I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 734

Ke Meng wandered around Cat-Face People Mountain Village to get historical pictures of the past.

Some things are too long, the records have become very vague, and Sense Connection is not real enough.

Ke Meng has been wandering here for a long time, like a black spectre, full of black smoke, invisible form, absorbing the memory of the past.

Until Ke Meng saw the construction of Cat-Face People Mountain Village from scratch.

At this time, Ke Meng began to turn his memory upside down and saw the mother of the village, the village head.

Human form, cat face, long cat tail behind him, cat pupils are yellow, reflecting a strange light.

As the first cat-face people to sublimate their minds, the village chief’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit are full, and they are more mindful than all villagers.

Ke Meng noticed that the spirituality of the village chief has soared day by day, and the increase is quite terrifying.

The screen of Sense Connection is fast forwarded to 1 month later.

The village has been built.

The village chief did not know where he brought back a kitten who stopped thinking.

The village chief taught the villagers how to feed the kittens, and after a certain day, he left the village, claiming to go to the wasteland to experience.

Since then, the village chief’s seat has been vacant. A few years later, everyone decided that the village chief was dead, and elected the former deputy chief as the official village chief.

After many years, the village has changed from generation to generation, and the village chief lives in the stories of the older generation.

The descendants have never seen the village head, and can only hear the story of the village head from the story of the senior.

After Sense Connection is complete.

Ke Meng set off to go to the great wilderness where the village chief is going.

The Nyah factor now shrouded on land has disappeared, and there will be no more false history.

Ke Meng soon found a story about the Great Wilderness in an abandoned city.

The Great Wilderness was a forbidden place long ago, and now that area has become a safe place for free entry and exit.

That area is called the Unknown Forest.

According to the player’s map, it is an Lv. 200 area, which is at least a month away from the novice area.

Ke Meng's speed was extraordinary. He made a quick transition from in the sky, and arrived at the scene after a few minutes of shuttle.

By the way.

Since Ke Meng's awareness of the game world has increased, the speed of shuttling through the void has also increased.

Those turbulent void turbulence seems to hinder oneself.

In fact, as long as you have the heart, you can pull up the turbulence and let the spatial ripples they produce help you accelerate and achieve speed travel.

Soon, Ke Meng came to the Unknown Forest.

The Unknown Forest is very dense, with tall trees and generous shadows, as if there are many silhouettes shaking inside.

Ke Meng recalled the game data. Among the first play through data, Wumingzhi Forest is a beautiful forest bathed in sunlight all day long, suitable for players to date in it.

But in the New Game+ era, the sun is gone, and the sky is shrouded in unknown fog, making this place very dark.

Ke Meng naturally won't be used to these evil spirits, flicking his fingers softly, magic power forms a round artificial sun, which burns blazingly above the forest.

ten thousand zhang The sun shone through the square, causing the nameless fog to recede a little.

The shadow in the forest was irradiated by the sun, and bursts of green smoke appeared.

Not long afterwards, the yelling of evil spirits rang in the forest, and the sound entered the ears, which was extremely painful.

Ke Meng walks on this land and feels the memory of the past.

There are players, and there are some memories of animals.

However, what Ke Meng wants is not these memories, but the famine period when this land was not called the Unknown Forest.

At that time, this place was deserted, without any vegetation, and hot weather could cook people.

It's hard to imagine that the village head of cat-face people with sublimated thinking will experience in such a place.

Unless, he found something.

Ke Meng wandered in the forest for a long time. The evil spirits avoided Ke Meng and hid in the shadows under the trees. They did not want to be illuminated by the sky, nor did they want to be found by Ke Meng.

But Ke Meng's shots are extremely terrible. He kills one when he sees one, taking the Resistance power from them and using it for himself.

I have lived in the game world for a long time, and I have become more and more indifferent to life.

Ke Meng also knows that his situation is not very good. Humanity is gradually hiding. On the way to chasing for power, he is more and more used to plunder.

Ke Meng feels uneasy again without plundering Resistance.

If there is no resistance against Evil God, your future will not belong to him.

He wants to control his future and cannot be restrained by Cthulhu.

A few days later.

Ke Meng finally returned to the land called the Great Wilderness Period.

On that land, cat-face people with extremely high spirituality walked through this land, leaving scary legends.

Countless creatures in the Great Wilderness have been obliterated. They belonged to the underground clan. They smelled the meat and got out subconsciously. Unexpectedly, they were directly suppressed and killed by the village chief.

The spirituality of the village chief is getting higher and higher, and it has risen to the level of gods.

This shocked Ke Meng secretly. This village chief is simply an inexperienced genius who transformed into a god in just a few months.

Is the sublimation of thinking so powerful?

Ke Meng thought of the Necronomicon Book.

No, the sublimation of thinking is so powerful!

After Ke Meng comprehend the book of the Necromancer, his own thinking also opened up new ideas. He saw death more thoroughly than the overwhelming majority. After that, the study of necromantic magic did not hinder bottleneck, and he studied all the way to becoming a god.

The sublimation of the village chief’s thinking is also a similar process, opening up the bottleneck of becoming a god, and the next step is to use time to transition.

However, this is not the result Ke Meng wants. What Ke Meng wants to see is the past of the big face cat.

The village chief who became a god, went to another place.

Ke Meng pushes back in the opposite direction. He is going to find the place where the big-faced cat was born. That is what Ke Meng cares about.

As for the village head, I will solve the puzzle of kittens later, and then go back to see where the village head went after he became a god.

This journey of finding secrets is much longer than Ke Meng imagined.

It took nearly two months for Ke Meng to find the first place where the village chief found the big-faced cat from the vague history.

That place was an ordinary haystack, and the kitten squatted in the haystack, looking up at the sky forty-five degrees in a daze.

It seems that it has lost the ability to think since it was born.

In the face of this kitten, the village chief with low spiritual wisdom picked up the big-faced cat and called the kitten's name.

Ke Meng pricked his ears to listen.

Nothing was heard.

At this time, the spirituality of the village chief began to change.

The thinking is sublimated!

There seem to be colorful rays of light radiating from the big-faced cat.

The village chief not only gained strange knowledge, but also sublimated his thinking.

At this time, the village chief was not the village chief. After sublimation, he hid the kitten, and then took the first batch of cat-face people and built the village.

Until the village is built, he will go to the field and bring the hidden kitten back to the village.

The next thing is what Ke Meng saw.

In order to find this piece of past history, it took Ke Meng a lot of work.

“I stopped thinking from at first.”

Ke Meng regretfully sat in a deserted clearing, where the big-faced cat first appeared in the haystack.

Now that there is no grass, Ke Meng can no longer Sense Connection to the more ancient past, and the investigation is in trouble.

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