I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 719

At this moment, Orange Star felt pain.

The reason why Evil God is called Evil God is precisely because their existence is too dangerous and terrifying for human beings.

The danger is so dangerous that it will destroy the planet at every turn.

Even if it is as strong as Orange Star and the technology is so advanced, the AI ​​that has entered the dreamland has rebelled.

All human beings fell into chaos without exception, and took the initiative to open the chaotic doomsday.

Ke Meng seemed to be able to hear Niya's laughter.

The suffering of others makes Evil God Niya happier.

At this moment, Ke Meng wants to use his ability to kill this Nyah Avatar.

If players die in the game, the impact cannot be eliminated.

If you want the man-made doomsday of Orange Star to end, you have to kill the source, Nora and Nina.


There is also Blue Star. As long as He wants to do it with Blue Star, there are definitely many ways to do it.

Ke Meng does not want to suffer such suffering in his hometown.

"I need to ascend the gods now."

Ke Meng's spirituality diverges, amplifying the strength of Sense Connection Orange Star.

He didn't talk casually, but was sure.

He had already missed the door, and he was very close to the god level.

At this moment, by observing the end of Orange Star, countless deaths have become his cognitive material.

The death of a planet is far more meaningful than observing the death of a field BOSS.

Orange Star is not the planet in the game world. Observations under different world backgrounds made Ke Meng touch the last ceiling.

Ke Meng looked back at the corpses at his feet. In this battlefield of the BOSS battle, a few had more than one hundred billion deaths.

Such a huge number of deaths gives this place the best potential to become a forbidden place for the undead.

Ke Meng watched the death images of players in the game battlefield while watching the death of Sense Connection Orange Star.

One after another illusory lifeline, hooking the corpse, stretching out into the distance.

"This is...the power of another god." Ke Meng saw the exuberant life force.

Behind the tens of billions of players filling the BOSS with their lives, countless people have been resurrected from the dead, and these all are in need of Health Value.

And these life energy does not come out of thin air, it is active.

Ke Meng's cognitive ability is stronger, he has observed Health Value, which is the rule power of the player's health bar.

He doesn't know which god Health Value is related to, so he has only a vague feeling in his heart.

That is a god who has bred thousands of descendants and has infinite life force.

When it comes to power level, it is much stronger than Cthulhu's breath.

It is aloof and remote, but when it comes out, it is connected with everything.

The Health Value of the players, the Health Value of the field monster, and Ke Meng's own Health Value are all connected with him.

It's a terrifying god.

Because Ke Meng observes the death of Orange Star and the BOSS battlefield, the final cognitive barrier is overcome, spirituality ushered in a more terrifying outbreak.

His spirituality rushes straight into the sky, and the black air wave covers the entire world from the spot to the distance, as if to wash the entire world all over.

If you want to describe the spirituality of the moment.

That is comparable to the spirituality of Cthulhu Evil God. In the state of rampage, spirituality is ten times greater than that of Cthulhu.

The body resonates with the soul, and his Magic Power Value has risen from trillions to infinity, becoming endless.

Health Value has also increased rapidly. The life force of in the sky feeds Ke Meng back, and the value skyrocketed.

Ke Meng didn't care about those system values.

Now, he wants to capture Niya Avatar, and then use his own life and death line to kill him on the spot.

The spirituality diverges, and countless distracting thoughts flood into the brain.

Ke Meng found the location of Niya's Avatar.

It's in the void, fiddling with something.

Yes, Nia is observing Orange Star and enjoying the happiness of Orange Star’s chaotic apocalypse.

Haha’s laughter echoes in the sky, very clear.

At this time, Niya also noticed Ke Meng's gaze.

The spirituality of the two sides collide in the sky.

"You have become a god." Nora's voice sounded again.

The other party felt incredible.

But He did not panic.

Ke Meng opened his hand to tear open the void and walked toward him.

Ke Meng accelerates autonomously without the help of Space Bubble.

Naya is not far from Ke Meng, and the huge body stretched out in the sky is also extremely huge.

It stands to reason that Naia can leave the continent where the game world is, and play in other places in the sky.

But he did not leave, but stayed, following the designer’s settings, playing with players, and taking pleasure in fooling humans.

Ke Meng hasn't approached yet, he has seen Naia's lifeline.

Extend the hand, hold the lifeline that represents life and death, and pull it directly.

Naya showed painful emotions.

"You are late, the Orange Star has been destroyed by me."

"But kill you, someone on the Orange Star will wake up and rebuild their homes." Ke Meng Reluctant to forgive.

"Rebuilding the homeland? It sounds very interesting. The process of rebuilding the homeland must be painful." Niya said excitedly.

If anyone likes the mask of pain the most, it must be Niya.

"You are dying." Ke Meng has firmly grasped the opponent's lifeline.

I haven't broken through the divine rank before, because Ke Meng's understanding of life is not clear enough.

Now, he knows that in the rules of Life and Death, an unknown god is involved in life force.

It is impossible to bypass that god.

But as long as you understand the world cognition behind the Life Rule, Ke Meng can use this rule with unlimited magic power and drain the Health Value of Naya’s Avatar.

"Unable to break free from death, you who studied death really couldn't afford to offend. In the end, you still had something to do with Sab Nicholas."

"But you think I am Will you die? I still have a back hand!"

Naya Avatar smiled, "I want to return to the player's body, with the protection of the world, you will never kill me."


After that, Nyah Avatar broke out with amazing magic power fluctuations, and gave Ke Meng a performance on the spot, how to use magic power to simulate virtual reality game cabin, plus the operation of the game body file.

I saw countless data streams flowing through his body.

"Connect to the game!"

Naya left a loud slogan, for fear that Ke Meng might not know it.

After reading, Naia’s consciousness logs in the game cabin, leaving behind a god body.

Ke Meng pulled the lifeline, and he was shocked when he heard the name of Shabu Nicholas.

This is not a good name.

Even if Ke Meng doesn't recognize the name of this existence, when he hears this name, his heart throbs, and an inexplicable feeling emerges in his heart.

This is the name of a god.

He is related to the Health Value of thousands of creatures.

The lifeline that Ke Meng is pulling at this moment seems to be death, but the opposite of death is life, so he will definitely have a relationship with Health Value Ancestral God Founder Ming.

"It turns out that the god behind Health Value is Shabu Nicholas." Ke Meng has never seen Nicholas before, and he has already felt his terrifying.

After speaking, Ke Meng finally broke the lifeline of Niya's Avatar.

This moment.

The body of the god Naia lost its aura and turned into a huge sculpture without any life fluctuations, just like Cthulhu's sleeping sculpture.

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