I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 716

Soon, Nora and Nina ushered in the thousandth death.

The players are still fighting, countless skills smashed on its head, no one knows how many skills he has smashed, and no one knows how many times he has died.

When death becomes a habit.

People no longer fear death, and even regard this as a muscle memory. They will use skills when they are resurrected, and they will use skills when they are resurrected.

Death cannot bring them pain, and the player's will to attack BOSS is as hard as iron.

Ke Meng is moved by the player's will, and is really the most terrifying natural disaster group in the world.

Nara and Nina's level has been reduced to Class 0, they did not prepare to lock the flag, so they were slaughtered to the light board data.

Because the level fell to Lv. 1, the level is too low, even if you have a strong strength, it is difficult to use without becoming a god.

The most intuitive performance is the gap in Magic Power Value.

As early as when they died more than 500 times, their transform skills were no longer available, and High-Speed ​​Health Recovery was not so fast.

From grinding to death in five minutes, to grinding to death in one minute, to grinding to death in an instant.

Nara and Nina have experienced a long torture.

Of course, the players they kill are also batch after batch.

If you count the number of resurrected people, they killed three trillion people in total.

Naturally, there are not three million people in Orange Star. If it weren't for the resurrection mechanism, the players would have fallen into the sand as early as the first round.

"Haha, let's not recruit!"

"It's as strong as a BOSS, but it can only be shaved."

The players are overjoyed and found twin The health bar has become very short and can kill people with a single knife at will.

However, there was no fear on the faces of Nara and Nina.

Professor Li Shen observes carefully, startled.

He saw the expressions of helplessness, surprise, upset, and contentment after a full meal.

No fear, no fear!

Say it again, he didn't see the expression of fear from the boss.

Nara and Nina's thinking mode is completely different from that of normal people, and they cannot be substituted into their minds with normal people's thinking.

For ordinary people, being tortured to death by players is an extremely painful hell torture.

But for the Evil God Avatar who is keen to have fun, torture humans, stand for deception, and like chaos.

Players can make them experience suffering, which is also one of the joys of life.

Of course, now being killed to Lv. 1, their fun also ushered in the pinnacle moment.

At this moment, their bodies can no longer resist the player's critical hit, and their Magic Power Value is not enough to use the instant kill player's range ability.

"Elder sister, it's time to end it all."

"Yes, we had a great time this trip, it doesn't matter if the level falls, anyway, Lv. 1 is the bottom line No matter they kill us unlimited times, we are still Undying Body." Nora and Nina said with a smile.

This is the most buggy place for players.

Even the gods are not so outrageous, no matter how many times they kill, they will not die.

Of course, this does not mean that players are really immortal, but that with their strength, they cannot break the rules of the world.

The player’s immortality is related to the World Rule. It is not so easy to change the rule.

As the two of them are suppressed and killed again, their consciousness has receded and the forced log off is now.

One of the game's settings, when the player is forced log off, the body is in a combat state, and can only be aware of log off, and the body stays in the game.

The two of them don't feel distressed, their bodies have been killed to Lv. 1, no matter how they are killed, they will not fall again, and then they just need to return to the original body and beat the player with the body of True God.

At this moment, the player feels pain.

"The pain and happiness that have been imposed on us will be returned to you in multiples!"

A strange voice arises from the bottom of everyone's heart.

This voice is not the voice of other people, but the voice of everyone.

The voice used is their own voice.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

But Ke Meng was not shocked, his face was calm, as if he had already seen the future with his eyes.

"A'Meng, you are here too!" Ke Meng's inner voice is different from others. It is not Ke Meng's voice, but Nora's voice.

Ke Meng's resistance is too high, it is not what they can break, so Ke Meng can only use the original sound.

"I will only be a bystander today and will not participate in the war." Ke Meng shook his head and picked himself out.

"Yes, I agree." Nora laughed heartily, not sure what she was laughing at.

Ke Meng feels that Little Lass has other plans to engage him, but he doesn't know what the plan is.

Ke Meng doesn't move, he doesn't move.

but also not really not moving, but standing on the periphery and observing the power expression of True God.

There are too few opportunities for True God to take action, and Cthulhu’s squad is tightly closed, and there are too few opportunities for observation.

No, Ke Meng saw a huge monster in the endless starry sky.

How to describe it.

It is better to describe the situation of a giant looking down at the ants in the pigpen.

Everyone lifted the head and looked towards the dark starry sky. A huge silhouette appeared in the dark cosmic background. It was extremely tall, like a celestial body approaching the ground, and the entire sky was its image.

The darkness is crushing, the spirituality pressure crushes everything like a tide, and the invisible power covers the player's location from afar, and everyone is like an ice cellar.

"Here, are these Nora and Nina?" Someone cry out in surprise.

I was killed by Nora and Nina that many times, click Must Kill List in the upper right corner and jump the word that many times. Everyone already knows what the name of the boss is.

At this time, everyone will look at the player bodies of Nora and Nina.

I saw the two twins lose focus, their mouths are motionless, as if they have lost their souls, and they are not there.

"They...log off...have become gods!"

The sound of drooling sounded over and over again.

There is nothing to describe the shock at the moment. When the BOSSlog off, after returning to the real body, the silent fear has crushed them to the point that there is even scum left.

I saw the dark shadow on the dark background of the universe stretch out a big hand and touched the barrier sky lantern, which erupted with a huge noise.

The sky lantern shook brightly, and a crack appeared.

The barrier is therefore unstable, and the void resumes its flow.

"Thank you for your happiness, players are really interesting creatures. If you really make you gods, they will be interesting." Nyah Avatar reached into the barrier, squeezing countless players to death with one hand.

His hand is weird, deliberately imitating a human palm.

Naya’s Avatar does not have a specific image, he is aloof and remote, and even Ke Meng cannot see his true image.

At the point of God, the image is not important anymore, or their image is changeable and there is no fixed image.

Ke Meng watched the power of the gods rampant on the field. This is the best time to observe the power of the gods.

Without a word, let spirituality run away.

The spirituality that is close to the gods arises on the ground, and the billowing fire beacon soars up into the sky. The black air wave envelops him, making him unable to be seen directly. The players look at the black flame wave and feel heartened. fear.

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