I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 720

Ke Meng's first battle to become a god is to slaughter the god himself.

After killing Naia's body, Ke Meng didn't feel the slightest joy in his heart.

Is this revenge?

There seems to be no revenge, at best it is acting for justice.

Ke Meng does not think that he is a righteous person, he is not a perfect person, and what he does is just to make him not regret that's all.

He wanted to kill Naia, he wanted to stop the loss of Orange Star, and protect his hometown, so he went on.

After the killing, Ke Meng immediately tore the cracks, went back to the game, and rushed to the BOSS battlefield.

Nara and Nina are still there with their bodies. Ke Meng has to see if they are resurrected or are they really killed by the power of the rules.

During the flight.

Ke Meng feels that the world interface is undergoing drastic changes.

The starlight of Universe Starry Sky seems to be brighter.

The earth dries up, and the power of Naya covering the entire world is fading.

He once concealed the historical aspect of the entire game world, and now, with Ke Meng personally slaughtering the gods, his influence is fading.

Mountains and rivers translocate, and the topography changes drastically.

The re-refreshed field monsters have become even more weird, their appearance is no longer so beautiful, and the power contained in the body has also changed, and it seems to be stronger.

Even Ke Meng felt a change in his body and was implicated in the entire world.

"This is..." Ke Meng knew what was going on.

With the death of Naia, the entire world has begun to return to its original path.

The New Game+ era is about to begin.

Part of Ke Meng's strength is losing.

The resistance brought by max level has dropped rapidly, Ke Meng has become a god, spirituality is extremely high, and the loss of Resistance can naturally be sensed.

He allocated half of his energy to observe the loss of Resistance.

This is a very precious opportunity to observe. It is not so easy to observe the power of Resistance in normal times.

And the Resistance is high, you can use the fleshy body to carry Evil God hard.

"Naya is really dead, otherwise the world will not change." Ke Meng watched the world change, and he could hardly recognize this area.

His level has dropped, down to Lv. 1.

However, the basic value has only dropped a bit, and the Magic Power Value column is still an infinite mana bar, so just splurge.

This is not a pure player panel, but a god panel!

His basic panel is too high, plus he has become a god, these numerical panels do not matter, and you will soon be able to get back to it with time.

In the air.

Some unknown fog suddenly appeared, and I don’t know what it was, which blocked the scenery.

The starry sky in the sky is obscured by the nameless fog, making it difficult to see.

Ke Meng spirituality is strong, and this is the only way to see the shining stars above through the nameless fog.

There are a few stars that shine the brightest, in strange queues.

This made Ke Meng suddenly think of Cthulhu believer. I don't know if it was the black spectre or which believer.

When the stars return, R'lyeh will rise from the seabed, and the great Cthulhu will awaken.

He looked up at the most shining stars. If it were not for the sudden rise of an unknown mist in the air, he would not have noticed that these stars were actually related to the unblocking of Cthulhu.

Not long.

Ke Meng found the BOSS battlefield with divine rank spirituality.

looked towards a group of corpses, the corpses of two twins disappeared.

A scene flashed before Ke Meng's eyes.

He saw the historical picture one minute ago.

Two short-legged loli, opened bright eyes in a pool of blood, with the words LV1 on their heads.

Nara and Nina shook hands with each other, got up from the pile of blood, and walked into the distance.

"They really came alive." Ke Meng's heart shuddered.

Twin's approach completely abandons the gods.

After they used spirituality to feel Ke Meng's first-line ability of life and death, they expected that the gods could not resist Ke Meng's death by rules.

So, in the scene that Ke Meng saw in the sky, Nora and Nina digitized their consciousness, completely and directly boarded into the game, abandoned the fleshy body, and became a member of the game world. .

equivalent to become an NPC.

But they were originally members of the NPC, this wave is the NPC's own tail docking to survive.

"I don't believe you can survive this way." Ke Meng knows that players are unkillable creatures.

This involves the fundamental setting of the world-the lowest player level is one, how to kill, the lowest will only be reduced to Lv. 1.

Ke Meng quickly found the two loli who were walking forward.

The two also felt the Death Aura attacking them, and they had no choice but to stop, with two bright smiling faces looking towards Ke Meng.

In their eyes.

Ke Meng's shape cannot be described and cannot be seen directly.

Just a glance makes them die instantly.

Ke Meng was stunned, only the nearest resurrection point of Sense Connection, and he ran all the way.

This time, Ke Meng restrained his fluctuations and suppressed spirituality.

This time, Nara and Nina did not die and were completely caught by Ke Meng.

"What are we doing by catching us, our gods are dead, and you are impossible to really kill us."

"We have observed, the player is blessed by higher-level rules , If you want to kill us, only your ability to grant death will not work, and the future will be impossible." With the arrogant LV1 level on her head, Nora spit at Ke Meng very uncomfortably.

"I know, but is it okay to test my abilities with you?"

Ke Meng would not listen to them and give up the idea of ​​killing them.

First observe their lifeline, and then pull one or two.


The lifeline was broken, and the two died instantly.

After a while, the two resurrected and reorganized their bodies.

While reorganizing his body, Ke Meng is also observing the rules of world movement behind the player's resurrection.


Pull the lifeline for the second time and observe the player's resurrection for the second time.

Testing back and forth dozens of times, Ke Meng really felt something unusual.

“There is a rule to protect players, which is also the main reason why my life-and-death abilities cannot completely endow players.”

Ke Meng looked towards his palm, I have to admit, That kind of rule is too overbearing, even if it can be observed, it will not move.

This is a more powerful rule than Health Value, and it requires more knowledge analysis.


At the same time.

The god body of the Avatar of Dannaiya died.

Orange Star over there.

Industrious humans gradually regained their senses, and the terrifying will to manipulate their brains has died.

Without Divine Spark, crossing worlds control is nothing less than zero.

Someone looks at the big pit that has turned into ruins, weeping bitter tears.

The old man sitting in the control room suddenly woke up, looking at the button he pressed, and looking at the video feeds from various places.

Like the scene of the last days, it shocks the fragile heart of the Orange Star people again and again.

Outer space battleship.

The captain who pressed the electromagnetic gun was stunned for a few moments, then scratched his hair, like a madness, and shouted to the radio station on the ground: "Hey, is there anyone? Is anyone alive? Here It’s Space Battleship Zero One, here is Space Battleship Zero One, please reply when you receive it!"

Shouted it again, but no one at the reception responded.

He vaguely remembered that he took aim before pressing the button.

The artificial intelligence repeatedly asked and warned that this was wrong.

But he turned off the artificial intelligence, and then aimed at the reception side.

He yelled, slapped his face frantically with his hands, and patted his face until his teeth fell, only to regain his sense a little.

The radio station was mobilized and switched to a public channel. The captain shouted again and again.

After ten seconds.

shā shā shā.

"This is Wisetool City, this is Wisetool City, we are still alive, and the city on 2/3/2021 is destroyed. Please reply if you receive it..."

Listen to the captain To this voice, like listening to the sound of nature.

"Very good, there are still people alive!" The captain with a sad face was stunned for two seconds, and then wept with joy.

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