I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 733

"What are you looking at?"

"I have something that has swallowed all of your Niya Avatars." Ke Meng slowly said.

The two obviously didn't believe it, Nina was expressionless, and Nara sneered directly at Ke Meng.

Even if they are trapped, the two twins will not beg for mercy, nor will they show Ke Meng a prisoner expression.

The undead player status is their greatest support.

Ke Meng moved the big-faced cat out as he spoke.

The moment I saw the big-faced cat.

The two twins looked over, watched them over and over again, staring constantly.

"This cat."

"It's a little weird."

"It seems to have stopped thinking, I can't feel its emotions." Nara and Nina are both people who know the goods, and instantly feel that this kitten is extraordinary.

"Is it still alive?" Nara looked towards Ke Meng.

Ke Meng nodded, "I'm still alive."

"I'm still alive, how can this be done? Stop thinking, but still be alive." Nara was stunned.

"You just said it can swallow us? Seriously?"

"I don't know, I am preparing for the test." Ke Meng shook his head and said again: "Of course, because I promised The Orange Star people will get revenge on their own, so I only borrow an appendix for testing."

As Ke Meng said, he fetched something from them.

The magic power is gathered in the palm of the hand, and the magic of fishing objects in the air plus the magic of positioning, locates Nora's appendix.

Gently hold the air and pull it out, and there is an additional appendix in your hand.

Nara immediately lowered her head to look at herself. There were no scars at all. This was taken out by magic.

Next, Ke Meng said: "I'm going to start feeding the cat, watch it carefully."

Ke Meng reminded them both that while observing the cat, it also Use spirituality to observe their spirituality.

Their own feelings are more real than those of Ke Meng, a passerby perspective.

Ke Meng threw the appendix into the mouth of the big-faced cat with a light throw.

The eyes of the twins opened wide, staring at the appendix.

As players, they have no concept of death, but it does not mean that they have not studied death.

Although the research level is not as profound as Ke Meng, they clearly know that the player's body is protected by the World Rule, and it is safe from death.

Nara stared at the appendix into Black's mouth and disappeared.

Something seems to be missing in my heart.

"Yi!" Nora made a doubtful sound.

"What's the matter with the elder sister?" The younger sister also retracted her gaze at this time, watching the elder sister's attention.

"It feels like something is missing." Nara looked into herself with spirituality, did not feel the popularity of life, but something did disappear.

"Your appendix, see how it feels there." Ke Meng's voice suddenly sounded.

Nara looked inside again, with a strange expression, "I feel really gone, but I should be able to recover through resurrection."

Ke Meng hehe smiled, "This is nothing It’s that simple. Otherwise, I won’t let you watch the cat face to face."

"Now, let’s go back to the game and see the effect." After Ke Meng finished speaking, he took Nora’s The lifeline is torn off.

After that, Ke Meng sealed Nina, logged in to the game, and returned to the resurrection point in the game world.

At this time, Nora has been resurrected.

She ran away frantically, borrowing energy from in the sky, but she was still caught up by Ke Meng.

Borrowing energy is not invincible. When she cannot return it, she will backlash herself.

When Ke Meng found Nora, he asked about the appendix in person.

Sure enough, Nora gave the answer-the appendix really disappeared and did not follow the resurrection.

In other words, Ke Meng has completely mastered the methods of extinguishing soul.

Just throw them into the mouth of the big-faced cat, and Evil God can be completely wiped out.

Even the rules of the game world, even the Evil God, are treated equally in the mouth of the big-faced cat.

"Why is there such an existence? It is impossible to be a normal kitten, it must be a god!"

"It is very dangerous for such a thing to stay around, Ke Meng, I I suggest you throw it away." Nora said seriously.

"Do you think I will throw it?" Ke Meng shook his head.

"You are playing with fire like this, this cat must have a great background."

Ke Meng firmly believes in his spiritual perception, there is no danger, then continue to investigate .

After he sealed the shocked Nora, he went to deal with Nina.

I did a second test on another planet. Nina's appendix test results were the same as her elder sister's appendix, which was completely wiped out.

Nina was shocked. She didn't believe that she would die. She was really panicked this time. She was afraid of this cat for the first time.

Ke Meng killed Nina easily, brought her back to the game world, and sealed it again.

Ke Meng, who knows the result, is not satisfied with this.

Now he only knows that Big Face Cat can destroy Evil God and the player, but he still doesn't know the life experience of Big Face Cat and the secret behind the scenes.

Ke Meng picks up his previous memories again and recalls the origin of the big-faced cat.

The big face cat was born in Cat-Face People Mountain Village, which is the first sacrifice it received after becoming a Cthulhu.

It was the sacrifice that gave Ke Meng a special item with an identification function.

"Cat-Face People Mountain Village..." Ke Meng muttered.

Several turnaround.

Ke Meng found the site of Cat-Face People Mountain Village.

The cat-face people have moved out of this place. They have been blessed by Cthulhu and become a powerful field monster group.

According to Ke Meng's knowledge, cat-face people have grown to the 500th level, becoming the dominant group in more than 400-level areas.

Now this site is the place where cat-face people once lived.

A dry well, dozens of dilapidated houses, mountainside and cat tail grass.

They used to sacrifice to Cthulhu because the cat tail grass was occupied by players, vowing to drive away the players.

Now that players are not players, it is no longer their focus.

Ke Meng walked on the path of Cat-Face People Mountain Village, and all kinds of memories rushed to his heart, which are the side effects of excessive Sense Connection.

As long as it is a historical fragment with strong emotions left on this land, it will be captured by Ke Meng's spirituality and replayed in his mind.

Ke Meng saw cat-face people offering sacrifices to Cthulhu and presented the village’s treasure, the big-faced cat, to Ke Meng.

"Speaking of which, Big Face Cat's self-introduction contains strange knowledge, stop thinking, and sublimate thinking." Ke Meng remembered the introduction of these three characteristics.

The first feature is to add strange knowledge, which Ke Meng has experienced countless times.

Stop thinking is the characteristic of a big-faced cat, and Ke Meng also feels it deeply.

Only thinking sublimation, Ke Meng has never felt this at all.

From the introduction of Big Face Cat, in history, only the first village chief had to sublimate his mind.

The head of the village with sublimated thinking went out to practice and never returned to the village.

Some villagers believe that the first village chief has died outside.

Some people think that the village chief has become stronger outside, but they have forgotten their hometown and have no idea of ​​coming back to help a group of villagers.

Ke Meng glanced in the well, then went back and forth in the mountain village.

The story of the first village chief caught Ke Meng's attention.

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