I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 712

Orange Star.

The first batch of expedition players returned one after another, so that the old man who was worried about being afraid also sighed in relief and wiped his head with sweat.

Someone rushed forward and asked the awakened person urgently: "How is it, did you find any clues?"

"Is it time for New Game+ now? "The game designer also rushed out and hurriedly asked.

The mind state of the awakened person is very bad, with erratic eyes, looking at the game designer as if looking at a dead person.

This kind of terrifying look makes the designer feel a cold sweat.

"Cthulhu will finally come, and the New Game+ is not here yet." A player said in a low voice, dressed up as God, playing the Devil.

The designer and the old fogey found that the state of these people was really wrong, and they waved their hands quickly: "Pull away!"

After a while, a few people came out.

There is no need for them to ask anything. The mind state of these people exposes everything. They have suffered a lot of mind pollution, which has affected their logout state.

Even if the ability in the game does not bring it back to reality, the influence of mind is real.

It's like two protons interact with each other in different places.

Wait a little longer.

Finally, normal people return.

They are mentally anomaly weak, and only some of them maintain their short-term rationality. Others cover their heads, their faces are distorted, and their mouths are chanting content that is unclear and makes people feel very headache.

That is the language of mind pollution, just like Liu Siting's rants during the crazy period, the listener will automatically go crazy.

Everyone quickly backed away, the robot stayed in place, dragged everyone away, and brought them to a separate isolation room.

Not long.

The result came out.

The era of New Game+ has not yet arrived.

But the doubt comes again.

According to the results of the extracted images, Cthulhu was indeed asleep in advance and did not wake up.

Why black spectre seems to be certain that Boss Ke will wake up and wait for him to wake up.

Furthermore, Cthulhu's state after waking up is also a bit strange. He seems to be unable to move freely.

"Ancient God Seal is loose?"

"No matter what, this is a major event. It turns out that Cthulhu is awake, even if it is half asleep, it is terrifying."< /p>

"His dreams have always affected the Orange Star. I see, he has been awake, but he has not lifted the seal that's all."

The researchers felt dejected, Cthulhu really Too strong, almost unsolvable!

Several people in this group of expeditions have installed the best equipment, the enhancement is +12, and the full set of golden legends, whether it is Resistance or battle strength, are very powerful.

Helplessly, there is no resistance to Evil God at all.

If Evil God hadn't left their believer hands and didn't kill them, they would have died long ago.

Yes, the people in the research institute believed that the players accepted the call of Cthulhu and became believer, which was the main reason they were able to escape.

As everyone knows, there are also internal ghost reasons, but they don’t have the ability to read the BUG of mind for the time being. If some, they need to have a very high spirituality.

They don't pay much attention to spirituality, and they don't even know that this game world has spirituality this thing.

Ke Meng is at first as Evil God. He has the knowledge of Evil God. Only then can he know the existence of spirituality and the importance of spirituality.

Players don’t know from at first that the spirit world is the product of the mutation, and the spirituality system is not recorded.


Ke Meng stared at him for a long time, and he didn't get any results, so he stared at other things and watched the world.

Wait until log off, Ke Meng continued to measure Blue Star with his footsteps, slowly improving his foreign world perception.

He has many undiscovered wealth resources-different planets.

The resources here do not refer to land resources, but the laws of the world.

Ke Meng is currently concerned with a higher level of power and is full of motivation.

He hasn't been able to return to the old lazy state of collecting rent as a salted fish when he is fine.

In the game.

A'Meng has not reappeared, players are looking for A'Meng's silhouette everywhere, even if the weather is cold, they can act.

Don't look at the local temperature has dropped to absolute zero, but if measured with the most accurate instrument, it is only infinitely close to absolute zero.

The material composition of the game world contains things they don't understand, so certain scientific fields cannot be perfectly effective in the game. Scientists call this phenomenon affected by mysterious power.

Ke Meng took advantage of the opportunity of absolute zero to observe the extremely low-energy matter that is close to the static state.

Time passed in a hurry.

Naya's Avatar didn't know what he was doing at this time, but he hadn't made any big moves, allowing the player to become a god.

Perhaps for Nora and Nina, death is not terrifying, they want to see this World become chaotic to be happy.

The players cautiously hone themselves, the stronger the body, the more terrifying the skills they create.

Half a year.

Enough Peak players to realize quite terrifying skills.

The players have not yet become gods, but among billions of people, dozens of Demi-Gods have been launched in half a year. This is not too much.

Other players are also running wild on Divine Road. At this time, they still need to plunder resources, and the industrial operation system still has links.

Behind the Demi-God players, there is a huge team that supplies it with wild beast resources to hone their skills.

There are also players who have embarked on the Divination Technique path, going farther and farther, and thus became a Demi-God, and spirituality is soaring.

At this time, if Ke Meng spied on them again, the Demi-God fortuneteller would know the location.

At the same time, because of the appearance of the player's fortune-teller, it began to fortune the location of Naia.

As a result, Divination Technique gave three major tips.

Chaos, root cause, Cthulhu.

How to say, this divination is like playing, obviously being manipulated.

The fortune-telling master is not stupid, he has grown to the point of Demi-God and has an extremely keen understanding of fortune-telling.

This kind of understanding is as high as Ke Meng's understanding of death.

"My fortune-telling was deceived by Naia. This is a fake fortune-telling." The fortune-teller said with a gloomy expression.

"Why, don't you have a hundred of them?" The players also looked over, and they hoped to save a wave of effort.

Now the clues of Naia in the game world are buried too deep, even if they find a dozen clues, they find that they are a group of smiling faces, as if they are laughing at them as clowns, and it is impossible to find him.

This makes the players angry, but they have to admit that the boss of Niya is really hard to fight.

"I will take a few more times." The fortuneteller said uncomfortably.

The fortune-teller performs divination based on his own understanding. At this time, he had to obey. Divining the position of the gods with a human body is inherently impossible.

This time, he will use the divine object, and use the divine object to turn on the blockade of Divine Spark.

However, using divine object is also dangerous, it may be affected.

This is a crisis intuition, without any reason.

Anyway, he felt it when he took out the divine object, and he could not use it too much, otherwise he would become a monster itself.

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