I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 727

The more time I study, the more I can feel the greatness and profoundness of the sacrificial ability.

Open up the two worlds for barrier-free material exchange.

Time, distance, material transfer.

All kinds of details, like a big bang in Ke Meng's mind, keep spinning, keep spinning.

In the end, Ke Meng's brain seemed to explode, mysteriously and inexorably, feeling the true meaning of chaotic consciousness.

Wait until I fall into a dream and return to R'lyeh.

There was another vague call in my ear: "Great Cthulhu, R'lyeh's Dormant God, Ruler of the Olden Days..."

Ke Meng did not wait, Instead, he chose Sacrifice Acceptance directly.

Now he is in urgent need of a way to quickly understand the core of sacrifice and master the ability to sacrifice.

Although, Ke Meng has no intention of becoming an Evil God.

However, the elimination of Naya’s Avatar has become a huge source of motivation for Ke Meng’s current pursuit of progress.

Nara and Nina are trapped in the sealed object, but they can actually break free.

But when Ke Meng dreams, he is not in the game at all, but dreams in reality.

Therefore, Nora and Nina are both in the state of Time Freeze. When their consciousness is clear, it must be that Ke Meng is already online in the game.

Return to R'lyeh again.

After Ke Meng Sacrifice Acceptance called, the mind came to a huge place in the game world.

Several Cthulhu believers whispered to Cthulhu's name.

"Great Cthulhu, Naia’s will affects us, please forgive us for our disrespect some time ago."

Several Cthulhu believers prayed in low voices for what they committed before Repent of his sins.

Ke Meng's attention is all on his mind traveling through time and space.

This kind of wonderful experience, every minute, every second, every detail, contains extremely profound knowledge.

To master the sacrificial ability, Ke Meng needs more knowledge.

Ke Meng looked towards the believer below, listening to the other party's confession with spirituality.

Cthulhu believer said that they were infected some time ago because of the joint dream.

On the space battleship, believer has been ruining himself and the demons have been dancing for a while.

Fortunately, the space battleship is not destroyed.

But internal believer, the loss is greater.

This has affected their normal life.

Believers are eager for the great Cthulhu to be able to guide them.

At this time.

Ke Meng's own soul Resistance has been able to withstand the influence of Cthulhu.

So, what he says now is basically what he says in his heart.

However, what he should say to believers now.

Ke Meng was silent for dozens of seconds.

The believers jerked their bodies uneasily, thinking that Evil God had ignored their request for ignorance.

Time passed slowly, and the atmosphere on the court became more and more solemn, as if the air had turned into mountains, and people could not breathe.

In the end, Ke Meng just conveyed a belief, come on.

This belief is transmitted by Evil God, and there is no doubt that it is a bit weird.

Believers is inevitably interpreted as another meaning.

This is a penalty for them not enough to lift the seal.

Next, we must work harder.

Ke Meng got drunk after reading their understanding.

However, he did not continue to explain.

Although Ke Meng's mind is sober, the beliefs expressed by the body of Cthulhu will inevitably affect them and make them move towards the direction of lifting the Ancient God Seal and work hard.

Ke Meng continued to feel the flow direction of the item after taking away the opponent's item.

All of this, he relied on a strong spirituality and kept Sense Connection to observe the regular operation of the world behind the sacrificial stream.

"The item was dedicated to me, but the item did not come to the gods, so the sacrificial stream pays more attention to the primordial coordinates of the soul."

Ke Meng began to analyze his soul State, what kind of state is it?

Normal sacrifices are directly sacrificed to the target god.

On Ke Meng's side, the item came to the real side after turnover.

"My soul resides in Cthulhu."

"I control Cthulhu, but my soul is not only in the game."

"The most primordial coordinates of the soul are in the real world."

"This is just a temporary coordinate in a dream."

"Wait, I am in a dream state."


"In other words, did one of my dreams control Cthulhu's body?"

As Ke Meng's thoughts grew more and more.

My own brain is once again caught in chaotic thinking.


The sky of the game world is dim.

An unnamed mist shrouds the sky, making players invisible to the rays of light.

The players team up in groups to help each other on the way to practice becoming gods.

Colin used a piece of hair to blow out a raging fire, which burned brightly, lighting up the sky above his head, resulting in a short-term bright effect, illuminating the sky within a radius of ten thousand li.

"Only light can illuminate our hearts. We can't let this day remain dark." Colin said.

The rest of the players are nodded, remember Colin's words.


Sect Lord Liu Siting took the believer players to the ancient ruins to observe the lost ruins.

Last time, when I came to this ruin.

What they saw was a mess of essays, time was disordered, and story sentences were not smooth. They often jumped from one paragraph to another, like a spliced ​​style.

Now, their Cthulhu sect has re-appeared in Ancient Ruins and found that the inscriptions in the ruins have become neat ancient writings, recording a lot of secrets.

"Naya's influence has disappeared, and we can read ancient events normally." Liu Siting said excitedly.

She led the crowd to quickly interpret the story of the war of gods recorded in ancient texts.

That battle.

Cthulhu, the sleeping god, met Ancient God, the sleeping god.

The two fought directly in the dream.

The results speak for themselves.

The entire world has heard their hands-on voices, and countless creatures have been polluted by their aftermath.

"The entire world? This historical writer, does it use such a wide range of words?"

After Liu Siting was affected by Nia’s mind pollution, the belief in his mind was not special It's pure.

At least for now, she is no longer a mindless worshiper of Cthulhu.

But for the rest, she still prefers Cthulhu's believer.

"Who banished Ancient God?"

Liu Siting watched all the way.

The battle of the gods is not just a battle between Cthulhu and Ancient God.

The entire Ruler of the Olden Days camp was replaced by Ancient God.

No wonder that battle, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, gave birth to many magical things.

For example, the nameless fog.

However, the origin of the nameless fog recorded in historical documents is unclear.

"We need to find the next relic. The text here has been recorded." Sect Lord Liu looked at these documents and felt that the history is very magnificent.

It seems that it is not just the battle between Ruler of the Olden Days and Ancient God.

Naya must have also participated in the war, otherwise, what did he do to cover up the history of the entire game land.

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