I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 714

Nara and Nina looked at the players who were already Demi-God, and they were indeed qualified to challenge them.

Using the number advantage, plus every player has learned the resurrection technique, forcibly killing them is not a dream.

But the players probably didn't expect, this is not their real body, but the player's body.

"Do you think that you can kill us with human tactics like this, is it too naive to think?"

Nara laughed heartily and let out a magical laugh.

Nina smiled slightly and said nothing, flipping the short blade in her hand.

Blade light flashed, and damage texts of minus 50,000 or hundreds of thousands appeared on the heads of hundreds of millions of people.

a sabre light, cut out fifty thousand damage on Demi-God players, and several hundred thousand damage on ordinary max level players.

If you remove the high resistance from the player, you can imagine how perverted their attacks are.

This is where nearly 100 million players are piled up here.

There are still a large number of players coming from outside the barrier. If the battlefield is not limited, the Orange Star people still want to let more people come in to fight.

In order to make the battle efficient enough, the players have risen into the air and besieged the Evil God Avatar in all directions.

"Don’t be arrogant and be watched by our players, can you still live?"

"We are also players. Even if you kill us, we can be resurrected. Ten Next time, resurrect at random locations, ignoring your blockade." Nora laughed heartily, as if watching a group of clowns.

The faces of the players are violent.

The spirituality of the fortune-teller player is extremely high, in other words it is intuitive and accurate.

"Great fortune-teller, is the boss telling the truth?"

Currently, players still think that Nyah Avatar is disguised as a human and deceived them.

True and false, false and true.

This wave is that players think too much. In fact, the twins are really players.

"I feel... fake." The great fortuneteller closed his eyes, feeling a little weird in his instincts.

It seems that this should not be the answer, but his intuition still predicts this.

Nara continued to laugh, "Your spirituality has been distorted by me. If you want to go to bed by intuition."

"How is this possible, even intuition Distorted." Someone disagreed.

Nina doesn't want to listen to their nonsense anymore. Now that the war has started, she should enjoy the happiness of killing players.

Suppressing players is also a joy.

"Are you finished? I want to kill someone." The less talkative Nina said winton.

After that, she played with her short blade again.

Every time you flip, the sword light shines once.

Her small hands are very dexterous, turning hundreds of times at extremely fast speeds.

This is equivalent to outputting blade light hundreds of times a second.

At this moment, hundreds of millions of players on the same level have a blood line on their waists.

shuā la Come on!

The number of delayed bursts is stacked directly on the head, directly stacked to 25 million points of damage.

Normal max level players, not to mention, are directly killed by instant kill, and their body is cut off from the middle.

The green Health Value bar in full state drops to zero.

Off the court.

The players who built the resurrection altar looked at the battle scene inside, and saw that the very short loli flipped the short blade in her hand.

With her as the center of the circle, it expands outwards, a green health bar turns red, and then it is quickly cleared.

"Too terrifying!"

"This kind of battle strength deserves to be the ultimate BOSS!"

Li Shen red eyes, staring at The battle, some hidden mania, made him look towards Must Kill List in the upper right corner.

In an instant, there are countless Must Kill Lists popping up, flowing down like a waterfall, flowing straight down!

"This..." Li Shen was shocked.

"It's players, they are really players, they are really players, they didn't lie!"

"But why is this, why are they players, are they not BOSS? "

Li Shen watched the stuck hitting the Must Kill List, speechless shock filled his heart, unable to think.

"That's it! That's it! You are too weak! Weak to make me feel sick!"

Nara, who was besieged by hundreds of millions of players, laughed heartily, and saw them being the younger sister for an instant Instant kill, arrogant laughter resounded across the sky.

On the resurrection altar that has been built, a large number of players immediately flooded out.

In the sky lantern barrier, the undead Demi-God players grant the dead players the resurrection technique, temporarily pulling back some people.

The player who controls the sky lantern barrier sees that the resurrection altar outside the arena has been built, and immediately expands the barrier area to include the resurrection altar.

This time, hundreds of millions of people have participated in the battle.

The darkness is overwhelming, and countless brilliance of skills flies toward them.

Nina's blade light is faster than them, and both hands seem to be convulsed. Thousands of blade lights flashed past, and the health bar of 90% of the players emptied.

It's like drawing a large artery, sigh, blood flowing into a river.

The resurrection altar was once again crowded with players.

Because there are too many people, the player's birthplace is naturally brushed in a place where no one is.

They have already adjusted their positions automatically without even running, and then continue to release their skills.

No matter how many levels they will drop.

This time the ultimate BOSS battle, they must be forcibly consumed.

Nina keeps her hands in her hands, always flipping the short blade in her hands.

The terrifying blade light is like a continuous wave, taking away the player's life time and time again.

The ground is full of blood, and this land is full of blood.

But the players' will is too strong, the desire to kill the gods is getting stronger and stronger, and hatred takes over the brain.

Once resurrected, regardless of the actual situation, use the fastest speed to release the fastest skills.

They can resurrect infinitely and fight infinitely.

Demi-God players are the strongest players. Even if they die, their ability to comprehend will not fade due to a drop in level.

In terms of damage, at most, due to downgrades, there is a slight drop in damage that's all.

I want to shake their damage ability, but I still dream.

Because they are the only players on the field who can fully release the Demi-God skills.

In order to pursue the fastest spellcasting, other players have ignored the complete formidable power, and they can release it was enough.

The damage is not enough, and the number is very scary.

Everyone is a high-level player, even if they die a lot, but in units of 100 million, the damage that is low becomes a terrible damage.

As long as the skills can break the defense, Nora and Nina can't hold it.

No, in five minutes, the number of deaths of players can stack hundreds of billions of times.

But damage is also terrifying.

Nara and Nina were forced to death by the damage caused by the players' garbage skills, and the health bar was completely dissatisfied.

Even if they are close to God, they can't hold it anymore.

Two names flashed on the final kill list.

XX killed the player Nora.

XX killed the player Nina.

"They are dead, they are already dead!" someone cheered.


"Finally killed!"

"Wait, look at who this is!"

Inside the Altar of Resurrection.

Someone turned his head stiffly, following the spirituality's guidance, and saw two exquisite doll-like girls reshaping their bodies.

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