I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 726

Ke Meng closely observes the epithelial cells entering the mouth. The resistance of hundreds of millions of points is not for dry food.


As the chopsticks entered, the life energy attached to the epithelial cells disappeared.

Take out the chopsticks. The surface of the chopsticks is very clean, free of viruses and bacteria.

Until the bacteria in the air reattach to the surface of the chopsticks.

Ke Meng is still staring at the chopsticks.

He decided to test the big-faced cat in another place.

Open the door with the silver key, change the place, and then change the landlord.

Use spirituality to scan the surroundings to make sure there is no one, then stare at the chopsticks and keep watching.

In a short while.

Ke Meng has an inspirational picture in front of his eyes. It is the epithelial cells on the chopsticks, slowly moving pictures when they disappear.

Double slow playback, twice slow playback, and five times slow playback.

Ke Meng stared at the disappearance of each cell with the most detailed eyes.

Until the last cell disappeared, Ke Meng did not see any clues he could see.

Including energy, including lifeline, and elementary particles, all annihilated thoroughly in the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Ke Meng has been studying for a long time, but the progress of the research has stagnated, and he is completely stuck, unable to find a solution.

I can only say that the big face cat is not something that Ke Meng can observe now.

However, because of the big-faced cat's incomprehensible digestion ability, Ke Meng wants to put the air from the decomposition of Naya's body into the big-faced cat's mouth and let it digest it.

Alternatively, put it in the Dark Cuisine Pot for a meal, process it into meat, and then feed it to the big-faced cat.

After Ke Meng had an idea, he began to study the sacrifice process.

Sacrifice is a matter of both parties.

Believer sincerely offered sacrifices over there, offering items.

The other side, that is, the side of the gods.

Accept the sacrifice of believer, open the space-time channel, maintain the operation of the space-time channel, descend with your mind, accept the item, and then guide the item to come to the god through the space-time channel.

This process seems simple to the gods, but to do it perfectly, it needs more research.


When Ke Meng was studying the sacrifice process.

Orange Star over there.

Most people are busy with post-disaster reconstruction and have no intention of playing games.

Some people don't care about the result of the game anymore, they just want to rebuild their homes well.

But there are also some players who have become more determined. Must kill Niya, and then kill Cthulhu.

This belief is burning like a raging fire.

Finally, Colin gathered a group of players with more determined beliefs, re-logged into the game, and began to cultivation according to the method of becoming a god.

Most of these determined players don't want to be angry with Niya.

That is the fury of the incompetent, and it can't change any facts.

but also not everyone is so rational.

There are always some irrational people who want to take revenge on Naia.

They were not strong enough. Hearing that Nora and Nina could kill Lv. 1 with their skills, they immediately reported their names to Colin.

When Ke Meng was experimenting with the sacrifice results in the game, Colin also contacted Ke Meng.

Ke Meng didn't stop it. As a bottom player, Ke Meng put Nara and Nina in the middle of the square in Graycastle.

Hundreds of thousands of players appeared and watched indifferently.

The furious player, with tears in his eyes, waved the special effects skills in his hands, punching the air through, releasing huge void rifts.

Then, the fury rushed into the resurrection ground and continued to use his skills to fiercely kill Nara and Nina.

This venting action lasted until the ninth death before anyone stopped.

Ke Meng stood by, waiting silently.

Nara and Nina are dangerous. Don't look at them as Lv. 1. As long as they don't stare at them, they have a chance to escape.

You know, they also know how to borrow energy from the void, so they can use super magic that they can't use.

If Ke Meng doesn't stare, the two of them may run away in the blink of an eye.

Now, Nara and Nina have died nine times, and after one death, they can be resurrected randomly in different places.

When they saw Ke Meng still staring there, they naturally knew that they wanted to take the opportunity to escape.

Actually, as long as they are given 1~2 seconds, the two intend to use energy to escape.

It's a pity that Ke Meng is staring there, and the probability that they can escape is too low.

"Brothers, it's over. After becoming a god next time, we will kill the souls of Nora and Nina to honor the dead of our Orange Star." Colin said in a loud voice.

"Okay!" Everyone shouted with tragic feelings.

Ke Meng took away Nara and Nina, and now there is no player who can suppress them safely.

"By the way, how do you two feel inside the sealed item?" Ke Meng asked by the way.

"What, what does it feel?"

"Didn't I log off, and how do you feel?" Ke Meng asked.

When the player logs off, the body disappears.

By the way, the storage bag is also on the player, because the sealed Nora and Nina are also in the storage bag.

At that time, after the player logged off, Ke Meng hadn't thought about the status of the two.

Now I suddenly become curious.

Nara and Nina's expressions moved slightly, and when they looked at each other, their clever eyes turned.

"Oh, isn't it, I don't feel it." Nora said.

"There is a feeling, a very exciting feeling, do you want to try it?" Nina said with a smile as usual.

Ke Meng stared at the two people and could clearly feel that these two people were teasing him.

"Needless to say, I can test it myself." Ke Meng sealed the two and put them in the player's storage bag.

System's own storage bag is very stable, and it can disappear with his log off, which makes Ke Meng curious.

So, a test meeting began again.

Ke Meng stored some of his cells in a storage bag.

Wait until log off and then come back, take out that part of the cell, let the cell return to the body, and silently feel the feeling of the cell in the storage bag.

Soon, Ke Meng had a vague illusion and a sense of space in front of him.

After calculating the time, the moment Ke Meng Sense Connection was log off, the moment seemed to be cut off, and it was the moment when Ke Meng went online.

"When log off, there is no concept of time?" Ke Meng had a speculation in his mind.

After the player logs off, where the body will go to rest, even Ke Meng himself does not know this.

But after this wave of testing, Ke Meng can feel that there is a Time Rule in it.

Regarding Time Rule, the lifeline on Ke Meng's body also has time scars.

In the face of this eternal scar, Ke Meng did not feel sad, but was a little excited.

The scars of time can be left on the body, which provides him with convenient observation opportunities.

Ke Meng found several Cthulhu players, took out the treasures from the backpack space, and asked them to cooperate with the test and log off.

Observing time scars and observing other people's Time Rule changes are of great help to Ke Meng's research on sacrificial flow.

Because this involves space-time channels.

How to achieve cross-world teleportation to shorten the time of teleportation to the point of exquisiteness.

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