituality outside.

He can only do this, and the rest is up to fate.

In a few hours.

fanatic believer Chen Dong was the first to restore his sanity.

From Class 0 to max level, you can still be a ghost in Orange Star. Chen Dong is not a general.

After waking up, he found that Cthulhu's breath was close to nothing.

The depression is still there, but it is not as scary as it was at the beginning.

Now he can breathe at least. He doesn't know what happened. tentatively thinks that Evil God sensed his difficulties and took the initiative to stop, otherwise his rationality would have collapsed.

"Great Cthulhu, is this your time?" Chen Dong had many things to say to the gods, but a thousand words still merged into this sentence.

I asked this sentence in order to be able to go back to the business and make the research institute think he is a valuable person.

Let the seniors of Orange Star feel that he is worth training, has high rationality, and can continue to fight on the front line after washing away the faith.

Chen Dong’s thoughts are very difficult to deal with, and now he is still thinking about going back and being a ghost.

I have to say that Ke Meng is very satisfied with the advanced thinking of this inner ghost.

After that, Ke Meng controls spirituality, using a very small unit of spirituality to emit a hint of sound.

In the past, Ke Meng is absolutely impossible to achieve such fine control.

All of this is an increase in strength, and furthermore, he has actually experienced the sense of spirituality.

Experience and diligence can only be achieved through personal experience.

Not long.

Chen Dong received a hint.

His time has not yet come.

After getting this reply, Chen Dong feels that he is ready for business.

Chen Dong left with the ignorant players, and did not move the mountain of treasures.

Because he felt the terrifying murderous intention from the pile of treasures.

That is not the murderous intention of Evil God, but some treasures are dangerous items themselves, and they will be crazy when touched.

When there is no certain strength, getting too close will only cause death.

Chen Dong left with the players, Ke Meng also went to Sense Connection, the area where Sense Connection black spectre reported.

There are indeed traces left by Niya's Avatar, and the two of them have indeed been there and made some small actions.

"Who are they sending coordinates to?" Ke Meng was puzzled, spirituality did not give enough hints.

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