I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 715

"They...resurrected!" a player close to them trembled.

For those who are close, shua shua looked towards resurrection point and directly blankly stared.

Twin’s face is soft and soft, and the eyes seem to have light. Don’t look at their short legs and not tall, the pressure that overflows from them is enough to suppress hundreds of millions of people and make their actions heavy.

Especially the people at the resurrection point feel that they have added a ton of iron block to their legs, and the legs do not raise.

"Hello, advertisers "Nara and Nina smiled at the corners of their mouths, and their level decreased by one.

However, reducing the level by one does not affect their battle strength.

At most, it only weakens one-thousandth of the battle strength that's all.

It was also at this time that the players changed their heads, and countless skills were thrown over, falling from the sky and shooting at the twin.

Twin no longer pretended to be forced, but tore the body apart, blood spilled, and terrifying sarcoma grew from the two bodies.

The sarcoma swells and grows rapidly. During the period, it has suffered countless skill attacks. Thousands of damages are very small, but the damage is still considerable when the number is over 100 million.

Everyone has seen the super long health bar popping up on the top of BOSS's head, but it has been reduced by one-tenth.

The recovery health of BOSS is super fast, and it quickly grows back to one-twentieth.

During this period, invisible fluctuations swept out, killing all players instantaneously, and the skills appeared for an instant.

The health pool decreases, decreases, increases, and maintains a stable range.

Otherwise, the players won't kill the boss for five minutes.

After the players are resurrected collectively, Nalanina's form has been liberated to one-fifth.

Players dare not waste time, they will release their skills as soon as they are resurrected.

Nara and Nina continued to bear the player's attack, and the health pool plummeted while rising sharply.

Moreover, the sky lantern barrier is still expanding, allowing more player admissions.

In theory, more and more players are attacking Nyah Avatar.

Even if twin is here to liberate the fighting stance, it is difficult to top it.

The total number of players on Orange Star is at least several billion.


Ke Meng finished his day of observation and logged in to the game world on the different planet.

As soon as he entered the game, he felt a strange atmosphere.

There is a tense atmosphere in the air, such as the opening of a war, which affects the lifeblood of the whole world.

Ke Meng saw an ancient tree root emerge from the ground and hovered to form a wooden door with a misty light in the middle.

In the distance, there are also a large number of tree roots burrowing out of the soil, forming a portal that can travel through the boundary.

No matter how strong Ke Meng's observation is, he knows how to shuttle on the surface of the water, and he understands things like space shuttles.

Looking at these roots, Ke Meng felt that this method is a god, but the person who uses it must not be a god.

Probably a player of Demi-God, the unique skill of the Druid faction, connected the space with the environment of the world.

"Through the sense of space folding, the two points are brought closer together, and there is a big battle happening over there."

Ke Meng’s eyes flashed through countless Sense Connection screens. Passing the gate of the tree roots, I saw Nora and Nina who were liberating and fighting.

"The day of the ultimate battle has arrived." Ke Meng was moved.

If you don't watch this battle, it would be really a loss.

If the first play through BOSS is killed by the players, the world will change drastically, and the world will start the New Game+ era.

Ke Meng put aside his idea of ​​observing the world, and the door of transmigrated roots came to the edge of the battlefield.

The center of the battlefield.

The special effects of the skill rays of light cover the transform bodies of Nora and Nina, and normal people can't see the whole picture after transformation.

Ke Meng can't see clearly. Although there are countless Sense Connections in front of him, there are too many and too many flashing pictures. It takes a lot of effort to identify them.

Ke Meng just glanced at it and stopped worrying about it.

There is no need to pursue what it looks like after transformation.

It is estimated to be very ugly and disgusting.

As long as you don't care what it looks like, Ke Meng feels more comfortable.

Now, he only stares at the super big health bar on Nalanina's head.

The health bar has decreased and increased, and it seems that there is no injury, but in Ke Meng's perception, Nara and Nina’s health bar is not infinitely restored, but is set with fatigue.

"I haven't become a True God yet. The gap at that step is too big. Sooner or later, players can grind them." Ke Meng did not stop, but sat and watched the changes.

Now, Ke Meng has nothing to fear.

Even seabed R'lyeh, he personally went there and took away the items there.

During that period, Cthulhu did not wake up, and is a sculpture without any life fluctuations.

Countless energy bursts from the center of the domain, and the shock wave sweeps the players in the sky lantern barrier over and over again.

The players are harvested like straw, and poured over and over again.

But Ke Meng stood still and caught the attention of the players.

"Why won't you get hurt?"

"Who are you?"

Someone yelled before dying, and then died of injuries in the abdomen.

The players died more than ten times, and did not choose to leave, but stayed hard and wanted to wear the BOSS through.

No, Nora and Nina were eventually torn to death.

However, after grinding to death, Nora and Nina came back to life again and beat the players.

The players smashed into the sea, and the warm blood filled up this uneven area by a few centimeters.

"Brother, can you give me a name, what is your name?" someone shouted to Ke Meng.

Ke Meng ignored them and continued to watch Nora and Nina transform to see them use the most powerful force to suppress players.

The players are reluctant and more and more people are paying attention to Ke Meng's lossless state.

Everyone is dying, but Ke Meng is not dead. His performance is really amazing, too terrifying.

They firmly believe that even if the NPC on Graycastle comes here, they will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Now there is only one that can achieve this kind of achievement.

That's the taboo that can't mention the name-A'Meng!

"Ampossible among our players, there is an impossible player as powerful as you."

"Are you A'Meng?" Someone asked aloud and suspected A'Meng.

I have to say that the players are very accurate.

"What are you waiting for, A'Meng?"

"Kill them and start the New Game+, our goal is to kill the boss!"

The players yelled loudly, wanting to find foreign aid, and they did not hesitate to shout out the name of the taboo.

Ke Meng is indifferent, he is still thinking.

Naya Avatars will not be killed so easily. They are now the body of the player. If log off is replaced with the body of True God, it will be a different story.

However, Ke Meng has a foreboding that the players' brainless approach to damage should be able to crush True God to death.

Why does Ke Meng dare to be sure that God will also be ground to death?

That is Ke Meng's answer based on his own growth level and comparing the power of Cthulhu.

First play through BOSS is definitely not as strong as Cthulhu, and it is normal to be killed by players.

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