I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 718

Ke Meng has fallen into a dream. He just returned to Cthulhu's body and couldn't wait to Sense Connection to unite his dreams.

However, it takes a certain amount of time for Ke Meng to enter the joint dream, and he does not just want to enter.

In fact, Ke Meng does not dream of being Cthulhu, but can also use his runaway spirituality Sense Connection to unite his dreams.

But in that case, I don't have Cthulhu's ability to control dreams, and I can't immediately modify all the bad factors in the dreams.

Ke Meng waited for a while.

Finally, after Ke Meng entered the dreamland, he realized that the sky had changed in the dreamland.

Naya's shadow envelops the entire dreamland. There is no Orange Star person in the dreamland, and there is no Cthulhu's believer.

The AIs have also disappeared, and the dreamland is empty. Only the giant silhouette of Niya stands in the sky above the dreamland, waiting for Ke Meng to appear.

"What did you do?" Ke Meng said with a gloomy face.

"You are late, the Orange Star has been destroyed by me." Nora's voice rang from above the dream, with a bit of laughter in her voice.

"Do you think this will shake my heart?"

"No, you are wrong, I never thought of shaking your heart, I just like to do it, Regardless of whether you have created this large-scale joint dream or not, I will attack Orange Star." Nora shook her head, and the silhouette disappeared.

Nara quit the United Dreamland world.

This dream world is empty.

Ke Meng looked at everything in the dream, the World Tree that had been built, stabbed above the clouds, and looked at the universe.

The factory on the ground is unattended and is in a shutdown period.

Heavenspan Tower and World Tree are facing each other, and the rays of light under the false sun stretch the shadows of the two very long.

At this moment, Ke Meng felt the madness and chaos hidden in his dream.

This is the confusion left by the dreamer.

Undoubtedly, BOSS has planted the chaotic seeds, and they have also sprung up, allowing the seeds to take shape completely, causing a mess in Orange Star.

Ke Meng silently Dreamland Invasion, using the power of modifying the dream to eliminate all the hidden power in the dream.

I don’t know if this is useful.

Ke Meng thought for a moment, Sense Connection himself, took the initiative to quit dreams and return to reality.

In reality.

Naya's Avatar no longer slapped him, and people don't know where they are going.

The dark cosmic background is very dim, with only countless stars shining quietly.

The lying player next to him one after another is unconscious.

Ke Meng ignores the cosmic radiation and uses the outbreak of spirituality Sense Connection Orange Star.

In addition, it consumes Magic Power Value, roars a refreshing voice, trying to awaken all the sleeping people.

This a loud roar is very huge.

Sweeping from close combat to far away, everyone was affected.

The strange thing is that they are just frowned and have not awakened.

Ke Meng realized that this was Naya’s divine force, and he made these into a state of chaos.

These players, rather than staying in the game, have actually forcibly quit the game.

Not everyone will stay in the game firmly and endure the torture of dreams.

Ke Meng thought of another way.

Kill the players and wait until they are resurrected to remove the negative effect.

Just do it.

Ke Meng arrogant, one after another lifeline emerged before his eyes.

That is the lifeline of the players, fragile and slender.

Just move your hands, fiddle, and pull them to the side of death.

shuā la a moment.

It's red!

Click Must Kill List in the upper right corner to scroll quickly, and the screen instantly freezes.

All players were cleared by Ke Meng.

Even the locked Demi-God players are no exception. Ke Meng's life-and-death skills are too powerful. There is no choice but to live or die.

After Ke Meng killed the player, he looked towards Niya's undamaged resurrection altar.

The players are not there. After a while, the players will automatically resurrect.

After their resurrection, their expressions were much more stable, but because of the environmental problems at the scene, they quickly showed painful expressions.

Ke Meng dismantled all the resurrection altars and gave them a ride to resurrect them from another place.

After doing all these things, Ke Meng also luckyly Sense Connection to the Orange Star screen.


Orange Star.

It is called loss of life.

The controllable nuclear fusion furnace base is self-destruct, the white daylight rushes into the sky, the floor is lifted by the roots, and the river channel collapses.

Flying cars in cities, smart cities, etc., wherever there is artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence in these places is reversed, using the fastest speed to disconnect the car from the network, and then autonomously crash into various buildings.

If there is someone in the target's field of view, hit the person.

The most terrible thing, Orange Star’s weapon treasury, was forcibly activated by humans, and the destroy button was pressed.

Countless high-energy particle beams descend from the sky on satellite orbits and land in large population cities.

The space battleship parked outside Orange Star also opened its barrel and fired an electromagnetic cannon at Orange Star.

Planet doesn't talk about collapse, but countless people quit the game and wreak havoc everywhere. In just ten minutes, the Orange Star was completely unrecognizable.

Among them, the capital of Orange Star is directly covered by the electromagnetic cannon of the spaceship.

The self-defense weapon system of the Orange Star Research Institute is powerful, but the enemy has started to change internally.

Each old fogey, who is in charge of power, was affected by the dream and tremblingly pressed the physical button that he did not want to defend.

The top artificial intelligence AIOrange Mother immediately noticed the abnormality through the camera and the command changes of various cities and battleships.

However, it is only an AI after all.

Human authority is very powerful, and the underlying settings set down also restrict it, so that it cannot violate the command of Gaota Lv. 1.

These officers are naturally Niya believer brainwashed by dreams.

They have crazy faces and smiles at the corners of their mouths. After completing their actions to disrupt social order, they laughed arrogantly.

Even if some people did not dream that day, they were also affected.

Because the joint dream created by Cthulhu has long been entrenched in people's hearts.

Dreamland is like a giant web, communicating with each other.

The hidden bond here is spirituality!

The Nyah idea of ​​uniting dreams, through the spirituality connection between people, makes people who have not dreamed today also been infected by chaos.

When Ke Meng saw the face of Orange Star.

At this time, he finally understood what Naya's Avatar said-it's too late for you to go back.

Indeed, he was late.

Orange Star has been ruined, almost home broken.

No matter how powerful the technology is, the people of Orange Star also set up the greatest convenience for human rights.

AI cannot interfere with human military actions, even military actions with the nature of destroying homeland.

It is this underlying logic rule that allows humans to destroy their homes with technological weapons.

"A planet was destroyed in this way. This is really..." Ke Meng's heart was cold, as if he had seen the end of Blue Star.

There is no doubt that Niya knew about the existence of Blue Star.

The question is, will he do anything with Blue Star?

This question is difficult for him to answer.

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