I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 717

"It's A'Meng, he is really A'Meng!"

The taboo that can't be mentioned has completely erupted at this moment, letting spirituality go away infinitely.

Naya ignored Ke Meng. His True God hit was terrifying, but he could feel that Ke Meng was ridiculous!

With that slap, Ke Meng was unscathed!

Be aware that Ke Meng has not yet become a god, and now he is only infinitely close to the gods, only the last step is to reach the gods and become a true god.

If you make him a god, with that physical defensive ability, Niya will feel very troublesome.

But no matter what the headache, he can't kill Ke Meng anymore.

Even Cthulhu was present, but Ke Meng could not be killed.

He is real meat.

Ke Meng also believes that his Resistance point is several times higher than that of Naiya, so he dared to stand on the battlefield.

Steady, just be steady!

Stable up to now, Ke Meng confidently said, I stand and let you make moves, which can reduce my blood and count you as great!

Ke Meng's head attacked by Naia, the health pool of the players around him changed from green to red and then empty. The players were all dead, and Ke Meng survived.

Ke Meng's eyes are very bright, as sharp as a knife, breaking through all appearances and peeking directly at the core power core.

When Naia attacks the player.

How does game world work?

What is the difference between life and death changes in the surrounding environment?

The gods are really different. Once they took action, Ke Meng could see a lot of things that were difficult to observe.

The power of the gods is too huge, and they move the whole body when they move, and they hook some things that require a lot of energy to hook them up.

Naya also discovered that Ke Meng was using him to observe the rules of the gods.

Slap it down.

The players were shot dead on the spot again.

The huge black shadow from the pitch black universe emits red rays of light, shining on the body of every resurrected person.

The bewitching voice penetrates the players' brains and asks them to hand in the lock-level flag in the team.

If you don't remove this, the players' level will be locked there.

In addition, nearly half of the resurrection altar was directly broken by Naia.

The barrier is completely penetrated, even if it is a special item, it cannot challenge the gods.

The players feel very powerless and desperate.

However, among the resurrected players, Professor Li Shen's eyes did not look at Naya, but stared at Ke Meng's direction.

The black smoky humanoid body faced an attack from Naia’s True God and survived several times.

"Humans can also become gods. Has A'Meng become gods? No, I don't feel that they have become gods yet, but they are coming soon." Li Shen's mind flashed and thought of many things.

Players rely on crowded tactics, which is of course very difficult to deal with.

In the face of True God like Niya, there are really not enough lives to fill.

There are too many gaps. This is no longer the power gap of several classes, but the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Only by crossing this outrageous gap, can Niya be refilled with crowd tactics.

"No matter how bad it is, I must do it like A'Meng, and face Niya's attack without any harm. Only by doing this can we kill the BOSS with human lives." Li Shen seems to have found the future. The direction of travel.

In order to prevent him from losing control, Li Shen clicked the button of forced log off.

After Niya appeared, the depressive atmosphere in the environment has exploded to the extreme, and full concentration is the thinking of worshipping Nyatolatip.

Li Shen is gone, log off for treatment.

Ke Meng has not left yet, he is still observing the form and power rules of True God.

Naya did not continue to suppress and kill the players, but released the red light, hypnotizing all players into a dream.

Ke Meng stood on the field and was taken aback. What does this mean and why he hypnotized the player into a dream.

If the player enters a dream, it is estimated that they will all enter the joint dream.

"What are you doing?"

"Polluting dreams." Niya haha ​​smiled, smiling wickedly.

Ke Meng's heart sank, he has to go.

"You think of this as a game, but I want to make Orange Star chaotic."

"1st Step, it starts with the United Dreamland!" Naia’s crazy voice sounded Through Heaven and Earth, like thunder piercing the ear.

Ke Meng knows what Naia wants to do. This guy wants to destroy Orange Star and drag Orange Star into the abyss of chaos.

Joint Dreamland is a large-scale comprehensive dreamland opened by Cthulhu through its ability to spread the dreamland. It is composed of billions of Orange Star dreamlanders.

Now, He wants to pollute the will of the people of Orange Star, thereby polluting the dreamland, and then polluting more people from the dreamland, reversely polluting the Orange Star.

This is a good abacus, and it is done very beautifully. It not only calculates the player’s account, but also pulls the player’s roots.

Naya does not intend to let Ke Meng return to his dream to clean up the environment. He wants to hold down Ke Meng and prevent Ke Meng from falling into a dream.

"Don't go, stay with me, and stay with me for a day, it should make Orange Star fall into chaos." Niya laughed, a little more parted in the laughter.

However, Naya's happiness is based on the suffering of others.

Ke Meng knows that He has never been a good thing.

"I want to dream, I'm afraid you can't stop it." Ke Meng thoughts move, let go of the power of Resistance, and directly hypnotize yourself to dream.

"Impossible, I am always influencing you, distorting your spirituality, you want to dream smoothly, at least a few seconds, and I am in every second... Hey, have you fallen asleep? It's so fast!" Niya was stunned, didn't expect Ke Meng really fell asleep, almost unbelievable.

This is the result of Ke Meng's frequent hypnosis into dreams. Practice makes perfect. Both his own Resistance strength and soul have adapted to the rapid dreaming. Once the thought arises, it will be like a neural reflex, and the dreaming process will be completed in an instant.

"However, it's too late for you to go back now."

Naya still doesn't panic, and happily slaps Ke Meng's body with her hands, and hits heaven falls and earth rends. Great sound.

Ke Meng health bar remains the same, and the word "zero blood loss" pops up, which makes him quite unhappy. This person's defensive ability is too thick.

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