I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 735

A few days have passed.

Ke Meng has made no progress!

This situation is comparatively bewildering, but he has to admit one thing, that is, the secret of the big face cat has been covered up, and no more information has been leaked.

Ke Meng has no place to investigate, so he can only investigate the village chief.

The whereabouts of the village chief has left a lot of historical traces since he became a god.

When I became a god for the first time, without covering up spirituality, Ke Meng casually looked for the traces of the gods of the village chief in the Great Wilderness.

But over time.

After Ke Meng followed the village chief’s traces to the Duo Miangu area, the village chief’s spirituality faded away.

Through observing history, Ke Meng knew that the village chief had begun to control spirituality, conceal spirituality, and no longer spread his own information everywhere.

But why did you choose to learn the hidden spirituality here?

Ke Meng looked at the multi-faceted valley after changing the topography, because a meteorite fell by Ke Meng changed the topography and changed the shape of the mutation mountain here.

Ke Meng entered the valley again, and the unnamed mist topped the mountain top.

When people are in the valley, they can only see half of the mountainside when they look up. There is a kind of artistic conception of clouds deep in unknown place.

Ke Meng has been observing for most of the day and can't see much more.

At this point.

The clue is interrupted here.

However, Ke Meng feels that sooner or later he can find more clues.

In a blink of an eye, half a year later.

After hard work, the players of Orange Star slowly reached the level of the rules of the power of the gods, and they were able to step into the divine rank with just one step.

Cthulhu believer players have found an ancient teleportation relic, which can teleport players to the planet in the sky. Through a series of quests, the planet will be promoted and the stars will return faster.

Ke Meng has been there once, there are no traces of gods on it, and there is nothing to investigate.

Except for occasionally interfering with the same players, making them always unable to successfully communicate the will of the planet, nothing else.

In Ke Meng's view, in order to communicate the will of a planet, the spirituality must first rise to a very high level.

Secondly, planet will not listen to you after you make suggestions.

For non-motherstar-born creatures, it is a mystery whether to give advice to the planet or not.

Cthulhu has been calling for the stars to return with their voices. It does not mean that the player’s voice can promote the will of the stars to obey.

If you want to do this, you must at least be a formal god, not a half-skilled person.

During this time, he found different people to study the secrets of the Necronomicon Book.

No further testing was done before because of poor strength.

Now Ke Meng is boldly looking for different players and let them read the Necronomicon Book.

There was no surprise in the test, and everyone saw different content.

Some people have seen their future.

Ke Meng is now observing the future that this player sees.

"I saw the future, R'lyeh rose from the seabed, the great Cthulhu broke the seal and ruled the world!"

Ke Meng listened while Sense Connection, A vague light and shadow flashed in his eyes, and he couldn't help but frown. This was not the future he wanted to see.

"The future you see is not a fake future, right?" Ke Meng couldn't help retorting.

Because the future picture of Ke Meng Sense Connection is too vague, it is too unreliable to say that Cthulhu rules the world.

"No, it's true, Cthulhu will rule the world!"

After speaking, this person's consciousness fell into great confusion.

Ke Meng could only close the Necronomicon Book on his hand when he saw it, so that he could not read it.

"Hey, are you still alive?" Ke Meng asked a few times. Seeing that the opponent looked like a madman, he directly broke the lifeline and resurrected the opponent.

After the resurrected player, when he saw Ke Meng coming, he could no longer recognize who Ke Meng was.

Ke Meng checked for many times, and only then did he find that the other party had amnesia.

This kind of amnesia is similar to the amnesia of a bandage man. In order to protect his consciousness, the brain seals that memory by itself.

Ke Meng held the Necronomicon Book, did not stop the pace of testing, and continued to search for the next victim.

Myriad Transformations in the book of the dead, this person saw the future, and the other saw death, which is the Divine Road line similar to Ke Meng.

As the number of tests increases, Ke Meng sees more and more things and has a deeper understanding of the Necronomicon Book.

Some people are crazy because of this book, and some people have found the secret of becoming a god because of this.

Currently in the Cthulhu community, even if they find a way to become a god, they dare not use it.

Because Cthulhu's faith is pressing on them, only those who were forced by Ke Meng to press their heads to read the Necronomicon book, got out of the psychological barrier.


Time is not shifted by human will.

The first Orange Star player has become a god. On the day of becoming a god, the beam of spirituality rushed into the nameless fog, stirring the situation.

There was a congratulatory message on Orange Star’s union channel, and everyone was chanting his name-Colin!

The player who threatened to defeat Nora and Nina with his own body, did his own words and became the first to become a god.

While Ke Meng was still studying the mystery of the Necronomicon Book, Colin finally transmitted the news to him through the friend channel: "A'Meng, are Nora and Nina still there?"


When Ke Meng received this passage, he was gawked.

After reading it three times, Sense Connection realized that the other party has become a god.

"Received." Ke Meng said.

He did not explain that he has the ability to completely wipe out Naia. First let the opponent do it. If it can't be wiped out, he will keep it. If it is not good, he will feed the cat with his own hands. Big-faced cats are always the ones who come. Don't refuse.

Not long.

Ke Meng returned to the main city of Greycastle.

As soon as I landed, I heard countless people chanting Colin's name, as if that name represented hope.

Ke Meng felt the divine breath in the city, all traces of the divine nature of Colin.

Ke Meng released his spirituality a little bit, the stand in great numbers sitting in the city, the horse felt the change in the air, and another god came.

"A'Meng is here." Colin's eyes flickered, and he walked out of the city at a swift speed, flashing in front of Ke Meng in the blink of an eye.

Ke Meng did not talk nonsense, and said congratulations, then patted the sealed artifact and released Nara and Nina.

As soon as Nora and Nina came out, they saw the scene of the transaction between Ke Meng and Colin.

"What are you doing."

"Don't you think you can kill me?"

"Don't be funny, okay, we are players !" Nora and Nina act recklessly, even if they know that Ke Meng's big-faced cat can swallow them, they also fierce and unafraid of death, taunting Colin players in a very high profile.

Colin is not angry, coldly snorted and said: "You don't need to worry about this. I will know if I try it."

Not long.

Nara and Nina were moved to the square for everyone to watch.

Every Orange Star person’s eyes are full of anger.

Ke Meng watched from the wall, watching the square, beware of the opponent's escape in two ends.

Colin stood on the field and shook the palm of his hand.

Neither did they see any special effects rays of light, and the health bar of the two of them was emptied directly.

At this stage of the gods, the special effects rays of light are second, and the important thing is the operation of the power of rules.

Everyone is nervously checking the Resurrection Square, which is right next to it, and you can see at a glance whether the other party can be fully resurrected.

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