I Became the Ultimate Boss Chapter 736

Others can't see how they died, but Ke Meng can see clearly.

"You cursed them to death with a curse." Ke Meng unexpectedly said.

The path Colin walked was actually a cursed route.

This cursing power has a lot to come.

In the Evil God power that Ke Meng recognizes, the curse system abilities have reached a very high level.

A powerful curse can use human grievances to turn into strength, constantly torturing opponents, and instantly depriving them of their existence.

However, Colin’s curse is obviously not simple.

"If you read it right, with the resentment of the entire Orange Star, you gathered everyone’s resentment to form a powerful lock-on curse, cursing them for generations to come."

"And , This curse also adds automatic lock tracking, even if it is resurrected, it will follow the contact between the victim and the perpetrator, and always find them."

Ke Meng's brief analysis, the words are like needles, prickling Zhong Kelin.

Colin looked at Ke Meng unexpectedly and said: "As expected of A'Meng, you have analyzed my curse ability perfectly clear, I am not as good as you."

The curse of Colin cannot completely erase the existence of players, but it can always torture opponents.

With the resentment of the entire planet, it covers the two Lv. 1 players.

It can only be that Nara and Nina are really a bit difficult.

At this time.

Resurrection Square, Nara and Nina are both resurrected.

It's just that as soon as they resurrected, they turned green all over, then their eyes glowed green, and their skin turned rotten.

"Death cannot eliminate our pain. I will improve the curse step by step so that you are at the critical line of seek life but can't, seek death but can't." Colin's face, Full of anger and flames.

When Nora and Nina are not fit, they are not True God, and they cannot resist this kind of real divine rank and other curses.

The two opened their mouths and wanted to ask for mercy, but they couldn't say a word.

Everyone will not listen to Evil God's begging for mercy. The hatred between the two parties is as incompatible as water and fire.

Colin casts spells continuously to improve the regular power loop of spells.

After Nora and Nina died for the eighth time because of the curse, the power of the curse stabilized, dragging the two into the endless abyss of pain, the body will not die, but the consciousness is trapped In the curse brought by the entire planet, it is impossible to leave for generations.

Ke Meng stayed at the scene and watched half a month.

This half a month has not only the effect of the town, but also the mind of observing the power of curse.

During this period, Colin followed closely the Resurrection Square, and the hatred in his heart was burning like a flame.

Colin also takes aim at Ke Meng from time to time, always wanting to shoot Ke Meng to avenge his former revenge.

However, as soon as Colin had this idea, his instincts spread the terrifying feeling of extreme danger.

As long as he makes a move, A'Meng will instantly erase his life, without any reaction time.

A'Meng is so terrifying that Colin's revenge mentality has changed.

"How can I get out of the Heart Demon predicament." Colin was at a loss. He was scared by A'Meng so scared that he didn't dare to play the game, but now because of the Orange Star disaster, his anger covers his fear , Developed all the way to become a god, thinking that he could break the former Heart Demon.

Unexpectedly, A'Meng is still so powerful, so powerful that it is suffocating, and there is no end in sight.

In fact, Colin just wanted to defeat A'Meng, but he couldn't even think of it like this, which shows that A'Meng is so strong.

Ke Meng's spirituality is much higher than Colin, almost ten times the difference.

Furthermore, the opponent's curse is strong, but it also depends on people.

The Resistance on Ke Meng's body is as high as three billion, and the opponent wants to treat him, and he can't even chew on him.

This is also the main reason why Ke Meng appears very confidently among the players. How dare he stand in the crowd without two brushes.

Ke Meng dare to say that countless hundreds of millions of people pile him up, and they are all immune to damage.

True God will indeed cause damage, but it is also impossible, and it can be full of blood in an instant.

Furthermore, Ke Meng feels that as long as thoughts move, Colin's lifeline will be broken, and he does not need to beware of the opponent's killer moves.

These things have no effect on Ke Meng, who is extremely meaty.

Not long.

It's another half a month.

After 30 days of observation, Ke Meng determined that Nara and Nina were out of help, trapped forever under the curse within reincarnation, and left here and walked towards R'lyeh.

The book of the dead has already been comprehend for most of the time, and he has a clearer understanding of the world.

The so-called R'lyeh is also part of the Ancient God Seal.

When Cthulhu is also very strong, R'lyeh is regarded as a part of the unblocking link, and the connection with the stars is extremely close.

Ke Meng is coming to R'lyeh again this time, not just chatting with old friends, but coming with a method.

"This time, I won't leave you waiting for recovery." Ke Meng appeared in R'lyeh, his perspective changed, and he saw the group star power link, floating with R'lyeh The carvings on the pillars, the strange lines on the floor in the city.

Every Dao Mark road, I want to conquer strange things, with inexplicable power circulating in it.

Ke Meng knows that they are communicating with the stars and at the same time secretly pulling the Ancient God seal's strength, with the help of reducing the Ancient God seal's strength.

Ke Meng extend the hand, grasp the link of the stars in the air.

These lines are invisible to normal people.

Those with extremely high spirituality cannot be seen either.

This is the power of rules, and only the existence of extremely high observing power can see these lines of power by peeking at the World Rule behind it.

At this moment, Ke Meng is using the hands of the Spiritual God body to pull these lines through the air, so that Cthulhu's voice can be transmitted to the stars faster.

Ancient God Seal also blocked Ke Meng, but Ke Meng released his grip on the line of power, and Ancient God Seal immediately lost its target.

The Ancient God Seal is very powerful, but there is no sealer to control the seal here, it can only be regarded as a death formation.

Ke Meng like a fish back in water inside, constantly stepping up his efforts to lead the stars.

There is not only the call of Boss Ke, but also the gravitational system. R'lyeh can increase the gravitational force and quickly return the stars.

Ke Meng is pulling while counting the time.

When the time is almost up, we are ready to kill Cthulhu.

After killing Cthulhu, chop it into one after another and feed it to the big-faced cat.

Plan to pass!

Ke Meng thinks very well, but this kind of thing like Tushen is still a bit risky.

Not to mention how strong Cthulhu is, as far as Ke Meng himself is concerned, there is a guarantee of four or six points.

Among them, Cthulhu is four and Ke Meng is six.

Ke Meng is now crushing Cthulhu by Resistance, and after studying the mystery of the book of the dead, the ability of life and death has improved a lot, and can instantly pull out the wisdom existence with Health Value.

As long as the opponent has a Health Value health bar on his head, he will be cut off by Ke Meng.

Such a simple and rude way, it sounds very brainless, but the battle at the level of the gods is a competition of rules. Ke Meng luckily took the death route and used it exclusively to slaughter the gods.

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