I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 732

The big-faced cat has already been sitting aside.

Ke Meng stuffed the monkey's tail into the enlarged version of the big-faced cat's mouth.

The tail disappears without any suspense, and even the lifeline disappears with it.

"The lifeline of the player will disappear, so after the resurrection, can the player regenerate the tail?" Ke Meng took out the magical notebook and wrote a line on it.

The monkeys are shiver coldly, and I feel that the notebook has World Destroying Might, so that they all raise their heads does not raise.

Ke Meng looked towards the monkeys.

Flick the right finger and hit the lifeline of a monkey player. The lifeline broke immediately and died instantly.

Ke Meng stared at them indifferently.

On the road to power, studying the power of rules, it is indispensable to do various tests, and he has looked down on the life and death of the field monster.

Ke Meng has done tests on animals before, and now even if spiritual wisdom is improved, there is no psychological barrier.

The monkey player whose lifeline was snapped turned into a corpse, lying horizontally on the ground.

The soul has disappeared, without whereabouts.

Ke Meng's spirituality diverged, and instantly took White Sugar back into the scarf to prevent it from being scared to death by his spirituality.

Sweet Dumpling continues to stay on the field, puppy has been fed to max level by Ke Meng, Ke Meng will suppress his spirituality again, and will not scare Sweet Dumpling.

Sense Connection for a period of time.

"It looks like it's back in the game."

"You are staring here, I will go back and see it." Ke Meng put on the game helmet and couldn't wait to return game world.

Sure enough, at the resurrection point of Novice Village, Ke Meng saw a new monkey player.

However, the monkey player's tail has not recovered.

The tail has been swallowed by the big-faced cat, and I don’t know where it is going.

"The tail is not reborn." Ke Meng stared at the tailless butt of the steel needle monkey, lost in thought.

Can the mouth of a big-faced cat swallow even the protection rules of the game world?

This guy is really extraordinary.

Ke Meng is becoming more and more curious about the big-faced cat.

It stands to reason that in such a dangerous world, being curious about some powerful unknown is the beginning of danger.

The more you know, the more likely you are to put yourself in danger.

There is nothing wrong in theory.

But Ke Meng’s spirituality has not yet been alert, and he believes in his spirituality very much.

This is really a divine rank and other spirituality scale. If True God can feel dangerous, Ke Meng will definitely be able to detect it.

Furthermore, the big-faced cat is so mysterious, is he really willing to leave it alone?

Ke Meng quit the game and asked himself dozens of times.

He is really unwilling.

Ke Meng wrote a line on the world-destroying notebook:

"I discovered that the secret of the big face cat is very deep, even the gods, and even protect the players The World Rule can be swallowed, and I will further investigate its secrets."

No matter what difficulties you encounter, it is always right to write it down first.

"If future generations are fortunate enough to see this book, then I may have died on the way to investigate the truth, then please remember, do not investigate the big face cat, and delete all the information related to it in the archive "Ke Meng wrote this passage, which is equivalent to confessing a suicide note.

Of course, he himself does not think he will die.

Maybe he survived after investigating the truth, then this book may not be made public.

Ke Meng finished this passage, and used that infinite magic power to create a custom magic according to his own cognitive understanding.

Leave a little bit of life on this book.

If Ke Meng dies, it is estimated that a little mark of life in the book will not escape.

If Ke Meng dies, then the book will be banished back to Blue Star.

After the magic design is completed, there will be an extra layer of magic power loop on the notebook.


The second round test starts.

Take out the Size Transforming Lamp and reduce the monkey player to the size of an ant.

The monkeys became very small, scratching their heads on the ground, looking at the owner who became incomparable gigantic, and seeing the diary of the world-destroying magic, they instantly lowered their heads and did not dare to look up.

Ke Meng started directly and threw the monkey into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Ke Meng's eyes are fixed on the big-faced cat's mouth.

The monkey's lifeline disappeared instantly, leaving no residue.

Ke Meng is on the line immediately, enters the game, and observes the resurrection point.

The resurrection point of Novice Village hasn't seen monkeys for a long time.

Even if Ke Meng used the violent spirituality Sense Connection monkey, Sense Connection couldn't go where, and only felt that the other party's information had completely disappeared.

It is like falling into a black hole of information, and any information related to it is gone forever.

Ke Meng looked serious and started a more rigorous test.

However, no matter how Ke Meng tests it, as long as it is meat, there is no resistance to the mouth of a big-faced cat, and it is all eliminated.

Chopsticks and other non-meat items will not show any signs of digestion when they enter the mouth.

Ke Meng tried to put the meaty bones in the mouth of the big-faced cat, but the bones were not destroyed and the meat was still swallowed.

The belly of the big-faced cat has a bottom line. If there are too many non-meat stuffs, it can't be stuffed in.

If you want to pour these things out, you just turn the cat upside down, pat your buttocks, and then pat your stomach. The garbage in your stomach will be dumped out.

The belly of the big-faced cat is like a trash can. It can hold trash and eliminate meat.

A few days later.

Ke Meng can't help it anymore and wants to test whether the living Evil God body will be swallowed by the big-faced cat.

There is no need to throw the entire Evil God into the mouth of the big-faced cat.

Just throw a part of Evil God to the big-faced cat to swallow, and then you can know whether the big-faced cat can eat Evil God.

This day.

Nara and Nina were pulled out of the seal by Ke Meng.

Nara and Nina see the sky again, squinting, adapting to the hard-won light.

At the same time, their minds are flashing, thinking about any chance of escape.

Being imprisoned in Ke Meng's hand is not free enough for them, too boring.

Only escape is their way out.

At this time, the spirituality of the younger sister diverged, and something unusual was felt.

"Where is this?" younger sister Nina asked Ke Meng.

"This is a planet." Ke Meng did not report the name of the planet, and there is no need to report the name of the planet to the other party.

"This is not the so-called game world, I can feel that the rules of the world are different." Nina's observation ability is very keen, and she has discovered the difference in this world.

Different from the half-hearted Demi-God players, they are true Evil Gods who know the rules of the game world.

But the world here is different from the game world and is relatively unfamiliar.

Only those who have been gods know the difference.

Of course, only after Nina and Nora are combined can they display the strength of True God. Now they cannot be combined and can only be controlled by Ke Meng.

The two are also thinking, using the player's body to embark on the road of integration, becoming a True God, free from Ke Meng's control.

But Ke Meng's life-and-death ability is very domineering, and it has troubled them for a long time.

At this time, Ke Meng said the purpose of this time: "I called you out this time to show you something."

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