I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 725

After this idea was born, I couldn't stop it.

Even if he has become a god, Ke Meng will still think of the digestive ability of the big-faced cat, which is really terrifying.

Ke Meng plundered Resistance for a while in the game, returned to reality, and pulled out a big-faced cat.

The big-faced cat has a dull complexion, and the dazed expression has been going on for many years.

Ke Meng's observational power is not a pity now, he can see more things.

But Ke Meng can't see much on the big-faced cat.

It's as if it's really just a very strange kitten that's all in a daze.

He was deeply impressed. After fifteen seconds of staring, he seemed to see a group of colorful rays of light blooming, and then the strange knowledge in his mind grew.

Except for this, there is nothing else.

In terms of lifeline, there is a very stable lifeline. The life state is good, there is no disease, and there is no bad change.

"Come and feed the live fish." Ke Meng opened the mouth of the big-faced cat and took out a Level Fish tank from the Storage Scarf.

Level Fish is lively, fifteen centimeters long, not big, just in time for growth.

Ke Meng held the fish and touched it slightly with spirituality, Level Fish was quiet, and he did not dare to defy Ke Meng's orders.

He stuffed the fish into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

In the mouth of the black hole, there is no color at all, as if even light will be swallowed in.

When the little fish enters the mouth, the little fish has disappeared.

Ke Meng was observing the lifeline state of the little fish, staring closely, not dare to let go of any details.

Immediately, Ke Meng raised his eyebrows and his facial expression changed slightly, as if he had seen something incredible.

I saw the little fish disappear at the same time.

The lifeline on the little fish is disappearing little by little.

A little bit in, a little bit disappear.

"Something swallows the lifeline." Ke Meng showed an unexpected expression. The big-faced cat is really incredible.

This guy may have a big background!

The use of the power of this rule is very powerful, at least at the level of divine rank.

But the big-faced cat uses this ability calmly, which proves that the food annihilation technique has become its instinct. The entire mouth and belly are the range of ability to use.


"Maybe you are a god who lives in the world?"

"No, if you are a god, Blue Star filters You can't pass that level of the membrane." Ke Meng touched the head of the big-faced cat, feeling incredible.

Ke Meng releases a part of spirituality in the room, resonates with the air, and communicates with the Blue Star will.

"Blue Star, is this cat a god?" Ke Meng asked straight to the point, not intending to cover it up.

At this moment, Ke Meng is already Divine Soul.

Blue Star's will can also feel that Ke Meng's soul is extremely powerful, very terrifying, and has long exceeded the filter limit of the Blue Star filter.

However, Ke Meng is a creature born from Blue Star, with the mark of Blue Star on his body, so Ke Meng can live freely on Blue Star.

Blue Star will hear Ke Meng's inquiry.

Natural will covers the big-faced cat, probing from the surface to the inside.

Not long.

Blue Star will reply.

The big face cat is really not a god.

Ke Meng didn't believe him, he showed Blue Star the food annihilation technique that Big Face Cat is good at on the spot.

I saw Level Fish enter his mouth. The fish disappeared again and the lifeline disappeared.

Ke Meng saw it very clearly, this disappearance is really brilliant, and even the lifeline is swallowed cleanly. This is not a simple digestion, but it is completely swallowed up with the existence of life.

Normal people eat food, the residue of those foods will stay in the stomach, in fact, these foods still have life fluctuations.

Only after a period of time is completely digested, these life fluctuations are integrated into the lifeline of others, and there is no original self.

Blue Star will use a lot of consciousness to stare at the whole process of the big-faced cat digesting food.

"When this cat digests food, there is no energy change, and the digestion method is unknown."

Blue Star's will also said he didn't know.

Blue Star's will is just a planet's will. If you expect it to be all-knowing and omnipotent, then look at it too highly.

At this time, Ke Meng did not get the answer he wanted, so he could only think from another angle.

Maybe the big-faced cat is really a god.

It's just that it's too special, so there is no divinity in it anymore.

The body retains the ability similar to muscle memory-digestive regular power.

At the same time, Ke Meng also noticed the wording of Blue Star's will and did not observe a change in energy.

As everyone knows, energy exchange is the most frequent event in this world.

There is no energy exchange, which is a very scary thing.

Ke Meng uses magic power as an energy source habitually when using abilities, and magic power continuously floods into Ke Meng's body. This allows Ke Meng to use magic power without thinking about the upper limit of energy.

He stared at the big-faced cat, feeling incredible.

"Without energy exchange, it is equivalent to breaking the physical foundation of the world, which is impossible."

Ke Meng prefers that his observational power has not reached a higher limit, so I feel There is no change in energy.

Ke Meng looked at his hand and decided to use his own cell test to get some epithelial cells into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Ke Meng is already a divine body, and it is not difficult to regenerate his fingers and arms with magic power at speed. In theory, he can test with his hands.

But for the sake of safety, it is also possible to use epithelial cells.

Ke Meng reached into his mouth, rubbed the epithelial cells out, and put it on the chopsticks.

A layer of spirituality covers the chopsticks, and Ke Meng passes his epithelial cells into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Ke Meng's resistance is attached to the cell, and Ke Meng stared at the chopsticks into his mouth.

Soon, the chopsticks entered the inside of the mouth and were covered by black shadows.

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