I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 713

Naya's location is erratic and difficult to predict.

The divine object he took out has a great background and exudes a mysterious atmosphere.

The fortune-teller just took a look, and felt that strange things were poured into his mind, and he couldn't help thinking.

There is a lot of confusion in my mind, one in the east and the other in the west.

Until a coordinate appears.

He widened his eyes and called out the number of the coordinate.

However, he himself died because of this and died instantly.

Fortunately, the players found him again at the resurrection point. He himself was fine. Death is the best treatment. For negative effects like that, there is usually nothing left after death and resurrection.

On the Orange Star side, the crazy players have all gone through the process of death, and they will cleanse those rooted beliefs after they are resurrected.

After the person next to me wrote down the coordinates, he immediately sent people to go to that location.

The players of Demi-God rushed over.

The max level players who are becoming the Divine Road also rushed over.

Countless players are eager to slaughter gods, gods aloof and remote, players are not afraid of death, everyday all want to pick the War God, but this god is too difficult to hide, people can not find.

All major guilds popped up Naya's coordinates and asked those closest to it to see what was there.

Near a certain leveling group.

The leveling group does not have leveling, but lies on the cold ground and feels the cold temperature.

Someone tried to use magic power to light the fire and cook on the spot.

In this leveling group, there are two loli in it, and they have a barbecue with them.

At this time, their guild channel has sounded, and the coordinates are publicly displayed.

"Coordinates..., isn't this our place?"

"What a joke, there is no BOSS here?" A player stood up, covered with ice scum.

"No, we should trust the divination of the fortuneteller, after all, he is already Demi-God."

"There are only players here... oh, the BOSS is by our side!"

"Naya likes to deceive and play, he must be in our leveling team!"

The leader's words made everyone wake up and look vigilant in an instant.

Nara and Nina Lori also became vigilant, picked up the Legendary Grade sword in their hands, their gold outfits were shining, and terrifying power was circulating in them.

Everyone looked at each other and began to wonder.

"Everyone, keep a distance of ten meters, and wait for the group leader to confirm your appearance and the time of joining the group." The deputy leader said.

The head of the group was serious and confirmed one by one.

He is using the video recording function that comes with the game to record this scene.

Nara and Nina suddenly looked violent.

"You two, why are you looking so gloomy? Is something wrong?" Someone suddenly pointed at Nara and Nina.

The group leader also looked towards the two loli.

The next second.

The silhouettes of the two loli disappeared, not knowing where they were going.


The captain used his skills to penetrate into the void, but found that there was nothing in the sky, and they couldn't see their silhouettes. They didn't seem to escape into the void.

No one here knows where they have gone.

However, the Demi-God players quickly arrived on the scene.

There are still a few Demi-God players who follow, and they are all proficient in tracking one after another.

A antler player squatted down and sniffed the place where Nora and Nina had stayed with a deer nose.

Not long.

They chased after the smell.

This smell is not the kind of smell that everyone imagines, but the smell that exists at the spirituality level.

Druid players are close to nature and can feel the sorrow of the entire environment.

The grief of the environment guides them.

"The entire world is berating you all, you can't escape!" The Antlers player said with firm eyes.

At this moment, she is the child of nature, and the passing environment is guiding her to search for Naia.

Nara and Nina found themselves unable to escape. They noticed that some of the players had gained the closeness of the world environment.

As long as they stay in the game world for a day, they will be guided by the world, and no matter where they escape, they will be watched by the players.

"This day, after all, has arrived." Nora sighed.

"Elder sister, kill them, the game time is over."

"Well, has the family game ended." Nora's eyes changed.

However, the two of them did not log off and returned to their true bodies.

Instead, use your own player body to prepare to liberate the combat posture.

Players can become gods, and as players, they can naturally become gods.

Moreover, their divinity is higher than Demi-God, and half of their feet have entered the realm of God.

But the last step of becoming a god is always difficult to cross.

Ke Meng is currently in this state, very close to the gods, and even has surpassed many gods in Resistance, but he is not qualified in terms of rule power control.

The two men overflowed with a terrifying spirituality, which made the air vibrate.

The hair dances wildly, the energy in the air is too much, and even the frozen ground gains energy and heats up rapidly.

The temperature is no longer cold.

The enemy also killed them.

The antler player immediately waited intently, and shook hands with the wooden magic weapon in the handshake, and countless green plants emerged from the soil.

The old tree is packed and wrapped around two short-legged loli.

There are also a few large, old-colored plants tangled into the shape of a door.

He tapped with the staff, rays of light emerged from the gate of the wooden roots, and countless animals ran out from it. One after another was a max level creature.

"The times have changed, do these small monsters want to defeat us?" Nora smiled, she didn't even need to transform, she just moved the knife lightly, the bright blade light was like sharp flowing water. In a flash, the field monster on a straight line was simultaneously beheaded and beheaded.

The blood burst out, the steaming blood rose high into the sky, and hundreds of max level field monster heads fluttered away.

Even the BOSS's unliberated form can't sustain a blow, the field monster is too weak.

"It is true that I am weak, but I have partners." Antlers withstood a random blow from the BOSS.

Her health pool was reduced by 50,000 points, and she quickly returned to full blood.

The voice fell.

Hundreds of Demi-God players walked out of the Space Gate of green plants, and huge coercion hit the audience.

The players are one after another holding Legendary Grade weapons, covered in Divine Item, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

There are more and more green plants, and more and more Space Gates are formed.

In an instant, the battle turned around, and hundreds of millions of max level players gathered here to surround the BOSS.

Someone released a sky lantern, this space was blocked, the space was frozen, and it was impossible to shuttle into the void.

On the periphery of the sky lantern barrier, there are countless max level players rushing to hear the news.

This is the power of Orange Star. At an order, everyone revolves around the war, and transports all personnel to the main battlefield at the fastest speed.

Off the court, an altar of resurrection has been erected.

"The banner that cannot be dropped has been given to the team inside, we must hurry up here to build the resurrection altar, and forcibly grind them to death!"

Li Shen is not in a good state of mind The professor is also online. He is not a combatant, but a member of the altar of resurrection.

Resurrection altar + player resurrection technique + lock level flag + space blockade.

If the ultimate boss is not killed on the spot, they will not be called the fourth natural disaster.

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