I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 729

The price of exchange is not to change gender.

Demoness this time only involves exchanging knowledge and will not implant its belief ability, so it can avoid the appearance of Demoness followers.

The real repercussions are cognitive differences. After obtaining extraordinary knowledge, the body may undergo some kind of abnormality, commonly known as abnormality.

Demoness has traveled in the sky for many years.

I have been to many planets.

I have also seen many civilizations.

Some civilizations are prosperous and knowledge is very delicious.

Some civilizations have just developed, and the knowledge is too low, which makes her feel that she has not made progress.

Anyone who exchanges knowledge is more or less alienated in his body.

For example, the palm is alienated into steel, or alienated into an indescribable weird arm.

For example, if the eyeball becomes a double pupil, the laser can be released.

The brain is split and can accept external light sources.

Skin mutation allows people to photosynthesize.

In short, the situation of alienation depends on the person.

Li Shen felt a little scared when he heard this function, and his instinct told himself that this was a dangerous attempt.

However, he has another feeling that if he doesn't move in that extraordinary direction, he may be like this for the rest of his life and it is difficult to make progress.

Some people may say that where the research in the field of biotechnology is profound, it is also possible to modify genes to achieve an inhuman level of transformation.

But the problem is that Orange Star's current biotechnology has not yet reached that super level.

This is a planet that's all that just started Interstellar Era, not a civilization with a long history of tens of thousands of years.

Now, the game world is developing rapidly. According to reliable sources, game has entered the New Game+ era.

New Game+, Cthulhu is about to recover.

Someone suspected that they saw the ghosts of the stars, but they didn't know if it was an illusion or the truth.

There is really not much time left for Orange Star.

Don't seek change, are you still waiting for a breakthrough in the field of science and technology?

How many years will it take?

How many years, ten years, ten years?

I am afraid that in a year, the Orange Star will be gone.

Li Shen is thinking twice.

Decided to sign up to participate in the knowledge exchange of those 100 million people.

Demoness is a knowledge hobby person. Traveling in the sky, he likes to taste the civilization memory of others the most.

The amount of knowledge of one hundred million people is enough to brand the knowledge characteristics of a civilization.

The third day.

Up and down Orange Star, the whole country passed a plan for the transformation of 100 million people.

For this plan, more than 90 million Orange Star people were asked through the internet.

The remaining millions of people will be digested internally by the people in the research institute.

After all, people in the academy also desire new knowledge, especially those extraordinary knowledge.

In the game world, these researchers have tasted the charm of magic.

The incomparable experience when they cast magic makes them feel deeply, and they want to experience it in reality.

But the reality is too skinny, humans can't feel the surge of magic power, and they can't use the skills of game world at all.

Now, Demoness tells them that she can give extraordinary knowledge, so that humans can also experience this extraordinary sense in reality.

People are excited.

Orange Star officially concealed the Demoness information so as not to cause public outrage.

After all, trading with Demoness is equivalent to trading with the enemy and devil.

It is not bright enough to say it.

On the Demoness side, she also made a promise, and the transaction belongs to the transaction. After the transaction is completed, she will leave here, continue to travel in the sky, and go to the next civilized place to taste their taste.

Orange Star people now have no ability to find out where Demoness is, let alone eliminate this weird existence.

They can only follow the meaning of Demoness, and on the fifth day, they held a grand transformation ceremony.

One hundred million people are too large, and one place can’t contain that many people.

Officials can only gather people in open spaces in various cities and gather within a specified time.

Demoness stands in a dark place with no bright side.

Li Shen was also standing in the crowd of Wisetool City, looking at the home that is being rebuilt across the city, with emotion.

There are countless drones on the horizon, carrying large and small materials, rebuilding the foundations and stacking tall buildings with extremely high efficiency and intelligence.

Although the sky is densely dusty, he believes that as long as mankind does not perish, the fire of hope will burn this gloomy cloud sky again.

The next second.

Li Shen felt his consciousness trance, and some strange knowledge got into his mind.

At the same time, there was a strange feeling in his mind, as if there was something, he reached into his brain and fished it out, fished out all his memories, read it again, and put it back again.

"Is this exchange?" Li Shen, who experienced extraordinary knowledge infusion, immediately fainted.

Across the audience, people fainted one after another.

Medical robots are dispatched quickly, swarm scans, and measure everyone's heartbeat and physical condition.


"Good health!"

"Heart rate is normal!"

The robot produced hundreds of thousands in an instant A report on human health is sent to the data center.

Orange Mother AI in the data center suspended the alert command for the robot to fight on the spot after processing.

If the physical state of these hundreds of thousands of people is death, AI will definitely go to war with Demoness.

Although I don’t know if I can play it, it’s a question of attitude.

Fortunately, the worst has not happened now.

"Miss Demoness, please wait for everyone to wake up, and then go to the next city for knowledge exchange." The robot came to Demoness in the dark place, quietly said.

"I see." Demoness was expressionless and licked his lips.

She is a traveler, here, she is just a hurried passerby.

"Experiencing Cthulhu's dream dominance, and being affected by Nia's chaotic will, rebuilding his home in the end, what a wonderful memory." Demoness smiled softly and let out a low hoho laugh.

Normal people may feel that this is not something to be happy about.

But for an empty traveler with an abnormal mind, his happiness is different from that of a human being.

One hour.

Led by Li Shen and the others, gradually regained consciousness.

After waking up, they immediately thought of the newly infused knowledge and abnormal changes in their bodies.

Professor Li Shen felt his eyes hot, and he reached out to touch it, but he didn't dare to touch it.

I tapped the watch, and the voice activated: "Scan my eyes and show me the image."

Soon, the watch scanned Li Shen’s eyes. And with the holographic technology projection of 3D three-dimensional model diagrams into the air, it can accept artificial 360-degree rotating observation.

"My eyeballs have mutation." Li Shen stared at the image and could see the scanned eyeball model. There was a very thick bloody nerve on the surface of the pupil.

This blood-colored nerve is abnormal. Just by observing the holographic image with naked eye, you can feel it beating frantically, as if another life was born in the eyeball.

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