I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 721

Orange Star was severely damaged, devastated, and cities were destroyed by particle cannons everywhere.

In some cities, artificial intelligence does not enter the dream state, and is less affected. The calm mechanism keeps their urban defense system undamaged.

Furthermore, not all places in the city’s military defense control room have nightmare disease patients.

Secondly, the Orange Star people have not had a foreign war or a civil war for many years. The people in the control room of the military defense of the city in small places often fish and are not in the control room.

This helped them avoid difficulties.

In other cities, the popularity of intelligence is not so high, and difficulties are avoided.

Ten minutes after Naya's Avatar's death.

Global communications are restored, and everyone can contact the war damage situation in various regions through public channels.

Some cities have no direct contact with each other. After taking photos from satellites, the city has become a group of big black pits—their urban defense system has not resisted.

This day.

The sky of Orange Star is overcast, everyone is in tears, hating Naia, and also hating Cthulhu at the same time

If it weren’t for Cthulhu to connect the dreams of Orange Star people to For one thing, no way will Niya have a chance to release the chaotic thoughts of the group of physical sensation dyes.

Ke Meng must have recognized this black pot, and indeed there is his pot in it.

However, Ke Meng felt that even if he did not have himself, Niya would use other methods to cause chaos on Orange Star.

Because the patriarch body of game world comes from Orange Star, the game file body is also from Orange Star.

The player group is so highly concentrated in Orange Star, and Niya is the world BOSS, with influence covering the entire world. Naturally, they will follow the path of Orange Star and then influence them in reverse.

Ke Meng's joint dream is just one of the methods that Niya can use, and it is also the fastest and most effective method.


In the game.

Ke Meng has become a god, and the huge spirituality has the same quality improvement.

His spirituality can be extended indefinitely, and it can be extended to extreme distances, and the picture becomes extremely real with Sense Connection.

My own observation power has also been slightly improved, and deeper inner principles can be seen through appearance.

Ke Meng imprisoned Nara and Nina so that they could not go anywhere.

Ke Meng is waiting for the return of the Orange Star people, and then handing them to Nara and Nina to punish them for a period of time. After they vent for a period of time, Ke Meng takes it back.

Although Nalanina is close to the existence of gods, her level is too low, Magic Power Value is too small, and her ability to use is not very strong.

As long as they are slightly targeted at them, they can beat them with strength.

For example, Ke Meng now uses Shadow Catching Hand to capture their shadows.

In the process of capturing the shadow, great resistance was born.

Nara and Nina use the smallest magic power to borrow energy from the void and destroy his Shadow Catching Hand.

After the Shadow Catching Hand failed, Ke Meng was backlashed by the energy of the void and returned a part of the energy to the void.

But because Ke Meng's magic bar is infinite, the backlash is backlash. This is nothing, and it doesn't hurt him at all.

"I underestimated you. I can't let you hand it over to the players. Players can't hold you back." Ke Meng wanted Orange Star to punish them, but Demi- God's foundation, this time is not easy.

You can only keep them by your side and seal them, and wait until someone of the Orange Star players becomes a god, and then give them revenge.

Little half a day later.

Ke Meng sensed that several players were online.

The players who still dare to enter the game can only say that they are really bold.

Niya’s big explosion really crippled Orange Star, and how many players lost their lives permanently because of this.

Even if their corpses are resurrected, their souls will not be resurrected, because when they die, their consciousness is not in the game, but elsewhere.

Ke Meng also saw Nora and Nina's way of saving their lives, only then did they realize the smartness of each other.

If you die somewhere else, then you really die.

But when they die in the game world, they can still live as players.

In the future, when they become gods, they can regain their freedom.

In this wave, they abandon their gods and obtain the eternal right to immunity from death.

However, it is said that Evil God cannot be killed, otherwise Cthulhu would not be sealed in R'lyeh like this.

Ke Meng went to the void again and saw that the huge Niya Evil God sculpture was still there.

Use spirituality to perceive one or two, which is exactly the body of Niya's divine body after death. The lifeline was broken by Ke Meng, and the remaining lifeline fracture is still vivid.

"If the broken lifeline is connected back, he can be resurrected again."

Ke Meng looked at the broken lifeline, looking thoughtful.

Change to other ordinary person, Ke Meng spliced ​​lifeline, it will not save them.

But the gods are different, you can pick them back again, even more reluctant than Xiaoqiang.

However, there are not many gods who can splice lifelines.

This requires this god to study death, and to have a very deep understanding of life, and even to use the health value rule power extended by the god "Sab Nicholas", otherwise the lifeline cannot be spliced .

Unable to fight the lifeline, this Evil God Niya Avatar is naturally dead.

Ke Meng blinked and put it in the storage bag.

The inner-view backpack, the space slot that Niya sculpts, is unremarkable and has no fluctuations.

But using the system’s identification function, I clicked on the text introduction, and the following text popped up:

"Naya Avatar's sculpture after death (true)"

"Quality: immeasurable."

"Function: It can affect the thinking of intelligent creatures, making them like chaotic things, like to deceive the masses, and fool the masses."

This is Ke Meng's first Once I saw such a quality evaluation "immeasurable".

In other words, this is an item with a higher level than the Legendary Grade item.

"Heavy treasure, but it is very hot."

Ke Meng didn't want to keep these things by his side.

It must be destroyed.

How to destroy it.

Ke Meng has already thought of a way.

Took out that mysterious cooking pot. This big pot is easier to use than Dark Cuisine Pot. It is not picky about eaters. Even sculptures are used as ingredients.

Ke Meng used a huge divine force to cut the remaining material of the sculpture and put it into the mysterious cooking pot.

Mystery cooking pot can increase the resistance of a person. This time Ke Meng has brought immeasurable quality materials. Presumably, this time can increase a lot of resistance.

gu lu gu lu.

The water boiled, and mysterious black smoke came out of it.

Ke Meng's spirituality is like a sea of ​​ocean, without perceiving the danger, he jumped in and steamed his body like a sauna.

Those divine materials are slowly transformed into resistance power by the silver soup pot and flow into Ke Meng's body.

Ke Meng can see his basic Resistance keep rising.

91 million.

After a while, I jumped another million.

Finally, after cooking all the ingredients, Ke Meng left.

The basic value has increased by at least 10 million Resistance points.

Be aware that this is the divine body of Evil God. Although there is no life force, various divine powers other than Life Rule are excellent supplements.

Ke Meng's basic Resistance has also reached 100 million.

In addition to the comprehensive multiplication increase of equipment, he has stacked to 1.5 billion Resistance points.

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