I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 724

"When the stars return, it is when you are resurrected."

"Then what use is believer for you?"

Ke Meng Yang Tianchang Hope, muttering to himself.

In my ear, the sound of water from gu lu gu lu reverberates continuously, with some kind of wonderful rhythm.

Ke Meng listened carefully to Cthulhu's call.

The current Ke Meng is no longer affected by the other party and can listen boldly.

One minute, five minutes, ten minutes passed.

Ke Meng gradually understood.

The call of Cthulhu.

It is calling the stars in the sky to return.

His voice has always been facing the stars in the sky.

It doesn't matter if believers hear it. If you have the ability to push the stars back to their place, the speed of unblocking will naturally be faster.

So, Evil God does not mind whether there is believer help from at first.

Even if there is no believer, the stars will still return to their place slowly amidst his calling.

This is Evil God's strength. Even if it is sealed, the consciousness is asleep and cannot be awakened.

Only by this call, I slowly call with the patience of dripping through the rocks, and sooner or later the stars will return to their place.

"So this is your plan." Ke Meng muttered.

Finding Ancient God and cracking first play through are actually not very important.

The day of unblocking will come sooner or later.

However, the New Game+ lacks Niya's influence, and Ke Meng sees the facts more clearly, which is a big advantage.

In the past, when observing things, the surface was always covered with a veil. Now there is no such obstacle.

In addition, New Game+ has changed the appearance of the world interface and made the rays of light of the stars more conspicuous, and the influence of Cthulhu's breathing sound has also expanded a lot.

In general, the New Game+ era is beneficial to the recovery of Cthulhu.

"However, I want to deal with you here." Ke Meng is now a god, not an ordinary player.

I saw Ke Meng stretch out his hand to pinch the lifeline that others can't hold.

Gently pull, Ke Meng feels infinite resistance.

This layer of resistance includes both the tenacity of Cthulhu's life and the entanglement of Ancient God Seal.

Countless seal forces are in the form of a thread, forming a close entanglement with the lifeline of Cthulhu, and Ke Meng pulls the whole body together.

Blocking space, the rules of power to block freedom rushed in, and wanted to seal Ke Meng here.

Ke Meng sensed the danger and quickly let go.

The danger disappeared immediately, and the Ancient God Seal fell silent again.

"Not good, let’s move Cthulhu, the Ancient God Seal even wanted to seal me."

Ke Meng felt tricky.

But not moving Cthulhu, this is again impossible.

Cthulhu must die, either to be destroyed by Ke Meng, or to become Ke Meng's nourishment.

Now Ke Meng does not need to be Him, just wants Him to die.

The system given by Blue Star is too deeply related to him. Ke Meng tried to communicate with Blue Star and wanted to remove the system.

Unfortunately, Blue Star will express its powerlessness.

Ke Meng now also feels that system can no longer go.

After this system entered the game, at first first had an unknown entanglement with the BOSS panel system of the game world, and then waited for Ke Meng to log in to the game, and then had an entanglement with the player panel system.

The entanglement of the three masters has allowed Ke Meng's system to completely mutate and become an extraordinary existence.

If others enter the game, they cannot take away the kind of resistance that has grown up.

Ke Meng can bring Resistance power back to reality from the game. This is an unknown bug caused by the entanglement of the three-party system.

If it were not for this convenience, Ke Meng would not have grown to where it is today.

At the beginning of the New Game+ era, Ke Meng was able to challenge Cthulhu.

"Not enough, my Resistance needs to be improved." Ke Meng can feel that his Resistance is still not high enough.

Although there are 1.5 billion Resistance points, Cthulhu also had one billion Resistance points before being Sealed by the Ancient God!

Ke Meng still has a lot of room for growth. When he brings up the basic Resistance, coupled with the multiplication increase of player equipment, it is enough to break 10 billion Resistance.

When the time comes, even the Ancient God Seal can't stop Ke Meng.

Well, Cthulhu is also a trivial matter. It must be impossible to hit him no matter what.

Ke Meng took a deep look at the Cthulhu sculpture. Before leaving, he took away several sacrifices under Cthulhu's seat.

This is the second time that Ke Meng collects offerings in R'lyeh. He also visited once before and took away the items that were piled high in a hill.

Ke Meng controlled the flow of water, seeing the sea water as a mirror in his mind, he passed through and appeared on a lake on the game land.

The nameless fog in the sky continues to cover the land, and there are no particularly bright rays of light.

The ground is not dark either. The starlight faintly illuminates the ground through the nameless fog, allowing people to see the shape and general color of things.

The entire world is in a dark, low-pressure emotional environment.

"If the player stays in this World for a long time, there may be psychological problems." Ke Meng looked at the surrounding environment, dark environment can easily breed dark psychological problems.

Ke Meng snapped his fingers casually, and the magic power surged, lighting up a small sun in the sky.

rays of light illuminate the dark atmosphere, make the grass on the ground become shiny, and the lake surface becomes bright.

The breeze swept across the lake, blowing Ke Meng's hair.

The field monster on the roadside took a look at Ke Meng, and his scarlet eyes seemed to see delicious flesh and blood.

With the rumbling of the body, the field monster turned into a three-meter-high giant monkey and rushed towards Ke Meng.

Ke Meng did not move, but removed the apparent mimicry.

That in an instant.

Ke Meng's appearance became uncertain.

Clearly has hands and feet, and has a human form.

But in the eyes of transform's field monster, his appearance cannot be accurately described in his brain at all.

The indescribable fear, rise in the mind.

The field monster jumped halfway, forcibly used his magic power to change his flight path, braked forcibly after landing, then took a sharp turn and ran away with a whimper.

Ke Meng ignored the field monster and took out the sealed object by the lake, letting out Naya's air from inside.

In Ke Meng's perspective of life and death, there is a lifeline that breaks into one after another.

If an old vine is cut into hundreds of millions of pieces with a knife.

Although they are scattered, as long as someone puts them together, Naia’s Avatar can be resurrected.

By the way, Niya has countless Avatars, and each Avatar has its own consciousness.

They may kill each other. Even if they hear that an Avatar has been killed, they may ignore them completely and even laugh at Nara and Nina.

That is a group of chaotic people, thinking elusive, strengths and weaknesses.

"We still have to get rid of him." Ke Meng suddenly flashed a big face cat in his mind.

The big-faced cat’s mouth is like a black hole, and it can digest whatever it swallows.

As long as it is meat, it can be digested.

Now that the big-faced cat is in the Blue Star, Ke Meng has to put this mass of air on the Blue Star side, or on a different planet other than the Blue Star.

The specific method of operation is very simple, just ask a reliable believer to sacrifice to Cthulhu, and then Ke Meng dreams in a different planet and accepts this sacrifice was enough.

Alternatively, you can study the power core of sacrifice yourself, and then teach it to a tester, and then ask the sacrificer to sacrifice this thing to him in reality.

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