I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 728

The truth of history is often hidden in unknown deeds.

Without Niya's influence, all the documents are very true.

After several days of investigation.

Liu Sect Lord and the others discovered a shocking secret.

That was the original native, who saw Ancient God using the power of the stars to seal the defeated Cthulhu.

Cthulhu was sealed in a place called R'lyeh, which was a deep ocean.

The power of the stars trapped Cthulhu, leaving him with no freedom at all.

"Our quest is to find the location of the stars, and then push the stars to return quickly." Cthulhu believer and the others realized.

This, this is the final main line of the New Game+ era.

Promoting the return of the stars, Cthulhu is unblocked, and the world once again faces the horror of Ruler of the Olden Days dominating the world.

Believers danced with excitement at the thought that that day would finally come.

The believers of Cthulhu began to search for the secrets of the stars.

Every star has a corresponding ancient legend.

People check it very carefully.

Orange Star players did not study the stars, but they are also exercising their abilities continuously, moving towards the gods.

This is a very difficult road.


Orange Star.

Demoness sect strikes again, invading normal people in dreams.

This makes the already fragile Orange Star even worse.

Orange Star people are very angry. The behind-the-scenes existence of Demoness sect, I don’t know why, is on their side. There are obviously no resources that the other party can obtain.

The Research Institute was destroyed, and the surviving research institutes in various places set up temporary decision-making centers one after another.

They sent representatives to interview the people of Demoness sect directly.

In the past, the Orange Star people would never give Demoness sect the opportunity to talk face-to-face and peacefully.

Because that is not achieved, the status of the two parties is not equal, and Orange Star is their motherstar, there is no need to give in.

Now that Naia is engaged in this way, the Orange Star people can no longer withstand the more twists and turns of the war of forces.

Now I just want to stabilize Orange Star and get my life back on track.

Not long.

Demoness sect people also received calls from Orange Star people. Orange Star people want to talk to the plane, and they can talk about the needs of Demoness sect in person.

If you can meet your needs and get along with each other in peace, everyone will be happy.

Or Orange Star can let the Demoness teacher leave Orange Star satisfactorily, that is even better.

The interview time was quickly set at noon the next day.

Noon the next day.

The sky of Orange Star is shrouded in a layer of overcast cloud, which is the dust raised after many places of Orange Star have suffered saturation attacks. The dust covers the whole world along the global wind current.

In a tall building in Wisetool City.

A long round table is placed on the roof.

A tall woman, wearing a capable combat uniform, sits at a long table.

At this time, the official representative of Orange Star came.

The visitor was wearing a white coat with a serious face, and a few robots followed.

"Hello, I am Li Shen, the official representative of the interviewer." Li Shen looked steadily forward.

Li Shen is a high level professor on the main city side. He is also on the main city side when performing the BOSS battle.

Coincidentally, he logged off halfway through that day.

When Naia’s dream crisis had not yet burst.

He vaguely felt the crisis.

Although he didn't know what the crisis was, he still complied with his inflated intuition and left the main city.

When they left, they were also on the phone with the main city and asked them to evacuate quickly.

Unfortunately, his words sometimes work, but sometimes, others will only think that Li Shen's illness has committed again.

Li Shen often makes some crazy language crazy words, which sound very radical and illogical.

So sometimes, people subconsciously choose to ignore Li Shen's unreasonable suggestions.

When everyone is undecided in a meeting, and a strong leader is needed to push them toward a radical plan, Li Shen's suggestion will be adopted by everyone.

In short, Li Shen was lucky to survive.

"Hello, my name is Gao He." The woman is nodded and has a nice face, but Li Shen feels that the other party may be the gender of the mutation.

"Can you represent the highest will of Demoness sect, I mean, that existence can directly descend on your body and talk to me?"

Neither does Li Shen Nonsense, directly pointed out the purpose of this trip.

This is in an instant.

The woman's face became calm, her eyes became extremely cold, her temperament changed drastically.

Li Shen was not affected. He only felt that the other's eyes had changed, turning into a pair of indifferent eyes, like those of Spiritual God.

"Hello, Professor Li Shen." The woman said blankly.

"Hello, what should I call you?"

Li Shen tried to formulate a little information so that he could know what the other party is.

"You can call me Demoness." Demoness paused and said: "Give me a hundred million people."

"You want life? Forgive me to speak bluntly, this is impossible In addition to life, you can mention other conditions." Li Shen shook his head.

In the face of these indifferent faces like Spiritual God, Li Shen is very calm.

Perhaps because I often hear those disturbing calls, Li Shen has developed an unusually strong nerve, and his rationality is superhuman.

Even in the face of Demoness, he didn't show the slightest meaning of stage fright.

In the face of such a powerful willpower, Demoness changed its rhetoric.

"What I need is not human life, but knowledge."


"One hundred million people’s knowledge can be exchanged with me Extraordinary knowledge, this kind of knowledge is enough for you to enhance your strength." Demoness said the purpose of this trip.

Li Shen was a little surprised. The other party invaded that many people. The desired result is just knowledge?

What's the joke?

However, looking at the indifferent face of Demoness, it seemed to be joking again.

"Can you explain, why do you want knowledge?"

Demoness didn't speak, just looked at him quietly.

Li Shen didn't speak, just staring at each other straight.

The two sides fell into silence.

When the robot on the side saw this, he did not speak, but silently offered two cups of hot tea.

Neither of them drank tea, letting time pass.

Perhaps Demoness’ imposing manner is more sufficient. Ten minutes later, Li Shen took the initiative to break the silence, “How do we exchange knowledge, what is the method, whether there are repercussions, and if there are repercussions, what is it? "

Li Shen asked in detail, only then did Demoness speak slowly, telling the method of exchanging knowledge and repercussions.

Li Shen nodded, the robot on the side also flashed a flashing light, indicating that he was recording what the other party was saying.

After some time.

The transaction is concluded.

Orange Star pays 100 million people for knowledge.

The other party's Demoness imparts a seed of extraordinary knowledge to the 100 million people.

The method of exchange is Demoness to copy memories, without removing the 100 million memories.

Extraordinary knowledge will also be stuffed into the mind of 100 million by the way when it is copied.

It sounds reasonable and very cost-effective.

But Li Shen hesitated for a while after listening to the repercussions.

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